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  1. Ardour, primarily making synths using Vital and Helm, sometimes LABS
  2. Hi, qwerty here, you might know me as the one who wrote various songs such as Countdown and Starlight which are used in Space Station 14. Well the truth is, I wrote these songs nearly 3 years ago when I was in the beginning phases of teaching myself how to write music. Songs I did for SS13 that have been ported to SS14 are effectively my first actual songs I ever actually released, and it follows that they were some of my first experimentations with music. I'm not actually very proud of them, but I very much so appreciate the loving responses I've gotten from multiple communities regarding them. I would like to announce that I am not the same fool I once was. I am better, I am faster, I am smarter, I am stronger, and I'm back writing music for SS14. I have learned immense amounts of knowledge about music production over the last 3 years and I finally feel confident to write new music for SS14 again that I feel will match up to my personal expectations of myself. As all of my music is, all of my new releases will be licensed under a Creative Commons attribution license, free to use for all. So now I would like to ask the community: What music should I make? I need the ideas: what vibes are missing from the game? What could really use an epic song? What music needs a replacement? I'm all ears.
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