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  1. It makes you read the rules before you can play. They are also available at any time by pressing ESC --> Rules. Ignorance of rules isn't a valid excuse to break the rules.
  2. It's three days, you can wait, appeal closed.
  3. Unbanned, believe you got caught in the crossfire. Sorry for the wait, and I appreciate the patience.
  4. But you did, there are distinct logs showing you saying them. The fact that you 'didnt remember' using them but can point out exactly what role you were using while you said them makes me feel like you weren't entirely truthful in your initial appeal. Regardless of if they 'showed up in game' it's very ignorant of you to go around spouting shit like that, in 2022 of all years. You clearly have no issues with your actions outside of getting caught for it; my 2 cents on this appeal is to deny with a re-appeal possible in 2 months, but I would love other opinions on this one as well.
  5. Your account, your connection, your ban. The flimsy 'It was my friend' excuse isn't going to fly here. Closing this appeal, feel free to re-appeal in a week.
  6. Yeah that /totally/ makes it fine... Not. C'mon, thats ridiculous that you're even talking like that. It's childish and completely unwarranted.
  7. Every connection you have has been made from the same machine.
  8. It's been over a week with no response to this appeal, so it'll be closed. Feel free to reapply explaining the above image.
  9. There is no way to take that but derogitorially. Not a good excuse.
  10. Alright, appeal accepted, make sure you read the rules again before playing.
  11. Don't think this will get a reply at this point. Feel free to reapply explaining that account. Appeal closed.
  12. So at any point during that entire exchange did you think to yourself ' Hey, I've managed to piss people off to the point of lynching, maybe I'm in the wrong."? This situation definitely doesn't fall into escalation rules.
  13. If anything, it will make the process take longer, so wise to just be patient.
  14. Upon further discussion we've decided that you'll need a voucher from another SS14/SS13 server to continue playing on Wizard's Den servers. Please appeal again once you have that.
  15. Alrighty, appeal accepted, please make sure you re-read the rules before you play. Have fun
  16. Alrighty, appreciate the patience, appeal approved, if you can't access the server in a few let an admin know on discord. Unbanning now.
  17. Howdy, we don't allow language like that on Wizards Den servers, simple as that. It's an appeal-ban for everyone. It's clearly stated in the rules and your ethnicity has no bearing on what rules you have to follow on Wizard's Den servers, they are the same for everyone.
  18. But you do understand that metacomming is also an issue/concern, right? It really effects the rounds when folks do that.
  19. Anything to say about Metacomming with Mutes? You also have a ban for that.
  20. Be as impatient as you'd like, appeals get processed when they get processed.
  21. Appeals get processed when they get processed. We are all volunteers, volunteering our time.
  22. It's not life-long if you are able to appeal, which you are. You broke rules, there are consequences for it. We don't 'threaten' people with bans outside of warnings for conduct. It was your attitude when dealing with admins that resulted in it being an appeal-ban. Believe it or not we don't appreciate when people blatantly disregard the rules and try to be coy and snarky about it. We're all volunteers and we don't have time to sift through bullshit.
  23. Yeah that's just a polite way of saying "Knock it off or you'll get banned." This is a simple case of 'fucked around and found out'. When you do stuff that is blatantly against the rules, it's not surprising that there are consequences for your actions; especially when you have to agree to the rules before beginning to play.
  24. Follow the format correctly.
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