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  1. Posting this for Vej, since they can't access the forums and provided proof that it was actually messed up for them. Not affiliated with them whatsoever, just wanted them to actually be able to appeal. Appeal is below. SS14 account: Vej Character name: Noah Hills Type of Ban: Game ban Date of Ban and Duration: this week, probably? Reason for Ban: Homophobic Slurs Banning admin: MysticPhantasm2 Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard's Den Lizard [US West] Your side of the story: Took engie job too seriously and was upset enough to say the F word at some person that set the PA way too high thinking it was a self-antag, apologized afterward.. Why you think you should be unbanned: It was said on the spur of the moment, my apologies. I play on wizard's mostly due to the high playercount and community for about roughly 200 hours now. I Had numerous good interactions, including wizard RP ( with some admeme ), clown gimmicks, robust scientists/chemist rounds, coop shuttle builds. Been enjoying the game there so far and pretty much why I would like an unban or ban duration change.
  2. It hasn't been ignored. Nor would I say that your reasonings for your RP comments are super valid here. Your intent doesn't mean much if they were still objectively creepy things to say in RP. There is less than a day remaining on this ban so I feel like it can be waited out at this point. Closing appeal.
  3. I'll shorten this down to a day since you didn't attempt to alt. Approved.
  4. I'm gonna agree with Moony here. Reduced to two days.
  5. This has sat for a bit. Due to the lack of response, and with the information we have available to us currently, I'll be closing this appeal. If you would like to make another appeal feel free to do so.
  6. Considering it's your first ban, and you owned up to it, I'd say you're good to come back in, just make sure you're familiar with the rules. Processing the Unban, so you should be good to play.
  7. https://wiki.spacestation14.io/wiki/Server_Rules I will say the game DOES make you wait to play to read the rules. There aren't many excuses to be ignorant of them. Especially when you can press F1 at any time in game.
  8. Well the fact that you panicked and left when I messaged you definitely makes it seem like that you knew you weren't supposed to do what you did. Rule 4 says that this is not a random deathmatch.
  9. Well, you did, in our discord, use an account with the same name as the one you claimed you made for a friend. While on that account you admitted to doing the stuff that got you banned in the first place. That doesn't give you any evidence in your favor.
  10. Alright this has sat for a bit. We're going to let you come back in, but know that we don't like people trying to evade bans.
  11. Ah yeah got corrected here, my bad, not the same one, I'll still let another admin take a gander here however.
  12. They also happened to play to the same machine as well. I'll let another admin take a look at this one too.
  13. Who is 'Dinners_Ready'?
  14. So it's a bit suspicious when you send an ahelp that just says "Admin Checking" and then when one of the admins replies asking, "Why are you Admin Checking?" you go completely still for 10 minutes, and THEN leave the game, meaning something had to have X'd out of your game. I don't know if I really believe your reasoning here.
  15. It pings me to pop in here, since I was the banning admin. You didn't really say that you were sorry for talking like that, only that you get there are consequences and 'It wasn't cool.' Doesn't feel very genuine of you.
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