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  1. SS14 account: yusuf
    Character name: I dont remember
    Type of Ban: game ban
    Date of Ban and Duration: yesterday
    Reason for Ban: RDM and ick ock
    Server you were playing on when banned: wizards den lizard
    Your side of the story: I was at bar requested a drink and it took tender to give me it 10 minutes when I was drinking it someone stole it I just disarmed em and took it wanted tender to fill it again and it took 10 more minutes then warden stole it I was speaking to warden about it and same person before who stole my drink came and told me that I am "disrespecting" warden and disarmed me I didnt speak to em first but he kept so I beated em then leave em again he became crit because of bloodloss and he were saved before dieng yeah after a few minutes him and a bunch of people killed me then someone carryed me to med some people stole my items and one carryed me to morgue and were about to cremate me so at that moment I ick ocked on LOOC
    Why you think you should be unbanned: I mean its not really RDM but yeah I shouldnt have beaten em for that and I am not normally this agressive it was just shift started real bad for me everyone acted shitter to me since start also I am really sorry about ick ock most of the time I dont ick ock but this time I dont know why I ick ocked and I wont do it ever again

    •  SS14 account: Yusuf

    Character name:Joseph Marshall
    When was the ban: 18:00 21.01.2022
    Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
    Your side of the story: I readed rules by skimming
    Why you think you should be unbanned: I wont do that again and I liked this game so much I started a few days ago and only game I play is this rn also I will surely read rules carefully

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