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  1. hey admins, go find some crayons and eat them. maybe shove them up your ass ;) -xoxo -no love from your parents -from rag
  2. One Night In 2017 Mummy And Daddy Has Some Fun, But Made A Oopsie. An Oopsie Mummy Should Have Swallowed, But Instead She Said Gobbles Because She Was A Dumb Freaking Turkey. Then There Was A child, their Inteligence was less than mild. By The Time They Were 5 Years Old, They Found Neckbeard Gold. Discord, They Perved On Girls And Made People Hurl With Their Tiny Dick And Somehow Being So Retarded They Were Able To Become A Discord Admin And Maintainer Of A Good Game,But All They Added To The Game Was Unfortunate Pain, One Day A User Called Ragg Said "Hey my ban was 2 days but you made it 3? can you lower it please? I hope The Admins Care about this because its their freaking job." "haha no cunt, get fucked" and so the child went on, to make retarded comments. I wish Mommy Swallowed Him Becausec I'd Rather Talk To A Neckbeard Than An SS14 Maintainer
  3. bruh i was told its a 2 day ban, its been 2 days still bannnnd
  4. Ragg

    Unfair Ban

    i accidently put in the wrong image lol
  5. funny, this isnt metahating, i literally said bruh
  6. yeah i was the hos, im not inexperienced, it was a mistake i had no control of. also my ban was 2 days after i said "i was banned for this" well theres more but the ban is apparently 3 days. can you lower it back down to 2? or did i do something wrong again?
  7. Ragg

    Unfair Ban

    SS14 account: willowthebillowum Character name: felix feminine When was the ban: thurday (yesterday for me) lizard Your side of the story: I was hos, lost my gun, died, another gun died (he had an innapropriote name btw) and he blamed me for not protecting him. I could not to anything, i told him this many times and he kept metahating. we argued alot then the admins told us to stop, when the round ended i stopped. he kept going and then all i said was "stop breaking rule 6" and i was banned for not listening to staff. Why you think you should be unbanned: I had no say in wether he died or not, he kept metahating me then i told him to stop and was banned. Anything else we should know: banned by moony. appeal, include it here.
  8. SS14 account: Ragg / willowthebillowun Character name: Felix Feminine When was the ban: jan 14 21 one of the wizards Your side of the story: I was banned because I was carrying a CI3 Bomb with no intent to harm others, i was planning to space myself and drink it in space to make a nice firework show. I clown made me slip on a banana hence I dropped the beaker and it exploded. The clown did not get banned, I WAS. I Do not find this fair. Why you think you should be unbanned: I did not mean to explode stuff, if anything the clown did he caused the explosion. if anything it was the clown's freaking fault, he made me slip on the banana Anything else we should know: banned by pancake appeal, include it here.
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