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  1. @Crytex9im pretty sure they arent suppose to have real rounds
  2. they not suppose to have real rounds bruh @Crytex9
  3. I don't think I am not fit for the game. I think my main issue is just simply my vocabulary. If you actually see me play I play like all other players. Don't think I do this shit all the time. I very much enjoyed the game as of right now. I know I have poor behavior but I will guarantee to avoid that. I will bring in improvement genuinely and like I chatted with you in-game I said I obviously won't do it again before you banned me. Same as other admins did. I am asking for another chance even though yes I had chances before but I have in sense of them not doing the mistakes before I did in-game. At this point, I am clueless about what to say as I am sure I won't even get accepted as with past experience with this kind of ban appeals. All I can really say is I apologize for breaking the rules. I enjoy the game a lot and wish to may enjoy it again in the future perhaps. @Stealth16
  4. Because I care about the game, I never had so much fun with this game. I know I did some things while other players never had any problems but I am here to genuinely play. I don't troll around whatsoever like others who walk around and take out the light bulbs only doing that etc. I want to guarantee you I will try to avoid admin confrontation in the future and I have improved also my gameplay since I was gone. I know how to roleplay I am whitelisted in several serious roleplay servers. I am just trying to get used to how roleplay works on SS14. I will try to benefit the community by being a good roleplay example for others so the game will be even more fun to play. Maybe not as much serious as encouraging others to do more. I apologize for my past. I will assure I will not return to my inappropriate vocabulary and will play genuinely by the rules. Still, though I had no intention to kill the clown I thought the shotgun was genuinely loaded with beanbag rounds as I previously stated before. I will try to improve and I will read the rules properly again. And will avoid any touchy subjects and I am fully willing to use common sense. @mushroomLavender
  5. @Stealth16I'll let you handle it. I know I got some bans on my record but I stopped with these things. I even got DM'd by admins about my vocabulary and I followed it. I will read the rules fully again and I will use the steps necessary to get to use my shotgun when I have to. I apologize for cursing at you too that wasn't fair.
  6. When a new round start and you play as the bartender occupation. You get a shotgun to defend the bar, the thing is with the shotgun it's loaded with actual buckshot rounds instead of a beanbag or flash round for example. The bartender shouldn't have access to that and it would be great to replace it or just make the shotgun start off empty.
  7. SS14 account: Alainikus Byond account: Alainikus Character name: Rufus Griffin When was the ban: 11/04/2022 Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: I was explaining to the admin @Stealth16that I shot the clown with the intention just to beanbag him. Unfortunately, the bartender's shotgun was loaded with real rounds, I then got a little bit frustrated and said something around those lines ''Listen fucktard!!!'' which was my fault yes. But I genuinely just wanted to explain to him. He then decided to ban me for a few days and then instantly decided to turn it into a permanent ban. What kind of bullcrap is that? Like dude doesn't give me false promises. I genuinely thought the shotgun was loaded with beanbags. He said I didn't say anything but others were telling the clown to drop the bana because he kept dropping bananas on people making the trip. I wanted to just take the banana away afterward. I think @Stealth16 got then a little pissed that I said the clown also possibly done FRP as he didn't fear the shotgun. Which is logical thinking in my view. He got then pissed and just banned me. I told him I obviously won't do it again I thought if others say stuff I don't have to. Why you think you should be unbanned: Listen man it wasn't cool of me to insult you but I just state my observation and what I thought at this moment. SS14 is one of my favorite games and I play it a lot. I have done some things wrong, yes but I didn't do them again. I genuinely just wanted to explain to you that I thought the shotgun was loaded with beanbags. I am being honest here man. In general, I think my ban is on some part justified with the insult but on the other part, I disagree I genuinely thought those were loaded with beanbags. Anything else we should know: Rufus Griffin#1026
  8. @Stealth16Is this closed now? I have been waiting the entire day for an answer.
  9. I ahelped because the guy wanted to ''perma'' arrest me which goes directly against the rules. I can even provide a clip if needed. ''There isn't an RP reason to murder people.'' This I didn't know I thought I can have reasons to kill people IC'ly or maybe you misudnerstood I meant IC reasons I kinda mixed it up.
  10. i had only roleplay motivations, I had roleplay reasoning and I roleplayed a lot. I didnt kill them for no reason I had my reasons like I stated. Reporting stuff is pretty much common sense but yeah I get you. Then why didnt he check properly I clearly had roleplay motives and roleplay reasons. I just wanna play again, I am not a person who RDM's I really just wanna play and I deny of having intentions of breaking the rules nor do I really believe I RDM'd because I really had reasons IC'ly. Also to address your point on the point of that she was a traitor I myself dont know how the system works regarding that feature im just saying to me it looked like she was a terrorist because i didnt see anyone who couldve thrown a bomb and she looked like she did it. At the end I can assure you I did not RDM. Actions speak louders than work for sure but I will be trying in the future to avoid these misunderstandings as I see maybe the admin misunderstood perhaps. I just wanna play again.
  11. SS14 account: Alainikus Byond account: Alainikus Character name: Bethany Tilton When was the ban: The day this post is getting created also date can be seen in the clip. Your side of the story: Admin claims I have RDM'd people while I always stated a reason. I wasn't RDMing if I wouldve RDM'd I wouldve gotten the gun when I was able to get into the gun locker. I was genuinely RP'ing and the people I would 3 I have attacked, 1 of them were RP'ing as blasphemist. So I acted accordingly as my character was a religious person and killed him. If I would've genuinely RDM'd him he would've reported me. He didn't. The other time was someone who was annoying everybody and was stealing shit so I killed the person too. Person also didn't report me. The last thing I did was killing the person that I assumed was a fucking terrorist because I was sure she did the explosion. I have a clip of that I was very sure it was her. The admin just contact me as you can see in the clip saying I am RDM'ing using only kill logs as an argument. Why you think you should be unbanned: I am very sure I did nothing wrong and didn't ruin others experience I played the game and have RP'd with others and didn't shoot/stab people for fun. The admin just used the logs as an argument and didn't care further. He didn't even check chat logs. Which isn't fair at all. Anything else we should know: Second Life 2022.02.08 - (online-video-cutter.com)(1).mp4
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