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  1. I might or might not have also been Game Mastering on another server, but I'm not sure if being a stable player elsewhere in SS14 is really noteworthy. -\_(:>)_/-
  2. SS14 account: router Character name: (last used) Zed Seven Type of Ban: Game Date of Ban and Duration: Months ago, likely 2022/02 or /03. Permanent. Reason for Ban: "Continuing to exploit clicking mechanics with "dragclicking" after multiple admins over multiple days have warned/asked you to stop. This is your 6th ban and it thus appeal-only @ forum.ss14.io - Pancake" Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: Since this happened over multiple days, I don't think it matters if I summarize all of them individually, as it's a relapse. Shortly before the ban (days? weeks?), I opened issue #6477, which describes an exploit where clicking fast enough with food, drinks, syringes, anything of the sort, would queue multiple same-type actions to be performed on one target. Sometime later, the issue has been "fixed", with only minor success as you could still use autoclickers (but still replicable with a quick enough drag) to replicate the issue. The issue has since been fixed from around May with an unknown (at least to me) change. Regardless, around the time I used to play Chemist a lot (being one of my favorite roles for other reasons) and used to queue lots of drinking actions for myself when I should've been using pills. Frankly, the latency to Lizard is high from my region, so I opted for drinking healing chems with spam instead of choosing a 5-10 seconds longer route (accounting for reaction times, menuing latency, consumption), hence the warnings and proceeding ban. Why you think you should be unbanned: Frankly, I have no clue why I SHOULD be unbanned at all, considering this is my sixth offense and the others being for more diverse reasons. I've waited for months to write this appeal due to commitment issues regarding the original exploit (even I did get unbanned then, I don't think the muscle memory leading up to that would have faded, I'd just get banned again without any chance of further appeals and several other people asking me "to code the fix"). I think writing an appeal for this is still worth the effort, since all the activity in the game is (at least this moment) concentrated on one server. Not very decentralized like SS13, so getting banned essentially means getting banned from the entire game for at least several more months, or even years waiting for the playerbase to catch up with the counts. Anything else we should know: I guess I've been trying to map lobby music to proper MIDIs. There's really nothing more relevant I can write in this appeal.
  3. SS14 account: router Byond account: BasedUser Character name: Zed Seven When was the ban: 2022/02/28 20:00 - 21:44 UTC Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard (not present) Your side of the story: I noticed a packedstation round was in progress, so I decided to test a certain exploit where an observer could latejoin the game. However, to test a hypothesis (whether you could duplicate assistants) I joined as an assistant. I sent three (?) latejoin requests as assistant after spawning. I asked Medical to clone me after scanning and /ghosting. After that, I attempted to latejoin around 3 more times, dead and alive post-cloning. Why you think you should be unbanned: Did not perform the exploit. I latejoined as an assistant, not an observer. Anything else we should know: besides, duplicating assistants wouldn't have helped anyways lmao
  4. SS14 account: router Byond account: BasedUser Character name: Dan Delam When was the ban: 2022/01/12 01:40 - 02:00 UTC Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: The round immediately before the timestamp was a traitor round, with me being a traitor assistant. Me and another assistant decided to break into the Captain's room, to get his stuff (and to get my nuke disk). Me and the Assistant both got AA, the cap's armor, and his spare cards. Fast forward about 40 minutes later, when I decided to go to Medbay. Cap asked me for a blood red hardsuit before, but I told him no, because he couldn't use my uplink if he wanted to. The Cap wasn't exactly robust, or experienced, and apparently he was shittering around the station, so I was told from its staff and the local detective gear sec officer. Then the captain and shitsec came in. The rest of security was oblivious to the captain being a shitter (which I ahelped to no avail), and killed/cloned the CMO for no specific reason. Finally, one sec officer (sniffer a.k.a. Gunner) just straight up detained me for looking like the cap, then killed me for being a piece of slime (probably RP). Then he takes my items and doesn't give them back to the captain, I get cloned and realise he hadn't taken the c-20r from my real backpack. After killing him, I decide to clone him and detain him for manslaughter before he could charge me for grand theft. I couldn't get my stuff back because the detective carried the guy all the way to medbay, and the secoff had stolen my captain's ID before that. Lastly, he gets cloned, and disarms me with one stun baton throw in the bar during a bit. I juke him and break out, and hear fighting sounds. That secoff was finally stunned, I rage out at his crit body denying me of any chance to speak in the interrogation room under a trial with one word, which happened to be a slur more than an insult and kill him. The round ends due to a shuttle. TL;DR: a secoff doesn't do what security should have, so I throw an insult at him. It's also a slur. Why you think you should be unbanned: I've been doing a decent amount of RP on Wizard's Den so far, and I've been doing that for one and a half months now. Hell, people on the Discord that played with me usually know me as a RP-friendly productive player, or literally Al Capone when I'm an antagonist. The ban's fair, but I still think a word slip after such a messy round shouldn't count as a permanent ban, since I lasted a hundred hours before without the hyperoffensive language. Anything else we should know: There's discussion about this on the Discord and in OOC around the timestamp.
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