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  1. SS14 account: grasshole Character name: Marion Semenov When was the ban: within last 2 weeks Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: I don't have an distinct told reason why I was banned as chemist but I can assume it was for creating deoxyephidrine in large amounts, I didnt have a reason to make the deoxyephidrine other than the fact that I wanted to develop and test combat stimulant drugs to make an effective one in order to give to sec, but I understand I probably only should be doing that when I receive direct orders to do so. Why you think you should be unbanned: I understand that I need to play a more productive role on the station and just developing stimulant drugs because I want to isn't at all that productive of a role, I still do enjoy the role but I can understand that I got sidetracked from its original purpose.
  2. OK. SO. My dumbass wrote another one cause my extended release adderall didn't wear off yet, so here you go: maybe a Contract killer occasional antag role for the traitor gamemode specifically, as you may get hired by those you reach out to in order to do their dirty work for them, completely cutting out the need for the fresh beginner syndie agent being caught while they're trying to kill the HOS by breaking into armory as soon as the chance opens up for them, trying to shoot him dead with a full clip of rubber bullets. By hiring a hitman, they'd needn't ever worry about having to "plan out" their kill again!* at the start of the round you would never be distinctly known by anyone but yourself that you are an antag and so maybe you would like to live a peaceful *cough boring cough* life as a botanist, just don't say anything, but maybe that gets a little too boring for you so now its time to reach out to one of the two prime individuals who may very much like paying for your little service, the security, with their sense of justice and the antagonists, with their evil schemes. there could be two paths that could be taken in development in which the hitman can be identified and work with the HOS or the antag, with the role-play assumption that if you choose one side you will be payed by either company at the end of your shift, if you even happen to still live: One, could be that the hitman is well known and easily accessible by those with the right connections, he would have only one specific code word that could be used by both the HOS and the Syndicate agent in order to be identifies so they could talk business. Both the Syndie agent and the HOS both have a codeword but that would mean that you could easily arrest both the traitor and the hitman for talking to each other, right? Wrong. If only you, the hitman, and the traitor, know the secret code, how would you prosecute them both for scheming a murder if its only your word, on top of that why even are you able to access a contract killer? If you do go to court they sure as hell aren't gonna do anything to help you prove you are correct. Two, would be that the hitman would know who the antags are and who the HOS is, but would have to figure out on there own a way to reach out to HOS and/or antags in order to finally get a business relationship going, this would be an even harder approach to master as first the HOS wouldn’t even know that there might even be one that round, thus any dumbass clown *could* convincingly enough trick an HOS into thinking that they might be one, and when the clown eventually snitches, the HOS gets screwed. Or regarding the antag, Once again, how the hell would they even be convinced that they themselves are actually a hitman or just someone who’s just really convincing? Also what happens when admit to being a hitman to the HOS or some snitch antag and you end up a criminal, how does space crime expand to deal with offenses like conspiracy and solicitation of murder, corruption, and most importantly assassination. This addition would add many new scenarios where traitor would be even more possible to kill people and get away alive with their killing role as the traitor wouldn't even ever have to kill anyone but if the hitman finally feels his guilty conscious or is caught he may find it worth it to turn in this traitor or many other traitors he's worked with in order to score himself freedom, but then he'd have to go by a new name and look as he is now under witness protection; maybe before the gets the chance, the traitor gets word before he narcs, or even maybe he just notices them acting a little more squeamish than usual, he might just have to get his hands dirty after all, as dead men tell no tale. the idea is that the security can't legally hire a contract killer as it is illegal (duh), however they might go behind the law (as they do a lot) in order to try and uphold it, bend the rules a little when a traitor they know goddamn well is a murderer keeps getting away from the death sentence because of their very skilled lawyer. Maybe a clown disguised himself as a hitman and turned you, a HOS in with clear evidence (maybe with newly implemented printed voice transcripts from a voice recorder?) what then happens to HOS? Demotion? Does he go off Scott free? How would people react that sec has turned corrupt? Or maybe now the deed is done, but is it traceless? There may be many ways you could get caught, maybe someone pays top dollar to the hitman to talk, the pleads that "the security guard planted that there" doesn't really become a stupid ass excuse for having contraband and more of a threat to your wellbeing when you really did.
  3. this is gonna be about the same shit but I realized I typed too much shit and it wouldn't even really be worth it for you guys to read the whole thing so ill cut it down Discord account: grassh0le#6186 Ban reason: alt accounting When was the ban: yesterday Your side of the story: I was previously banned from both the game and the discord for being a general edgy dickhead but I just waited out my game ban instead of filing a full appeal for both. all in all I neglected to check if I was actually unbanned from the discord server when I rejoin yesterday, or if it was the fact that I was able to join the discord server because I a little while ago had to create a new account after that last one got disabled (ill add picture evidence). after neglecting to check I just kinda messaged around in the general chat, this time not like a dickhead, but an admin who recognized me asked me who unbanned me, I responded that I had no clue, and it was believed that I was alt accounting which is a fair assumption considering the situation so I got perma-banned on both the game and the discord Why you think you should be unbanned: Im only truly just a major dumbass and don't and never do intend any harm to the community or the game. I totally get if you did or still do doubt that. But truthfully its just that when I become faced with confrontation and seriousness I end up escalating as I fail to identify what may or may not be appropriate to say at that time. However along side my social blunders, I really am an individual who truly does not seek to do any harm and will go out of my way to fix any harm done in the best way I can. I am especially passionate about this game and its community despite only being a part of it over the course of roughly 3-4 months and I very much want to be a part of its growth as it has serious potential, even now being fun as fuck to play. I also really wanna join the development team as I do know how to code and want more experience, but high school is kicking my ass big time so I'm gonna have to wait. Anything else we should know: I probably got myself into this bad of a situation because I only recently diagnosed as to having the ass burgers, meaning I never really was given proper guidance on how to approach certain social situations (again I don't intend to use this as a crutch I still do recognize and regret the actions I took). Unlike the previous statements that were said in game, which I still do apologize for, I'm not an anti-semite (nor is my sister). This is my second appeal because my first one was was made when I wasn't thinking straight and panicked and was trying to fix everything through writing an apology before event letting myself get a level head so I just wrote a lot of nothing I guess, many more details are provided there, some more useful than others. please contact me at my discord above if you still need to talk to me personally about all this or if you still need a few things cleared up, I'll make sure to be as proactive as I can in order to not waste any more of your time.
  4. I got really into this whole new antag thing cause really interesting and you can do a lot of creative shit on the player side as one if given the proper aid by the game. one idea is about a serial killer, and have it occur every once in a while as to not let everyone know that there will be a designated serial killer that round like, to go against how it is with people killing anyone even for trespassing like in the gamemode traitor. Something small like this if not only in "any one of us may be the antag" game modes like Traitor, but also in extended and any similar standard type game modes may mix things up a bit as everyone will be worried that a serial killer could be killing them may exist but anyone too scared about it is just plain paranoid and acting on impulse would just lead to your arrest. Say, now, there IS a confirmed serial killer on the loose. how do you know who it is? how does sec keep it from happening? Anyone could be a target if they do anything mildly risky like traversing through maintenance tunnels, even some poor traitor could be at the receiving end of this as he himself uses those tunnels as a means of traversing the map unnoticed. The level of Silence of the Lambs shit that can be taken by a serial killer with their calling card, even before surgery and individual dismemberment is implemented can almost be a perfect addition for the fear factor and diverse storytelling of anyone working on the station each round, regardless of role. Even with a third degree level of impact a story is added, like to your monotonous botanist job of growing bananas, knowing that the serial killer always leaves banana peels in the crime scenes of their atrocities. The sec asks you who is getting the bananas, but you just don't know, too many blurring faces to count, who even knows if they even were your bananas? Maybe the populace all think you are the so called "Peel killer", there may be an angry mob in store for you if you get caught without security around for a long enough period of time. Or maybe you are at the front controls, guiding the story, such as the HOS. First off when you eventually find out, do you even want to warn the populace that there is a serial killer on the loose? Have them all fear for their life and freak out at every little thing? so many useless reports to handle, so much hassle; I mean, of course nobody can just go to jail for following someone around, but people are gonna report that, why? because what else are they gonna do? Their job? Or maybe you try keeping it on the hush hush, let only the sec know and order them on high alert, always looking through maints. how will you write off these killings as individual events as to not stir up any more fear than there already is? Who knows if the people who do know are gonna stay silent about it? who knows if the people who do know stay silent about the fact that you knew and still wanted them to stay silent? Risking everyones life just so you wouldn't have to do as much paperwork isn't too good of a look. How would people treat security then? Many individuals REALLY don't like security, but a purpose is all they need to justify stepping to violence.
  5. my discord account is grassh0le#8821 sorry for not adding that.
  6. Hello, my account name is grasshole (or usually Marion Semenov) and I have been banned from Wizard's Den Lizard [US West} by the admin Pancake (still love them tho pancake is the best admin) for anti-Semitic remarks, but now due to digging myself into the deepest shithole possible of my own fault for being a dumbass not taking the situation seriously, leading me now to be banned in the discord and left with a very poor reputation, of course deserved. I do know now that I definitely should've taken everything much more seriously and I'm sorry for seeming like an genuine asshole as it in no way was my intentions. To start this entire appeal off I need to add that I know you get the little brother excuse a lot and this is not meant to be one of them or even an excuse for that matter. Considering that, I do genuinely need to make clear that when the remarks were said (as explained in the discord), I was letting my older sister play the game (as attempts of shock humor). Due to my failure to guide her into how to play, she had a lesser understanding on what and what not may be acceptable to say in the chat. Because of my negligence I was unable to stop her from taking it as far as she did. I'm sorry. I should have properly integrated her into how to play the game I completely should've done better with watching what she did. The scale of inappropriate remarks was due to her not completely taking the game chat (and game for that matter) seriously (as you can tell by her name at the time) as a means to tease me, as we usually do within our family. Now that I have that out of the way I should let know that I in no way am deflecting the blame, however, I am need to make clear of this situation that the intentions on which the remarks, and ongoing explanation, were all made in an ongoing attempt to keep the situation lighthearted as I do naturally try to do, but I failed to garner that it wasn't taken well, however I continued to act in that way. For this, I truly do apologize. The reason I am making this long of an apology is that I very much do enjoy playing SS14 and really do want to follow the development process of the game, enough to even be willing to join the development team one day (however that's getting to far ahead of myself) but I genuinely do not want to ruin this community and at the very least wish you don't regard me as a troll, I'm just very VERY bad at taking things seriously. But now that I've fucked myself over this hard by doing the same thing over and over I realize this is a point where this situation is finally something I do very much realize I need to take seriously.
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