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  1. SS14 account: someguy12 Character name: Decker Buzzard When was the ban: 12/29/2021 AKA When i posted this forum Server you were playing on when banned: Server Lizard [US WEST] Your side of the story: At the window at sec,I said ''N E E G E R S'' And i though it was a ''Joke'' When the admin banned me and it was an offensive item the word i said. Why you think you should be unbanned: I got permabanned for saying that,I dont know if it is really a big deal but i also got banned when i was new,Because i didnt knew what i was doing And i think thats why i got permabanned or something, Please just give me another chance i like the game so much and i enjoy it,Or atleast a timeban man Anything else we should know: I will learn for my consequences and will check the rules more constantly so i will be more aware of what im doing,If perma bans are not Acceptable for appeals then i understand. no im not raging,just a little sad
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