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  1. Your brother should be able to still play.
  2. No you aren't. Your first connection was a month ago. You've just spent all of your time banned because you've broken the rules multiple times. Do you really need to be told not to make OOC unreadable? It's actually unbelievable to me that you need to be told that this is not appropriate behavior.
  3. It’s come to my attention that you have been ban evading more recently than 6 months ago. That makes this a lot more difficult for you. Get a voucher, then we can talk.
  4. In retrospect, your ban, according to our policy, should've been appeal-only. I didn't make it that way. I probably should've, but I'm not going to go back and change it. This appeal is denied. You need to wait it out. Understand that your next offense will result in an appeal only ban.
  5. Round ends when the round end menu pops up. Not a moment sooner, as stated in rule 1.
  6. Our ban policy has updated in the last two months. It's been six months since your last ban evasion attempt, so you're good on that front, but you do need to get a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server. If you've been playing without issue somewhere else, get an admin to speak to how well you've been playing.
  7. You have absolutely no understanding or acknowledgement of what you did wrong, and you have continued to not answer the questions that we have asked. You claimed it was admin bias when an admin that literally has never even heard of you banned you due to a series of notes you had wracked up. We see no benefit to allowing you back into the Wizard Den servers. This appeal is denied. You may appeal in a month.
  8. We absolutely can. One problem is a single issue. Multiple is a pattern. You have established a pattern of poor behavior. You also don't seem to have read anything that we said.
  9. The full conversation, for reference. Questions and commentary that I have, after reviewing the situation: 1. It is not against rule 1 for RD to fire you for making bombs/being only in sci to make bombs. Do not attempt to tell other players what is or isn't against the rules. You clearly have no idea because you've been in violation multiple times before. 2. The logs do not support your story that captain fired upon you with an antique laser first. You are mistaken. 3. Please tell me in the conversation above where StreakyHaddock says he is not looking at this objectively. He actually says, near the end, that he isn't looking at it subjectively. 4. You admitted to using a medipen on another scientist because you thought they blinded people?
  10. Hello, apologies for the delay. Your game ban appeal is accepted. You will have you appeal the science rolebans separately at a later date.
  11. Just because nobody has caught you breaking the rules does not mean you were not breaking them.
  12. Yes, getting another person to promote you to the role you were banned from is, in fact, against the rules. You are still banned from that role. You know this.
  13. It’s not March 22nd yet.
  14. Closing due to being a duplicate
  15. Do not open multiple appeals for the same ban. I’m closing the old one.
  16. You recognize that all ban appeals are open to the entire public to view, right?
  17. That's my forum signature. It appears at the bottom of each of my posts, like so.
  18. And you don't think it was griefing? You intentionally blew yourself up multiple times.
  19. I’m confused, are you appealing the fact that your review got taken down and demanding an apology? If so, this isn’t really the place to do that, you’re better off reaching out via email. You left the discord of your own accord with a large “I’m leaving the discord” post, and you got dewhitelisted from Salamander shortly afterward. I can’t speak to the reason you got dewhitelisted and I haven’t looked into it yet, but I know personally that you had a tendency to walk up to people and do completely random shit on MRP, which didn’t fit the environment well (walking up to a slime and emptying a fire extinguisher on them, almost killing them) and then being really defensive about it when asked. EDIT: if you had so many issues with people that round, why didn’t you report any of them to us?
  20. Because of your ban evasion attempt in August you’re gonna have to wait until February 15 to appeal this, and you’ll need a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server to do so. You’ll also need to verify your age with a government ID, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.
  21. Well that's rather succinct. You can play heads again when you demonstrate that you do not promote random killing and distribute firearms to random passengers for the purpose of assassinating people you dislike. In other words- you may re-appeal in two weeks and if you haven't had any other bans or warnings by then, we'll rediscuss.
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