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  1. My biggest concern with accepting this at this time is that you have played like seven times since being unbanned two months ago.
  2. The SMG crate had arrived before the red alert went off so I don't believe that's the actual answer here. EDIT: I reread this post and noticed you STILL haven't actually answered the question about why you were breaking into an SMG crate. This does not actually explain why you were breaking into an SMG crate as a salvage worker. If that crate was intended for security, why were you breaking into it? Because I caught you breaking into the crate before you used the SMGs, I took the opportunity to ask you why you were breaking into it. You refused to give me an answer and so I had to eject you from the game. You could make an argument that this is under rule 0, which states that admins have the right to disregard rules if it is in the best interest of the round or server, but I would argue that this falls under rule 4. You can find our rules ingame as well as on our wiki, here. For the letter of the rule: 4. Follow basic common sense-- you cannot murder someone because they slipped you on a banana. You do not have a reason to break into that crate. If you did, you would've said it by now. Even if you had said self defense I would've said "don't do that". But you did not. There were, in fact, numerous reasons that you could have justified breaking into that crate during that specific round, but you did not provide me any so I had to assume that you were a malicious user. If that assumption is incorrect, please provide me a reason why you felt you needed to break into that crate. It doesn't even have to be a good one. I do agree that this is somewhat unclear and we are currently in the midst of rewriting the rules to fix this.
  3. There are several transgender people in the community and on the team who do not appreciate your reaction calling them shit for existing. I don't understand why you believe you deserve a warning for that. We'll discuss this internally.
  4. You were banned for reacting with a poop emoji on a progress report of a transgender flag cape. You may reappeal with that knowledge.
  5. We don’t permit killing afk or disconnected people on the chance they come back. This includes turning them into burgers. You logged out right as I was about to tell you that. Ban has been lifted. Have fun!
  6. So let’s review all the things that must be true for you to not be blatantly lying here By coincidence, you and the other user must have submitted strikingly similar names. Alright, fair enough. I can buy that. You and the other user also went through several maintenance tunnels following each other without exchanging a word. I don’t buy that. You and the other user went into Atmos, which only one of you had access to, and gave the other user the fire axe from Atmos. Again, without exchanging a word. and then, at the end of all that, I froze one of you and the other person wordlessly went over to the frozen player and attempted to drag and pull him around. Again, with zero communication between the two of you. It was not until I reached out to you that the two of you actually started talking to each other. Are you going to tell me that’s all coincidence?
  7. So due to your ban evasion under the name "chenkylives" four months ago, you'll need a voucher from another SS13 or SS14 server to get back in. I'm fine with waiving the 6 month wait time requirement because you've been polite and understanding. But you should get a voucher before you appeal again.
  8. Hi! Banning admin here. Let me explain what happened. I watched another person murder your afk body in the bar. When I asked him to explain why, he said that you were his friend and told him it was okay. As you were offline at the time, I wasn’t able to contact you and ask for your side of the story. As it appears this was not the case, your ban has been lifted and I’ll make a note that it should not count against you in any way.
  9. I have no idea what gave you this impression because you agreed to the rules when you first connected, one of which being no metacommunication, which you admitted to here. You WERE given a warning. You were given several over 8 minutes. You chose not to respond to them. I'm worried that you were either outright malicious and chose to ignore them or that your complete inability to pay attention to your surroundings means that you will likely be a nuisance to other players.
  10. Between the uncertainty surrounding the metacomm charges, the rules that you broke regardless (being rules 1, 3 and 4) and your ban on nyano for slurs this appeal is denied and you will need a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server to return.
  11. You don't seem to have read a single thing that lonesoldier posted on your last appeal. It isn't February yet, and you don't have a voucher, so this appeal is denied.
  12. This was our conversation. Do you recognize how this doesn't particularly match what you're claiming here? "we consider it cargonia"
  13. Any goodwill you had is now gone due to your ban evasion attempt. You may appeal this in six months with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server.
  14. so why’d you kill the guy in the Wizard robes
  15. We are not nyanotrasen. We do not care what you saw there or what the server culture on nyanotrasen is. That would be unacceptable here. What transpires on nyanotrasen is completely irrelevant to your ban on wizards den.
  16. Damn, you were so close to getting back in. Due to attempted ban evasion under the names MarbMenthol and MrKrinkle your appeal is denied. You may appeal no sooner than April 9th, 2023 with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server.
  17. Elaborating on this… Our rules are available at any time on the rules page on our wiki as well as ingame. https://wiki.spacestation14.io/wiki/Server_Rules You specifically broke rule 7, which states rather blankly that speciesism is blanketly not permitted. If you disagree with that rule, that’s alright but you’ll have to play elsewhere. We do not allow it here because it seems to consistently lead to slur usage and other behavior that we aren’t interested in touching.
  18. Closing this as the user is now gamebanned.
  19. It hasn’t even been two hours yet. If you’d like a definitive answer before we discuss things, I can deny this right now. Otherwise, wait. This behavior you’re displaying here is a good example of why you were removed from important roles and it does not inspire much confidence in me for your appeal.
  20. We're gonna need a better reason to remove your jobban than "I've served my time" considering you have been jobbanned from command three separate times now. EDIT: You don't even say that you won't do it again.
  21. I can tell you that your goodwill here has been really worn thin by your repeated incident history and your chances of return are very slim without a voucher of good behavior from another SS14 or SS13 server. We do not think that you are malicious, but you have been actively detracting from other people’s play experience more frequently than you’ve been adding to it, and that’s unacceptable.
  22. If you are unbanned will you be playing on this account or on Alziar
  23. You kind of lost the benefit of the doubt when you named yourself Buzz Jightyear, but this is believable. Appeal accepted.
  24. You will be notified when we reach a decision, and the appeal will be moved to the closed or accepted categories depending on whether we deny or accept it respectively.
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