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  1. Denied for a number of reasons.

    1. You are the only person to use that homophobic slur in the last 24 hours.

    2. Your character name is in violation of our naming policies

    3. Attempted ban evasion (with a vpn that we have already marked)

    4. This isn't even the account you were banned on. This is the account you tried to evade with.

    You may appeal no sooner than May 7th, 2023 (six months after your most recent attempt at ban evasion) with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server.

  2. We are not interested in removing the 24hr timeout from discord, but we will discuss reducing your game ban duration. Murderboning charge aside, talking about the game outside of the game is considered metacommunication and will usually result in an indefinite ban. This is very clearly outlined in our ingame rules:


    Don't communicate in-game/in-character information through methods outside of the game

    While I do feel it is unreasonable to permanently ban someone for discussing the ongoing round in wizden general because it is the one type of metacomming we can actually police, rules as written dictate that you would be facing an appeal-only ban, not a one week ban for doing this.

    You can find a detailed outline of our server rules at https://wiki.spacestation14.io/wiki/Server_Rules

  3. I’ve noticed in your connection logs that you have only played on our servers twice in the last month. Have you been playing elsewhere, or have you been taking a break from the game?

  4. Your ban was escalated to a permanent ban because you have three prior bans. As per our banning policy, a player’s third ban is appeal-only.

    For clarity, if you are unbanned here and banned again, your ban will not be appealable for six months and you will require a voucher from another SS14 or SS13 server to return.

  5. I think it’s fair to give you the benefit of the doubt that you genuinely misremembered the circumstance surrounding what is required to demote the captain. I agree with both CE and lonesoldier’s judgment about the majority vote being both required and met in this circumstance. Lonesoldier’s point of nobody saying a word to the effect against your demotion is a strong point that I don’t think you can refute. So this seems to be a series of misunderstandings surrounding the lines of poor play.

    This was a series of you being largely abrasive ingame and when your actions were called out you threatened to break the rules, which is the defining factor behind why you were ultimately gamebanned. You recognize that this is a problem. This ban is fundamentally sound and a two day duration for it is more than fair given the circumstances.

    It feels rather disingenuous to claim that the circumstances of your demotion were out of nowhere or were unjustified. A captain threatening to demote a head over not answering a radio- even if you decided against it- is simply silly. And the subsequent public escalation and head vote was a proper way to respond to it. 

    This ban holds and your appeal will be denied at this time. If you have no issue over the next two weeks following your ban ending, I encourage you to appeal again and we can discuss ending your head roleban early.

  6. Hi!

    First of all, we appreciate the apology. That is always welcome.

    Eight days prior to this ban you posted an appeal for a different ban. Since then you have been banned two more times. Once for random murder of another player. And now this. In the past two weeks, you have almost spent more time banned than unbanned. You are out of goodwill here. Traditionally we appeal ban on the third ban offense- you have now had four.

    You will need to find somewhere else to play. You can appeal again in a month, but your chances of returning are slim without a voucher of good behavior from another SS14 or SS13 server.

  7. Hello!

    You seem to be confused about what you actually did wrong. Here's a breakdown.

    Our rules 16 and 17 outline definitions of "powergaming" and "self-antagging". Ingame, they describe that rushing for equipment that you don't realistically need for your role is against the rules, and that being an unnecessary nuisance to others is against the rules. I would describe taking the vending machines from the hallways as somewhere in violation of both. Our wiki contains a longer form section of the rules which details exactly what you should not do as cargo, and that is explicitly listed as something that you should not do. You can find all of our rules here. I have helpfully provided a link exactly to the cargo section where it lists:


    Powergaming by liquidating public station assets to sell for money to the detriment of the rest of the station

    Here's a log of you instructing your employees, as QM, to sell everything.image.png

    This falls in violation of the rules as described above. This would normally be a warning. Due to the mass issue of it being the entire department, the admin in question decided to handle it partially IC. This happens sometimes when the issue stems from an entire department rather than a single person- it is easier to collectively deal with the department rather than every individual that liquidates public vending machines.

    Cargo selling vending machines is widely regarded as one of the most irritating and immersion breaking practices in the game right now. Here's a picture of it being discussed by a user two weeks ago. Of the three dissenting voices in the picture below, one has been banned from the game multiple times and the other two have never posted in our discord. It really does appear that this is nearly universally agreed upon as a bad practice and so we have included it in our recent rules rewrite. To clarify: you are not being punished for having done this prior to the rules rewrite- even though it has been something we have tried to stop cargo from doing for months.image.thumb.png.1e057483ad3fb6d073af496016f3cae6.png

    This was initially going to be an issue that was handled IC and serve as a warning not to repeat it. That escalated after the way you spoke to Chief_Engineer and a few specific things you mentioned that indicated that you were likely to do this again. I can't speak for him, but in particular I took issue with:


    Red_Bread: We sell a little but of salvage stuff and somethings around the ship how are we powergaming?

    Which, as Chief_Engineer pointed out, is contradictory to what you instructed your department to do. You doubled down.


    Red_Bread: Yeah so what?

    This type of response does not provoke any good faith. Chief_Engineer decided to escalate your warning into a jobban from command roles (unclear guidelines in violation of rules) and supply roles (for your liquidation of the station) as a result. That's when things really blew up out of proportion.


    Red_Bread: Seriosuly man you woke up on the wrong side of the bed
    Red_Bread: you need some help mentally
    Red_Bread: if you power trip over a game like this
    Chief_Engineer: I don't have hours to explain to you why cargo selling "anything you find" on the station is harmful to other's experience. Appeal on the forums if you want to contest the roleban
    Red_Bread: I guess I dont have a choice since you are so short-tempered
    Red_Bread: what goes around comes around

    After reviewing the situation and the conversation you had with Chief_Engineer, we (the game administration team) collectively agree that this ban should stay for now. I advise you to appeal in two weeks if you have had no further warnings or bans and we will revisit this.


    For the record, I 100% agree with this point.


    Red_Bread: You just say selling things on the ship is bad, what are techies even supposed to be doing then

    If you have any interest in coding, I encourage you to come to github and discord to work with the rest of our volunteer development team on creating a better gameplay loop for cargo technicians. They are perhaps the least fleshed-out role in the game and need something else to do while waiting between shuttle calls.

  8. 31 minutes ago, PandaTop4ik said:

    For all the time i was playing i haven't done anything bad beside that case

    Out of your 1000(!) connections to our server you’ve actually only played here for a week.

    Why did you leave when you were contacted by an admin?

  9. Short answer: No. Go away.

    Long answer: We log every one of your connections. In april, you were banned and attempted to connect from a new device. We logged that and made a note of it. Earlier today, we logged your new attempts to connect our servers from the device we noted seven months ago. We also logged your attempts to get around that ban using a VPN. Also, if you've never played before, why would you denote that you were specifically banned from Lizard? No. Go away.

  10. I have reviewed all of your interactions in relay with admins and concluded with zero doubt in my mind that you have no business playing command roles presently. You have demonstrated both incompetence and malice while playing various heads of staff in the last eight days alone. I have detailed below the exact thought process I had while reviewing your case.

    Let's start from the beginning. A conversation between you and Kayek on September 27 where you said the following.


    Kayek: please dont tell others to suck your dick
    CornCobbiler: He was an asshole
    CornCobbiler: By the way you should explode people the second they break a rule

    This lead to a note being placed in your file that read whenever you break a rule, you should be exploded. This was the consensus of several admins (myself included, I think) so it was not bias. This should answer your following concerns about being treated unfairly- you specifically requested we detonate rulebreakers.

    18 hours ago, CornCobbiler said:

    Some time later an admin contacted me and exploded me.

    18 hours ago, CornCobbiler said:

    I was about to leave when an admin contacted me and promptly exploded me, making comments on how we should just explode anyone who breaks a rule, witch made it sound like I stated that so I don't know why he took that to heart.

    Your first strike, and your first interaction with lonesoldier was in early October, where you were played head of personnel and raided the armory at the start of the round. This is referred to as powergaming and is explicitly against our rules as of the recent rules rewrite. As powergaming was not explicitly written in the rules as of the time of that interaction (it still fell under rules 1 and 4 on the previous rules rewrite), it simply lead to what would have been a warning- but for you, was instead a detonation. You seemed to remember your previous request back then, because you replied with


    lonesoldier55: im seeing here you have requested to be exploded each time you break a rule
    CornCobbiler: thanks jackass

    This is a pattern that I saw of your interactions with admins ingame. Lots of attitude and profanity, lots of dodging questions. I do not appreciate the way that you speak to our staff. This is a purely volunteer-run project. We are donating our time to make sure that the servers are running smoothly. We do not always succeed but this undue attitude is not acceptable.

    You recognize that your actions here were incorrect, although you do seem to diminish the circumstances in your appeal. You justified taking the lethals from the armory by saying


    CornCobbiler: Mind explaing how 30 people get into hop office a second, and how sec is briandead and thought I took "every gun from armory"

    Which, even if it were true, is not a valid use of lethals as per the rule 12 at the time- use non-lethals unless you are facing a lethal threat. Greytiders are not a lethal threat. You do not need a Vector and pistol to defend yourself from greytiders. Handcuffs would have been justifiable. Armory weapons are not.

    Your second strike was, to your credit, nearly a month later. You were caught lighting fires in maintenance. I take issue with your side of the story in the appeal, specifically this line, which contradicts itself before you even finish the sentence.

    18 hours ago, CornCobbiler said:

    I came up with the idea to get rid of the gas by setting it on fire, not knowing it was that flammable.

    But you also demonstrate rather well that this command role ban was well-placed in the previous line.

    18 hours ago, CornCobbiler said:

    The second time I was a HoS, still not fully familiar with the game

    This issue was seven days ago as per the time of the ban. If you want to try to suggest that you have suddenly become "fully familiar" with the game in seven days, you are being intentionally dishonest.

    I also take issue with this line that is also a self-contradiction, and the corresponding section in your response to lonesoldier.

    18 hours ago, CornCobbiler said:

    I thought I helped in some way I said "it was for the funny" clearly knowing and understand this wasn't funny.


    lonesoldier55: don't set fires as the head of security because you find it entertaining

    Nobody has ever said "it was funny" when doing something they didn't think was funny. You are being intentionally dishonest here again.

    You also took issue with lonesoldier detonating you, despite the request you placed earlier. You seemed to have forgotten that interaction.


    lonesoldier55: I also see here where you have requested to be exploded the moment you break a rule
    CornCobbiler: i havent?
    CornCobbiler: i never requested that
    lonesoldier55: I explicitly see a note here
    CornCobbiler: a note from when?
    lonesoldier55: oh here it is in your ahelp relay from september
    lonesoldier55: "by the way you should explode people the second they break a rule"
    CornCobbiler: dude i get it
    CornCobbiler: your the same asswipe that didnt understand the whole story the first time i "broke a rule"

    Once again, immediate profanity and attitude. This is extremely aggravating to me and is not a point in your favor. I am impressed with the patience of lonesoldier (and later, Chief_Engineer) in not banning you for being that aggressive.


    CornCobbiler: i didnt do shit
    CornCobbiler: why are my words being used as fucking fact
    CornCobbiler: there is no fucking connection
    CornCobbiler: doin great at your job btw

    Going to skip over your next interaction with lonesoldier because it doesn't appear relevant, and we're going to jump ahead to your third strike.

    You picked research director and, during a moment of downtime, decided to go kidnap people in the locking artifact crate out of boredom. This is not a misunderstanding of game mechanics. There is no "not understanding everything" yet here. You decided, as a head of staff, to kidnap people and then claim it was a joke. Whether or not it was a joke is not relevant. You locked people in the artifact crate. You cannot weasel out of that.


    CornCobbiler: i didnt "kidnap" anyone, I will admit I did take people into an artifact crate but i wasnt kidnapping them, i didnt take any of their shit and i let them go in the end

    What you are saying here is "I didn't kidnap anyone, I will admit I did kidnap people but I wasn't kidnapping them, I didn't rob them and I let them go." But that statement isn't exactly valid is it?


    Chief_Engineer: why'd you steal their ID while they were asleep in sci
    CornCobbiler: because i had some spite for them of course, but i didnt take it with me

    Because you DID rob the security officer. You stole their ID and left it on the ground where another scientist took it. At best that is criminal negligence. You have no business playing a command role if you believe that is not your fault. And it does seem you believe that it was not your fault that you robbed the security officer's ID and then you left their ID on the ground instead of returning it. You, a belligerent asshole, kidnapped a security officer, took their ID off out of spite, and then left it on the ground. And you claim that is not your fault.

    19 hours ago, CornCobbiler said:

    Out of continued boredom me and that same member walked outside and trapped 2 people in crates, then asked them if they liked out stylish hats, and let them go. Not taking anything they owned or harming them in any way. We did this to two people, the first one was chill about it and left, the second one was a sec officer who personally took it too close to heart and tried to arrest me.


    CornCobbiler: the entire fucking sci department was fucked in the first place, as someone bombed it. also this was in the begining of the round where nothing was happening. also that other person i told was also in on the act in some way. so please explain to me what the actual fuck im supposed to do as im waiting for shit to happen in sci? we didnt have points to spend, the artifact was stuck without any workarounds i could find, and the artifact containing was started by the other guy in the first place, witch i went off of by boredom. also your acting as if you wouldnt be at least a little annoyed if you got arrested by sec? the entire thing was a fucking joke, the sec and the other person we did it on where uptight stiffs who didnt take a fucking hint and leave it. I get that i shouldnt of done it in the first place, but holy fuck what else was i going to do in the first place anyway? there wasnt shit to do

    I don't believe that it is extremely difficult to expect the head of the science department to not kidnap and rob security officers out of boredom. I also think it is extremely reasonable to arrest said scientist for kidnapping people. You then proceeded to threaten to kill the security officer, took his PDA, and made his life hell all shift.


    CornCobbiler: you both suck ass at admining btw

    In conclusion, boredom is not an excuse to be an assholeFrom my review you appear to be an asshole in general, not just when bored. This ban is absolutely correct.

    I am going to make this extremely clear to you. The next time that you cuss out an admin for doing their job or break the rules, you will be taking a long vacation from the wizard's den server group. You are on extremely thin ice right now.

    This appeal is denied and you may make another appeal no sooner than one month from now (December 18) with the stipulation that you have had consistent playtime and no additional warnings or gamebans.

  11. Hello

    From what I understand you perceive some kind of issue of bias against you from certain admins. I don’t believe we’ve interacted before so I will be handling this appeal. Expect me to review every interaction that you’ve had with our administration team in the ahelp relay (it is all logged).

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