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  1. 2 hours ago, Discobabester14 said:

    I now operate under Discobabester14, This is not an attempt to evade my ban, I just forgot my password and username to the original account

    No but your attempts to ban evade under the names Discobabester15 and Wildspacecarp were and you will need a voucher to appeal.

  2. This feels pretty open and shut. A player had his jumpsuit stolen and instead of helping him get another jumpsuit you sentenced him to brig. That is not good security play.

    I dislike how you initially justified the brigging as hooliganism. The user in question claimed to have their clothes stolen. That is hardly hooliganism. Even if you do not believe them, the correct course of action would be to supply them with clothes and, if you're feeling generous, a new PDA. Space Law, as detailed on our wiki, does not apply to our LRP servers. But even if it did, I don't think this was an applicable use of Space Law, as Hooliganism as written applies to "malicious disruption", and being the victim of a robbery is not malicious disruption. On the launcher, the MRP server is marked MRP, which (in my opinion) should infer that the other servers are not MRP- but I do agree with you that this could be made more clear. Regardless this was not a good application of Space Law even if it did apply to the situation, and the ruling is correct. The decision to permanently ban you from security roles makes sense considering that you doubled down on your insistence that punishing a player for being robbed was the correct course of action.

    I encourage you to continue playing. You may appeal again in two weeks.

  3. This interaction has me no less than furious.


    KVOSH: wait are you a trial atm?
    Whisper: Mhm
    KVOSH: Do you have the power to smite me?
    Whisper: In my own ways
    Whisper: I have access to some of the main ones with some effort
    KVOSH: in that case, can you add a note against my name
    KVOSH: say something a long the lines of top rated captain
    KVOSH: also justin lucy is speaking russian only
    Whisper: you have a note that says to smite you if you ask for notes
    Whisper: :think:
    Whisper: I'm sorry little one
    KVOSH: i know you cant smite
    KVOSH: but you can write notes

    At best this is ignorant. At worst this is malicious. FMPOV it looks like you are intentionally going to a trial admin to get a positive note added to your account because you think they would not be able to punish you for it. The rest of the team agrees with this interpretation. Beyond that, considering that you've been told multiple times to stop misusing and spamming ahelp, you are going to sit this out for its full duration, and if you do it again you should expect it to be a permanent ban.

    The unanimous opinion of the team is to deny this appeal.

  4. 27 minutes ago, will201066 said:

    you might say well chaplain told you to free roam not attack people and your right but he never said to NOT attack people

    How old are you

  5. Ban date was January 14, 2022, making today the one year anniversary of your griefing ban! Happy one year!

    If you are unbanned will you be playing on Destroyer118 or Destroyer1181

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  6. You need a voucher due to ban evasion. You can get that from the other english servers on the launcher (Nyanotrasen, or hell, even Mining Station) or a SS13 server. We've also accepted them from Russian servers in the past for bilingual users.

    There isn't a discussion here. You ban evaded, you need a voucher. That is our policy. How much hassle it is to obtain that voucher or submit an appeal is not our concern.

  7. I have no idea if this is your main account and I’m not going to put in the time to find out.

    Due to ban evasion you will need to have a voucher of good behavior from another SS14 or SS13 server to appeal this ban. You may appeal whenever you have acquired that, and please appeal on the account you wish to play on when you are unbanned.

  8. So do you think that the Warden was unjustified in killing two people that they knew for a fact were in the armory and attempting to smuggle laser guns without giving you a warning first? Do you think that is an unjustified use of lethals because you did not classify as a “lethal threat” when you had stolen two laser guns (lethal weaponry) from the armory?

  9. If you’d read our rules you’d know that ban evasion is not tolerated.

    Appeal denied for attempted ban evasion under the name DavyJones. You may appeal no sooner than May 29, 2023 (six months after your most recent attempt to ban evade) with a voucher of good behavior from another SS14 or SS13 server.

    If you do make another appeal at that time please post a link to the webpage where our rules are available online to prove that at a minimum you at least looked for them.

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