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  1. So from the chef's point of view, you:

    • Hopped the kitchen counter to trespass after being told you could not enter. (Alert level does not apply here, as you did not enter the kitchen to perform a random search)
    • Started shooting in the kitchen (with what is probably a stolen revolver)
    • Tried to baton the chef when he was defending his workspace

    And all this was

    • After you took the revolver that did not belong to you
    • After you were told you should not begin a crusade against the mice by the head of security

    Am I understanding this situation correctly?

  2. Ban date was October 4th. 

    Appeal accepted. Mistakes happen sometimes. If you didn't disconnect, this probably would've just been a "whoops, haha" moment. Don't beat yourself up about it. Have fun ingame!

  3. Singuloosing to destroy the station and the nuclear operatives is effectively similar playing chess and checkmating your own king. The crew’s objective when facing nuclear operatives is to save the station from the operatives. Destroying the station to kill the operatives does not necessarily align with your goals of preserving your lives and your workplace. I’d argue that even if the nuclear operative team’s goal was to kill the crew, the singularity is extremely likely to kill large quantities of crew, which does not help your goal. It could be a situationally decent idea as a last resort, but it’s arguable whether a singuloose is more or less devastating than a nuclear blast.

    Even beyond that, it isn’t really fun to be playing nuclear operative and get eaten by a singularity while you’re playing an otherwise standard round.

  4. Hello Berkay!

    Upon internal discussion due to your extensive ban history here the administration team has decided that the best avenue for you to return is to obtain a voucher signifying that you have been well behaved on another SS14 or SS13 server.

    We are hoping to create a guideline soon as to what exactly a voucher needs to be and what it should contain in the very near future. In the meantime, this appeal is denied.

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  5. This appeal has been accepted.

    We are slightly concerned about the sheer amount of time you're spending playing the game every day. Please remember to take periodic breaks for your health and wellbeing.

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  6. This was your second ban for the same act of griefing in under a week.

    This appeal is denied by unanimous vote of the administration team. You may appeal again in a month.

  7. This appeal is accepted. You will have to re-apply for MRP whitelist separately. There isn't an official guideline on how long you need to or should wait to do that, but I suggest playing consistently for two weeks without issue before trying.

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