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  1. Ok. Care to explain why you tried to evade with it?
  2. I laughed when I figured out that the name you put down here is a combination of the banned account and the account you used to try to ban evade 10 minutes ago.
  3. Yes. Abusing alt accounts is taken very seriously. If we ban you that specifically means we think you need to take a time out. You tried to circumvent that. How do you think that's not a big deal? You're trying to undermine something we specifically have set in place. It was a 3 day ban, you are correct.
  4. File an appeal with this format.
  5. File an appeal with this format.
  6. You were banned two months ago. Not one or two years ago. Pretty big distinction between the two there.
  7. You’re trying to convince me that your brother knew to mix potassium and water into a cryobeaker and use the spill liquid action to bomb as a drone without actually having an account in the game. It’s obvious you didn’t think this through. Re-appeal in two weeks and actually admit what you did- including your ban evasion attempt.
  8. What's the name of your brother's account?
  9. The problem is that you've essentially just doubled the amount of reasons we have to ban you. Why didn't you try to make an appeal on the forums before trying to evade your bam?
  10. The other players that needed to be warned or punished were also dealt with accordingly. You don't see it but you were not the only person that I talked to that round. If that's an issue you have here, consider it to be resolved. If you feel another player is acting out of line, you can and should admin help it, even if it isn't a "big deal". I can't resolve something if I don't know that it happened. You are responsible for your actions. I saw you tase multiple people and steal their stuff after antagonizing them and breaking into botany. You are responsible for doing that. I don't care what the botanist did prior to that. That was a separate moment. You decided to continue the engagement of your own accord and you got punished for it.
  11. You definitely started (or restarted) the conflict with the botanist and also restarted conflict with the clown. I’m not accepting that answer. The 4 day ban was because I had already warned you that round and you had a ban already on record. Barring judgement from a game admin I am denying this appeal.
  12. “General belligerence. Rule 8 and multiple rule 1 violations.” Please address the rest of the reasons you were banned, including: A. Stealing a taser B. Attacking the clown C. Harassing the chaplain D. Harassing botany E. Harassing the chefs F. Using the taser to steal the entire kitchen’s supply of knives (this is when I decided to ban you). Any of these individually are not enough to warrant a ban. But considering the fact that you were previously warned in the round for attacking people and then you proceeded to get into a fight with botany and the chefs, I felt this warranted a ban. Please explain why this is incorrect.
  13. I think you should drop the asshole character shtick. It tends to make people believe you are an asshole and want to not play with you. I'm changing your ban to a week because I can believe that this is a misunderstanding. Regardless, the joke was in ill taste. Find a different way to roleplay that doesn't involve being rude to the players around you.
  14. Why do you think that trying to lie to the admins shouldn't be banworthy?
  15. It’s up to @Pancake, your banning admin, but I would expect you to be told to wait until your ban ends on the 11th.
  16. There isn't an RP reason to murder people. Even so, you murdered someone and then ahelped when you got jailed by security? A few other things to clear up here: How do you know he didn't? How do you know that the players you killed weren't new players who were unaware of the admin help tool? How do you know they didn't just leave? You have no way of knowing any of those things. Your actions speak very loudly. You murdered two people even if the person in the video is a traitor (It doesn't look like she is). Admin logs INCLUDE chat logs.
  17. That account has never connected or attempted to connect to our servers. It’s also completely moot because your account is the one banned. You’re trying to tell me that the reason why you, PGCHIMPISBACK, are banned, is because your brother broke half of the rules that you were banned for (but not all of them!) on their own account (that hasn’t ever played on a Wizard Den server)? You can understand why we find that hard to believe, right?
  18. What's the name of your brother's account, and why is it relevant to the fact that the account listed in your appeal has a permaban for metagaming?
  19. You're the only one who has had an issue with it.
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