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  1. Mm. I see a couple of patterns here. You both have connected within 30 seconds of each other multiple times (not including server resets). You both uploaded your appeals within a few minutes of each other and you both pretty much said the exact same thing. In our eyes you've failed to address the claims about the communication difference between the two holos. So we're going to deny this. Try again in a month.
  2. Please talk about what you did specifically that was wrong. This is a pretty vague appeal. I had to look up your ban reasoning to see what you were talking about.
  3. Handled offsite. Appeal accepted.
  4. Same thing we posted last time you appealed. That you still haven't actually addressed. Seeing as how you just resubmitted basically the same appeal that didn't work last time, I think you probably aren't a good fit here. Appeal denied. Try again in a month. Addendum: We do not care about your race or ethnicity. It is not relevant to the game. It is not relevant to your appeal. Touting the color of your skin does not effect anything about our decision.
  5. + recent ban evasion. Denied. Don't bother appealing again.
  6. Appeals can take up to about a week depending on internal discussion. Appeal accepted. Do not do it again.
  7. I love the absolute scale of the map. There is a lot of room for you to perform shenanigans. It’s a very fun map to be traitor on.
  8. I am loving the new deltastation.
  9. You just copypasted your previous laughably bad appeal onto this one and expected different results. Appeal denied. Try again in one week with an appeal that has effort behind it. This is not a chore that we're making you do to get back in the game. We are not convinced that you won't just break the rules again after we put you back in- which defeats the purpose of putting you back in at all. You need to show us that you are going to take steps to actually not break the rules again. You've broken all 3 of the rules that give someone a fast appealban- racial slurs, leaving during ahelps, and attempted ban evasion. You're going to need a damn good appeal to get back in.
  10. I told you to appeal in a week. It has not been a week. Denied.
  11. After my research I can buy the claim that your wifi disconnected. It’s very unfortunate timing. Understand that if you leave during an ahelp again you will not be able to handwave it that easily. How do you, over the course of 8 seconds, accidentally turn on combat mode and shoot the chef just enough that it puts him in crit, and then leave him to die?
  12. For the record, I am your banning admin, not moony. You spaced multiple rooms as drone, killed multiple people, cut wires, and then continued disassembling a window to space after I told you to stop. You told me the wiki said you could disassemble the station as a drone- when the wiki actually warns you not to. You are not a brand new player anymore. You should know better. You have a ban on file and another report for griefing prior to this ban. Players learn in their first few days that removing wires doesn’t fix electricity, and that removing windows doesn’t exactly improve ventilation. The level of destruction you caused is not something that someone does on accident or from misunderstanding. You have a single chance to admit to what actually happened instead of trying to hide behind false excuses. First you claim the wiki said you could do it. Now you claim it was a large series of accidents. Neither hold up. Appeal denied. Try again in one week.
  13. Appeal accepted. Look into running around with our lord and savior, the taser.
  14. Do you really need to be told not to call someone homophobic slurs?
  15. My mistake. I see what the forum does now. You'll be unbanned.
  16. After discussion with the team we are going to deny this appeal. Make another appeal in one week, specifically about the antisemitism part of your ban. There is a BIG difference between calling someone a "wealthy man bastard" and a "wealthy man bastard" and the fact that you substituted the term "wealthy man" for "wealthy man" in your appeal raised several eyebrows in internal discussion. To be clear, despite the fact that I think you're just lying about the reason why you left when I ahelped you, the only thing you should worry about with your next appeal is the antisemitism. I'm putting extra emphasis on this because you didn't seem to think it was a big enough deal to include in your previous appeal. EDIT: It turns out the forum automatically corrected the key words in your appeal that created an unfortunate narrative. I apologize for the confusion. We're going to look into what happened. You have been unbanned. Don't do it again.
  17. If we have any more questions before we make our decision, we'll ask you here. Until then, just wait.
  18. Myself and other members of the team take charges of admin misconduct very seriously. Understand that your ban was a decision made by multiple members of the team as an entity, rather than a single admin (moony) looking for reasons to ban you. If we wanted to look for reasons to keep you banned, your previous appeal would not have been accepted.
  19. I wasn't here for this incident and I have never seen you before, so I'll take over this appeal. Having had no interaction with you, there should be no reason why I have any bias against you, correct? A quick look through our internal resources tells me that admins have opened multiple relays with you over the last week for harmbatonning people, and I see a good amount of complaints about you as well. I also have you on logs for cremating someone as a non-antag, something that we have a precedent for banning for, and then getting into a long winded argument with the admin handling that situation. I've read the full log (it spans MULTIPLE pages) and I commend Todd for his patience in speaking with you. In the end, after much internal discussion between multiple members of the ingame team, you were given a security job ban without a gameban. Our internal resources also tell me you are just coming off of a perma-ban, shortened via an appeal, because you began attempting to connect to our servers last week after three months of being banned. There is a precedent for you misbehaving in rounds here, and that does effect our judgement in making further decisions. One ban is a mistake. Four, the number you are at now, is a pattern. These are all things we keep in mind when making a judgement. For the sake of transparency, this is the admin relay we have for the round you were banned on. Because this log includes nothing about the charge of metagaming as a pAI, I'll ignore it. Still, I've got a few things I want to comment on. 1. I strongly dislike the tone you used with Mystic when she asked you about why you were uncuffing people as a mouse. 2. You were warned once for using ghost roles to fuck with security as a mouse. You then proceeded to do it AGAIN as a drone. This is the second instance of you clearly breaking the rules in the five days since you've been unbanned. You were given a three day ban as a result of this. My own judgement after my investigation is that your appeal should be denied. Upon discussion with the rest of the team (we do not make judgements by ourselves) they agree with me. The ban holds, minus the metagaming charge, which I don't think was properly included in your punishment in the first place. Appeal denied. A warning that our policy is that a user who is banned 5 times will receive a permanent ban. As this is your fourth ban, your next one will be an appeal-only ban. Because you've already been appealbanned once, you will need to create a VERY good appeal to get back in. If that happens I will ensure that your ban is handled by a different member of the team that has not interacted with you- to ensure that there is no bias.
  20. The ban has absolutely nothing to do with Brazil.
  21. Looks like the ban is for something you did in a sister community that we’re mirroring here. @moony This is going to be denied but I’ll let moony make the post with the reason why.
  22. Why’d you leave to avoid talking to an admin about it? This is the second time you have left to avoid ahelp discussion. It’s not a coincidence. Address this, please.
  23. Upon discussion with the rest of this team we’re going to deny this appeal for two reasons. 1. That’s such a laughably bad excuse for ban evasion that we’re not interested in humoring it. 2. Your excuse doesn’t even hold water anyway because you tried connecting from another IP. File another appeal in one week that actually owns up to what you tried to do.
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