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  1. Why is the punishment the captain player received at all relevant to your appeal?
  2. Appeal accepted. Do not do it again.
  3. If we had an update to give you then it would be in the thread. Stop.
  4. Ideally you would’ve been re-banned while you were banned previously. We typically catch ban evasion quickly. You slipped through the cracks. I only caught you because I found you in game breaking the rules again and went to check your ban history. I think this means you need to sit out for a little while. Appeal in a week.
  5. Never mind. You have been banned 8 times. Don't bother appealing.
  6. Denied. Appeal with the account you got banned on in a week.
  7. After internal discussion we have elected to deny your appeal. It looks like this is a reoccurring issue. The stance among the team is that we should not have to tell you that disassembling the station as a drone is against the rules (but we do). Ruining the round for other players is griefing. Of course it is not allowed. Re-appeal in a week.
  8. Look at the other ban appeals and make an inference. We need to discuss it internally. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Your post hasn't been up for more than a few hours. We've got a few others to get to first. Who is DarthMalgus?
  9. If we had a decision we would’ve posted it.
  10. You're definitely not 17. Send a badmin proof over discord if you have any. Don't bother appealing again for 3 years.
  11. We're discussing it internally. We haven't reached a decision yet.
  12. People who are not involved in this case and who are not admins should not be posting in this thread. Further peanutposting will result in infractions.
  13. We're discussing it internally. We haven't reached a decision yet.
  14. Yeah, this is the problem. From our server rules:
  15. Appeal denied because you appealed two days early. You still haven't put effort in to actually make your appeal readable. I want full sentences and somewhat correct capitalization. That's all I'm asking for.
  16. Handled offsite. Re-appeal in one week.
  17. Stealth16


    Handled offsite. Re-appeal in one week.
  18. File an appeal using the template.
  19. You opened a relay with admins 3 times prior to your ban. Of those three times, for two of them, admins were not online to receive it. Alright, fair enough. Let’s look into those two times. One time, the person you reported was a traitor. Well, that’s one mystery solved. The other time, you didn’t give us any identifying information to follow up on. “I just got beat up by a dude” does not help us help you. We do try to look into situations that occur while admins are offline. However it’s extremely difficult to piece together a situation where we are given no information.
  20. Still hasn’t been a week, and I still do not buy that you spaced multiple rooms on “accident”. There is a difference between an “accident” and a “mistake”. An accident is something you did not intend to do. You definitely intended to cut wires and space the station. You did not do that on accident. But it was a mistake, because you should not have done it. When you make your next appeal in three days (and no sooner) I want you to keep that in mind. If you try to claim you destroyed arrivals on accident again I will tell you to appeal again in a month.
  21. I don't care what your "reason" for evading was. You tried to ban evade. If you allegedly knew we saw it, why did you choose not to include that information in your appeal?
  22. Aww, what a heartwarming appeal! Let me check the admin resource- hey wait a minute... you're only appealing because you couldn't evade your ban! Hey wait a minute, you said "My oc is racist" ingame! This isn't heartwarming at all! Who is Megadood?
  23. Stealth16


    Mm. I see a couple of patterns here. You both have connected within 30 seconds of each other multiple times (not including server resets). You both uploaded your appeals within a few minutes of each other and you both pretty much said the exact same thing. In our eyes you've failed to address the claims about the communication difference between the two holos. So we're going to deny this. Try again in a month.
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