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  1. Alright well, since you felt like pulling part of the ahelp out of context, I'll start by pulling the whole thing and we'll work our way through the issues. Issue #1, which is not even pictured here, is that this is the third time you've been ahelped today, and it's your 4th day playing since February. That's a ridiculous rate of issues and it indicates a pattern of poor behavior. You say here that you have not made the same mistakes again. What two prior bans for RDM show me is that you have stayed exactly the same. Issue #2 is the actual situation at hand. You killed the clown as a non-antag. Sure, you thought you were using non-lethal rounds or something. But it is not the game's fault that you used lethal rounds on the clown. You definitely broke the proper conflict escalation part of rule 4, but I'd argue that you broke the common sense part of it as well. You also protested your arrest, saying that you "only" killed the clown. The things you mentioned in this ahelp were not the things you were telling the security officers. I'm willing, however, to chalk that up to a communication error, rather than something more malicious. Issue #3 is the language you used. We've all been heated before, but you have a history of using improper and unacceptable language on SS14, including a ban and a warning (today!) for slurs. This indicates a separate pattern of poor behavior. Issue #4 is the fact that you do not appear to understand the issue from the clown's perspective. To the clown, you just walked up, pulled out your shotgun, and shot him without saying anything. You then decided to argue that it's fail RP for the clown not to run away from you? You literally did not RP with the clown at all. It doesn't matter if you intended to kill them or not. You walked up to the clown, popped two shotgun shells into them, and thought that was proper RP. I should not have to tell you why saying nothing to the clown and then executing them is not RP, but it appears I do. If this case were in a vacuum, and you had not had a history, then there would only be two (maybe two and a half because you cussed at an admin) issues, and you would be appealing a 7 day ban rather than a permanent one. But the fact is that you do. And we're much less lenient on people who have proven, multiple times, that they are not a good fit for this game. That's the mountain you are having to overcome right now. I hope that the transparency helps clear up any issues or questions you may have had. I genuinely am not sure what we're looking for in this appeal to let you back in but "I've improved and I will continue to improve" and "I am a good roleplayer" are not the correct answers.
  2. The elements that made me decide to escalate your ban to permanent were that you have 3 other bans on record- 2 for similar offenses, and you had already had a lengthy conversation with an admin earlier today day about something completely unrelated. I should have referenced those things before banning you initially, as they were what effected my decision. If you ping me again then I'll deal with this appeal. For reference, you probably want someone else to deal with it because I don't like being cussed at when I ask people why they killed someone without talking to them.
  3. Denied for attempted ban evasion, FredFigglehornFan1198. It's a bad look when you make an appeal directly after you're unable to connect by making another account. Try again in a week.
  4. Admin consensus is to deny your appeal at this time, on the basis that you’ve got way too many bans and a very high amount of warnings. Five bans over a long period of time is indicative of a pattern. Re-appeal in a month.
  5. Nah. You were jobbanned for repeatedly insisting that harmbatonning people for every arrest is the correct way to play security. We decided you shouldn’t be playing security. Appeal in two weeks.
  6. File an appeal with the template.
  7. I like that answer. Appeal accepted. Do not do it again.
  8. This one is going to take a little while longer because we want to reach a full decision internally. You have five bans on record (and one that was a mistake) and you're a rather prolific player outside of that. I expect to see a change in behavior if you are let back in.
  9. It seems you have quite the history with misuse of guns on our servers. If we let you back in how do we know this won't happen again?
  10. It's been a while. If this happens again, expect more hoops to jump through before you're let back in. Appeal accepted.
  11. If it happens again there will be a larger-standing consequence. If you are concerned that you do not have the time to commit to a full round, do not play an important role. Appeal accepted.
  12. You decided to protest the poor admin activity by saying a racial slur? If that's your reaction to there not being enough volunteer admins on your space roleplay game then I think you need to find a different space roleplay game. Appeal denied. I appreciate the laugh.
  13. This is your last chance. Appeal accepted.
  14. Appeal accepted. Do not do it again.
  15. Gonna deny this on the grounds of VPN usage to ban evade, and also your alts name in combination with what you were banned for. You can re-appeal in two weeks.
  16. Appeal accepted, sorry for the delay. It doesn't matter where you say racial slurs. Just don't say them. The fact that you didn't mean to say it over radio doesn't matter. If you do it again, do not bother to appeal.
  17. Denied because you attempted to ban evade for the game as well and did not mention it here.
  18. Admin consensus is to deny this appeal. Try again in a week.
  19. Yes you were definitely asking for topless female companions to dance for you in a non-sexual way. Yeeeeep. Breaking the rules "as a joke" is still breaking the rules. It's honestly even worse if the "joke" isn't funny. It clearly wasn't because another player reported you for it before I even saw it happening. Appeal denied. Try again in a week. If that appeal isn't very good the chances of you coming back are very slim.
  20. It is if you tried to do it on the account that wasn't initially banned. Denied. Re-appeal in a week.
  21. Do you really need to be TOLD that trying to evade your ban is against the rules? The only reason I even found out that you ban evaded was because I caught you gibbing an afk corpse and checked your ban history. A day prior another admin warned you for being shitsec. You were unbanned for two and a half days and you were warned twice. You've been playing for less than a month and you've been warned no less than 8 times. This type of precedent makes us worried that you're not a good fit for this community. How can we trust that there will be a change in your behavior if we let you back in?
  22. This is almost completely unreadable. Can you edit that huge block of text to include proper punctuation and at least a little bit of formatting? Break it up into paragraphs please.
  23. Do not post in ongoing ban appeal threads if you are not the appealer or an admin. The next person to do so will receive an infraction.
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