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  1. We log every time you connect to a Wizard Den server. I can tell you the exact times that both you and your friend logged in on 4/16. With that knowledge, do you still want to claim you were not online when you told your friend Beanyboi69 to disassemble the station as a drone?
  2. Appeals take time to discuss and make a decision on, particularly when we are dealing with people who have multiple bans. If we have any updates for you, they'll be posted here.
  3. Considering that you shouted at a volunteer admin for not helping you resolve the conflict that you started, I think the punishment was perfectly justified. I've seen you around and I know that you are not particularly good at interacting with other players. Are you aware that everything you do effects the other people on the space station? You shouldn't just go around antagonizing other players because they don't give you what you want. That's rule #1- don't be a dick.
  4. Oh, you were metacomming too? Appeal denied. Both of you can make a new appeal in three days.
  5. We’ll put aside the fact that you put down multiple layers of electrified grilles in the hallway in front of medbay for a moment. What was the goal of you shooting torches at people? You’ve got 1000 hours in the game (or leaving the launcher open), surely you know that launching torches at people wouldn’t exactly have any good effects.
  6. I’d argue that a perma for suggesting you have plans to drug and rape players is very justified. Do you understand why we absolutely do not tolerate “jokes” like that?
  7. So your instinct was to leave rather than explain that this was a simple mistake? You can understand why that leaves a bad impression on us, right?
  8. Why'd you leave the round instead of talking to me when I asked you what you were doing
  9. Denied for attempted ban evasion. Appeal in a week.
  10. Admin consensus is to accept your appeal. To reiterate, your next ban will be permanent and unappealable, and will likely be accompanied with a discord ban. You are on extremely thin ice. To also reiterate, do not DM admins on discord about your ban. When you get frustrated the expectation is that you will be mature enough to remove yourself from the space.
  11. If there were any updates, they would be in the thread.
  12. You're trolling. Denied. Appeal in two weeks.
  13. Why do you want to be back in the discord server considering you’re currently appeal-only banned from Wizard Den servers? What’s the point of being in the communication hub for Wizard Den spaces when you currently aren’t able to play on them? Should be noted the only reason you even got caught was because you were complaining about the conditions of your ban in our general chat, which is something that is not allowed.
  14. You had to click through a menu saying you understood that you were not supposed to be an antagonist as a drone. And 22 hours is more than enough time to understand that removing windows and spacing arrivals is a thing that the good guys generally should not do. Do you understand why we take issue with “I didn’t know” when everything is explicitly laid out for you and you agreed to it?
  15. You really think you’re gonna get accepted by posting an appeal on the account you’re using the ban evade? Denied. Appeal in two weeks for the username you got banned on. For reference it’s barely been three months since you were banned, not six. And now you’re appealing a ban evasion ban too.
  16. After 22 hours you needed to be told not to disassemble the station as a drone?
  17. But yet you made the same point here so I asked you again
  18. Do you really need to be told not to ban evade
  19. Do you know how bad of a look it is when you don't even know what account you got banned for ban evading on
  20. Captain's job isn't to repair the station. It's to run the ship. You don't need a toolbelt to do that. For LRP I wouldn't consider it a big deal.
  21. This is permaban #2. As per our banning policy, permaban #3 will be unappealable. Generally bans past #5 (the number you are at right now) are permanent/appeal only with very little exception. So if you do something bannable, expect to not be able to return. Bans "expire" on your record 6 months after they end. For your case, that means the soonest you could get banned and expect it to not be permanent would be August 27th, 2022. Essentially, you would be on extremely thin ice. First, though, we have to discuss what we want to do with your current appeal. That will probably take a while as with repeat offenders we try to get a very large consensus before moving forward.
  22. Do you have any questions about anything that I wrote? Is there anything that is potentially unclear?
  23. Do you understand the problems we have here? Because it's not just one. It's multiple. 1. Throwing a temper tantrum ingame at another player. This is an issue because you did not bother to ever ahelp this player. If you feel another player is breaking the rules, you need to ahelp it. I will speak for the entire team when I say I would much rather get a false alarm ahelp than no ahelp at all. 2. You have repeatedly threatened to break the rules and metagrudge players of our community, which even if you didn't actually do, would fall under harassment which is a massive no-no. If you run around saying "I'm gonna break the rules!" you should not be upset about us punishing you for breaking the rules... even if you weren't actually planning on breaking the rules. 3. You got a two hour ban for the above, at which point you proceeded to DM multiple members of the staff team in protest to attempt to convince or outright bully them into unbanning you early. It's a two hour ban. You are demonstrating that you don't have a desire to go through the proper channels to deal with these problems. Our systems are in place to help you enjoy the game, not to keep you from enjoying them. If you don't bother to press the two buttons required to send a report to the admins, the admins cannot help you remove problematic elements. If you try to blow up multiple admin DMs instead of making an appeal on the forums, then we can't help you get back in the game because you didn't make an appeal. This wouldn't be a problem on its own but it doesn't help that, as depicted above, you're melting down at other players when you perceive them as acting out against you. Which means you are stuck complaining that nothing is being done to stop your issue when there literally exists a way to fix your issue. I think that you are actually a pretty decent player when you are playing normally, and a great player when you're playing at your best. But you need to be able to keep yourself under control when you are under pressure or when you feel slighted. And you've just demonstrated, again, that you can't do that. Which means we have to now consider, for the rest of the players, whether that means you should be let back in. Understand that if you ARE let back in, if this happens again it will mean a permanent removal from ALL Wizard Den spaces. It will come with a game ban, a discord ban, and likely a forum ban as well. We have to protect the interests of every staff and player, and if you make staff or players uncomfortable then that means you do not belong in our community. Right now I'm looking for some sort of acknowledgement that you do understand what is wrong here, and an agreement that you will use the proper channels in the future.
  24. This was a two hour ban. You raised this much hell over a two hour ban. If you did absolutely nothing after getting banned you would be playing the game right now. This is our way of telling you to cool down. But you don’t want to cool down. That is very concerning to us. At your best you are a skilled and competent player but at your worst, you’re this. And we don’t want you in our servers if you’re going to behave like this. Respect is not demanded. Human beings start with a certain level of respect for each other that is added to or taken away based on their actions. You cannot say “I deserve some respect” after throwing, essentially, a temper tantrum after being given a slap on the wrist for REPEATEDLY threatening to break the rules. I’m going to lock this thread for a bit and we’ll come back to this in a few hours. For now your ban has been extended. If you try to contact another admin over discord I will close the appeal.
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