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  1. On August 19th you were banned for creating and detonating multiple Lexorin bombs as a head role. You appealed that ban successfully here, on August 22nd. Four days later you have this incident, where you beat the warden to death for revenge because he blew up your desk on accident saving another player, and you decided to kill them on the shuttle prior to round end. Due to your history of killing players for no reason, and your hits in our internal relay asking for permission to be an antag (multiple instances of you asking for cargonia/scigonia). It looks like you're just looking for excuses to murder people. I am interested in this section of your appeal. Have you been playing somewhere else?
  2. No you weren't. You were literally arrested because you were breaking the rules and attacking players randomly for no discernable reason. That very clearly does not mean you were playing fairly. No comment on the other part of your ban, being that you weren't actually responding to my questions when I was talking to you? I'm shocked to even see you make an appeal, honestly. I thought you were a troll who had no interested in playing the game. I'm a bit agitated to see you here defending yourself now, wasting our time further, instead of actually just talking to me ingame.
  3. This is just a repost of the appeal you deleted from yesterday, correct? This won't have any bearing on our decision, by the way. Just trying to see if anything is different.
  4. This appeal is denied for attempted ban evasion under the names UncleI and WADB0T. You may appeal no sooner than March 21st, 2023 (6 months after your latest ban evasion attempt) with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server.
  5. Our rules can be found at all times ingame, but also are available on our wiki here. Let's review the rules you broke here, in order that they appear in your story. 1. Schleim lacks a last name, which is a minor violation of rule 3. This would typically be a warning. 2. Feeding Colin potassium is against our rules unless he explicitly consented. This user doesn't seem to mind, so I'm not going to investigate it, but this is probably a rule 1 and/or 4 violation. This rule is not extended to the vending machine, so you're fine there. 3. It's unclear whether or not you took Colin to get cloned. If you didn't that falls under violation of escalation rules. Again, not going to look into this. 4. The ERP is a direct violation of rule 5. It's the main issue the entire team takes with this appeal. This is always a no exception instant appeal ban. Aside from being very clearly outlined (in red text!) in our rules, it's pretty much common sense that a game in US servers that is not 18+ does not accept erotic roleplay in any manner or fashion. 5. Self antagging helping the machine take over the ship. This is definitely self antagging, which is a violation of rule 1. In this capacity, it would probably be a warning or maybe a short ban. It's unclear what exactly you did here and I am not interested in looking into this further. This analysis does not include anything that you didn't choose to mention in your story, like probably some other violations of rule 3 and whatever ended up happening with Colin definitely not falling within our escalation rules. So you managed to break somewhere between 2 and 5 rules in one round. You are not the type of player that we are looking for here. By unanimous vote of the game admin team, you will remain banned from Wizard's Den servers. You may appeal again no sooner than one month from now.
  6. Nyano has provided us receipts of 12 admin notes pertaining to your time on the server as well as two prior bans. We will be rejecting this appeal. If you have any further inquiries you can send them through @mirrorcult who will deal with them personally.
  7. Gonna lock this while we talk about it a bit more. Do not expect the answer to change drastically, if at all.
  8. I'm assuming that this is an account that you created because you forgot the password to your previous one, where you made these appeals. Given that you've already lied about your age once, age verification WILL be mandatory for you to return. But because you also attempted to ban evade under the name katdude, you will also need a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server to return.
  9. You will need to send age verification to @Zumorica. I am locking this and will move it to closed in 1 week if it isn't received by then. (See below post) You can do this either over the forums or through Discord.
  10. So we disliked your appeal enough to outright deny it. And your response to that is to just link your previous appeal. All of the things we said previously still apply.
  11. Your killing spree was most certainly not an accident. You chose every step of the way to murder multiple people. That is not up for debate. You do not go on a mass stabbing by accident. The question is, was it justified? And we can see here that the answer to that is also no, because you just decided to "finish the whole engi" for literally no reason. So now the next question becomes is your appeal good? And in my opinion the answer to that is no as well. Murdering multiple people to prevent yourself from going to jail isn't ok. Ideally you shouldn't be going to jail in the first place. And the fact that you broke in looking for guns does not speak well to your character. You escaped engineering, went back to medical to heal, and then went BACK to engineering to CONTINUE murdering people. You made the conscious decision to continue to randomly murder engineers as a non-antag, in complete violation of rules 1, 4 and our escalation rules. At no point did you think that you were in the wrong. Judging by your first appeal that didn't follow the template, you still don't think you're in the wrong. Which shows me that you have a fundamental misunderstanding of what this game is supposed to be. This is not a murder sim. You are playing with 64 other real people who are trying to do their jobs and make a space station run smoothly. You ruined multiple people's rounds for no reason. This appeal is denied and you may appeal again no sooner than a month from today.
  12. Was the clown your friend IRL? Or did you just meet them ingame and decide to go on a killing spree with them?
  13. Admin consensus is to deny this appeal. To reiterate what I told you in your last appeal, you should get a voucher from another server before you appeal again.
  14. In the future please direct these questions to mirrorcult.
  15. A voucher for would have to be given by an administrator of another SS13 or SS14 server on your behalf saying that you’ve been well behaved in your time on that server. A voucher given in such a short period of time since you’ve been banned would probably be ignored because it would likely not reference any change in your behavior.
  16. Most players don't tend to end up in security that frequently. How did this happen?
  17. Upon review this ban should not have included metacomming and I will be shortening your ban duration to 1 day.
  18. the guy reported all three of you for breaking the rules
  19. Unanimous internal decision is to deny your appeal at this time.
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