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  1. It has been two days. If you want an immediate reviewal, I can deny this right now. Otherwise, you can wait for us to get to this.
  2. So your justification for murdering a lot of people is because other people did the same thing? And you said it yourself, they could've been antag. Do you recognize why I take issue with that line of justification?
  3. Posting your appeal in general discussion instead of the appeals subforum is a good sign of competence... This is now in the correct place.
  4. Looks like someone forgot about a ban yesterday when unbanning you. Retequizzle lifted that ban. Let us know if you are still having connection issues.
  5. Ok. Please sign into CRISOkek and make a new appeal on that account. You are welcome to reuse the same body you wrote for this appeal.
  6. Aaaaand we're done here. Comparing not being allowed entry to a funny space game to literal Nazism is one of the fastest ways to remove all of your credibility that I've ever seen. You may return in 6 months with a voucher. Or, if you don't want to, don't. That's fine too.
  7. This is literally a copy and paste of your previous appeal that was denied.
  8. You have CRISO and CRISOkek. You are posting on CRISO right now. Do you intend to play with CRISO, or CRISOkek if you are unbanned? CRISOkekw has never connected to our servers, I am assuming you are thinking of CRISOkek.
  9. Did a brief lookback at your interactions here. It's been about five months since you were permad. With your ban history, and looking back at some of your logs, you will need a voucher of good behavior from an SS13 or SS14 server that you play on to be unbanned. You are welcome to make an appeal once you have that. Otherwise, from the brief reference and asking around that I did do, your chances of getting back in are slim to none.
  10. What account would you be playing on if you were to be unbanned
  11. Ban was not made in error. File an appeal with the template.
  12. There's a bit of formatting errors here- you name an Admin C but you never actually list them anywhere here (I assume this is a typo and admin B in your second ban is admin C?) If you're looking to report admin abuse, currently the only way to do that is to just report it straight to mirrorcult on discord. You will need to say more than "I would like their behavior checked" because that is vague. It is normal for banned users to believe that they were banned by abuse, particularly immediately after they were banned. You should not be going through other members of the team and asking them their opinions about your ban- if you disagree with admin judgement you should be going through here or DMing mirrorcult. I find it very likely that you misinterpreted what the admin you were consulting said. We will be addressing your current ban singularly here. That is all that we will be discussing internally in reference to your appeal. If you have issues with a specific admin's behavior or you want to discuss or defend your previous bans, you need to go through the head admin. There is nothing anyone else can do for you.
  13. You have no notes on wizard den servers. Your only ban was 2 hour gameban and a 2 week HoS/Warden ban for poor usage of lethals. There isn't anything to really discuss here. If you're asking for us to remove the ban from your record... no. We don't do that. You got banned and you served your sentence. In 4 months it will expire from your record and it doesn't appear that you play frequently enough or poorly enough that you're at risk of racking up a permaban unless your behavior drastically changes overnight. If you're asking to change how other people perceive you, you should be focusing on your play. We can't change opinions. If you're looking for further clarity on anything from a wizard's den perspective, you are welcome to DM me. There aren't any records against you to falsify. Beyond that, it looks like your issue is mostly with other servers, so you'll have to take it up with them respectively.
  14. I’m confused. What exactly are you wanting here? This ban expired two months ago.
  15. I would much rather you report antags doing antag things than not report non-antags doing antag things. But you also should not report someone for “being suspicious.” You should report them if they are breaking a rule.
  16. Ahelp relays from you related to the incident: If you expect anything to happen, you should be ahelping proactively rather than retroactively. It is not always possible, much less plausible, to handle bans for things that happened an hour ago or longer. The vagueness of your requests do not help. You presented, in essence, three unrelated points (as I understand them). 1. What happened during this round, related to this vague conjecture about a unnamed person? 2. Was this issue (that was not reported) handled? 3. Perma had three people. Why were all three people (two of which not being antags) in perma this round? (we do not have "logs" for people entering or exiting jail because there isnt an internal criminal records nor jail timer system to log that information yet. short of players saying "i am now in perma" it is virtually impossible to tell via a text log when a player was placed into perma) If you had presented any one of these things ahead of time, it would have not only been infinitely easier to investigate, but it would have been possible to fix. What exactly are you expecting when admins "check logs" for three people in perma? Why do you believe that backreading an entire round (usually 60+ minutes) log for something that might have been a rule break that was not reported during the round is a productive use of an admin's time? Why do you believe that the admin telling you to report proactively is a difficult request?
  17. Not having a discord account and your refusal to get one (as noted by your comments on github) singlehandedly kills your chances at getting on the team, because all of our communication is done through discord. A discord account is effectively mandatory for you to apply because without it we do not have a way to consistently contact you, and we are not going to create a special solution for you.
  18. Please don’t comment on the applications unless you are the applicant or an admin.
  19. This ban expires tomorrow and given that you have not responded I am going to close it.
  20. Hello. I apologize for wasting your time in addition to my own. Typically I check this much sooner. Your appeal is denied for attempted ban evasion under the name Ballcancer99. You may appeal no earlier than February 1st, 2023, which is 6 months after your last attempt to evade the ban, with a voucher of good behavior from another SS14 or SS13 server. Lastly on the topic of your friend, Jenks, I found their ban. They are still permabanned. They were never unbanned. Your friend is playing on a different server.
  21. Being in a vc with each other AT ALL is against our server rules. Edit: You’re right. We don’t know what you were discussing. Because we don’t have access to it. That’s why you’re banned. You used channels to communicate that other players and ourselves do not have access to, which gives you an unfair advantage. What are you confused about?
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