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  1. Because most players don't want sex in their funny space game. Players who do want sex in their funny space game tend to make their own communities for it. They are the exception, not the norm, but they do exist in large enough numbers to justify creating their own servers.
  2. Hi, banning admin here (I retired a few days ago). I’m going to offer my perspective. Aside from breaking the server rules, you made several people uncomfortable, and your actions caused a public riot in security. To say that you were an active detriment during that round is an understatement. To my memory, I did not even bother contacting you because the level of trolling you operated on is usually indicative of an intentional griefer- not a well meaning troll parodying incel groups. The rules very clearly define that assholes are not welcome. That really is a catch all. Pretending to be an asshole is still being an asshole, and the administration team should not be expected to have the time or patience to determine who is an asshole and who is just “roleplaying” like one (although I have a hard time calling what you were doing roleplaying)
  3. Please sign in with and appeal using the account you were banned on.
  4. Two and a half minutes is more than enough time for people who do not want to change their name or character.
  5. Go ahead and make another appeal following the format template.
  6. Closing this. You may reappeal if you have a voucher.
  7. Would you be able to get a voucher from an SS13 server, then?
  8. One day prior to your ban you were told the following And literally, the next day, you proceeded to bomb someone out of frustration. How can we know you will not do this again?
  9. Are you aware that some members of the administration team and several members of the project maintainer team are furries, including several people who be will voting on your appeal? People who don’t particularly like that you referred to them banning you as a “hate crime”. I know personally we have had discussions about proper naming policies before. That gives me pause when I consider this appeal.
  10. appeal denied due to attempted ban evasion as recently as 15 minutes prior to making this appeal you may appeal again no sooner than 6 months after your most recent attempt at ban evasion (currently august 26, 2023) with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server
  11. Why did you chose to make that joke after, supposedly, seeing this in the rules.
  12. I recommend you ask for troubleshooting help in our discord. https://discord.gg/ss14
  13. Denied due to attempted ban evasion under the name MementoMemori07. Because ban evasion makes this your third appeal-only ban, you can’t appeal. You will need to go somewhere else.
  14. We will not be considering your jobban appeal until long after you are unbanned.
  15. This ban has been adjusted to allow you to connect. A few reminders: As per our rules, communicating with others outside of the game is not permitted. You got caught in the clown's IP ban, since you are connecting from the same location. I don't see any evidence of metacommunication, however, so I'm going to look past this. Please only communicate in english. As per our rules, discussion of sexually explicit material is not permitted. Your chat logs have a lot of you mentioning porn and sex. That is not welcome here. Consider this your only warning for all 3 of the above. Please DM me if you have any questions or if you are unable to connect.
  16. We're gonna do some backend investigation to see what happened here. Will update you when we have more information.
  17. I can deny it now if you'd like a faster response.
  18. Appeal denied for attempted ban evasion under the name doppycop. You may appeal again no sooner than August 16, 2023 (or six months after your most recent attempt to ban evade) with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server.
  19. There seems to be an issue relating to a new windows update that is causing issues with the client. There's several people trying to find a solution. If you'd like updates, I suggest you join our discord. https://discord.gg/ss14
  20. I do find it entertaining that in your Feb 8 ahelp conversation you complain about people "breaking RP" and then you sexually assault a player on another server. This ban is not appealable. We are not interested in having you on our server. You should find a different community. Your issue with nyanotrasen administration's unprofessional behavior (while I agree with you) is completely separate and not at all relevant to the circumstances relating to your ban.
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