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  1. I fail to see how your characters skin color matters literally at all in relation to anything else. I find it really revealing that you conveniently do not remember saying these things to an admin, but you DO remember that your character was black.
  2. Development occurs on a "when it happens" (or less affectionately, "when you code it") scale. There isn't a roadmap and nobody gets paid for their work. Developers work on what they want, when they want to work on it. Genetics as they exist in SS13 will probably not be directly ported to Wizard's Den, because they are uninteractive by nature. This is a game about people trying to work together to make the ship run, and one person sitting in science plunking away at a machine doesn't fit very well with the design philosophy. I do think that being able to make viruses would be an awesome tool for the syndicate, but with how viruses are coded right now it would be basically impossible short of a full overhaul of the system- which nobody wants to do right now.
  3. Not a particularly funny set of jokes. Re-appeal in a week.
  4. There's like six lies in this appeal and I don't think you're above the age of 13.
  5. I don't know how many times we need to tell you no before you understand that this is just not going to happen right now. You chose to use racial slurs on a partner server. We don't appreciate that. You are going to sit out. Consider re-appealing in a month but considering your inability to actually see what you did wrong (you broke somewhere between three and six rules from my two minutes of personal investigation) you're gonna have to have a fantastic appeal and a change of heart to get back in to either server.
  6. Sounds good to me. Appeal denied.
  7. Your ban says appeal in a month. Hasn’t been a month yet. And you know that we press people for self antagging because you’ve been warned numerous times.
  8. I'd argue that barricading security out of fear of a bad HoP allowing traitors to have access and then committing suicide instead of doing your job is pretty much the opposite of fine. This appeal is extremely bloated and horribly formatted. It contains a bunch of completely irrelevant information and useless commentary. If you spent as much effort ingame trying to do your job as you spent coloring words on this appeal there wouldn't be a problem. This ban holds. Appeal again in two weeks.
  9. Why didn't you ahelp this EDIT: Question is directed toward Lastfan, but consider answering it yourself internally.
  10. Two weeks because you lied in this appeal. You were very much online and crying in dead chat when I banned you.
  11. The same login that you use to get into the game is usable on the forums. Use that login.
  12. I would consider destroying the salvage magnet, making salvage players unable to do their job for the rest of the round without admin intervention, as a fish to be dickworthy.
  13. So you decided to appeal by posting screenshots of you self antagging by placing electrified grilles in the middle of the hallway? I feel like you don’t ever take into consideration that there are other people trying to play the game, and that your actions negatively impact their game experience. Repeatedly.
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