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  1. https://www.lovetoknow.com/food-drink/cocktails/antifreeze-drink It’s not people literally drinking antifreeze. It’s the name of the drink.
  2. You attacking first disqualifies you from claiming self defense. It isn’t self defense, you literally shot him.
  3. Ghost roles are not supposed to remember their previous lives.
  4. Administrators vote on open appeals. Accept, Deny, or Abstain. A unanimous admin consensus means you did not get a single vote in favor of accepting your appeal.
  5. Miros is actually the best wizards den server in terms of hardware. The only times I’ve ever lagged there were when an admin fucked something up. The latency does not noticeably change gameplay.
  6. Hey hey hey it's me the berry here with the most important question this channel will ever receive When is it appropriate to escalate a non-violent conflict into a violent one? Examples: Assistant broke into cap's office, stole an item, refuses to drop it and leave. An atmos technician walks into atmos to find someone in a gas mask with no ID in atmos. A security officer is attempting to unjustifiably arrest a bartender for creating moonshine. A clown hops into botany and uses a spade to remove every single plant. Assume that the killing party makes an attempt to get the killed party to medical. Both parties have no way of knowing if the other is an antag or not, and assume that in all cases there are no non-lethal alternatives. Assume as well that none of these people have violated any other rules (besides perhaps "don't be a dick", fuck you clown who removed my corn!) All of these are situations that I have personally encountered in my time playing in the last two weeks and for each one I've seen people who believe that the case was either completely against the rules or was completely safe under the current rules. The hope is that we can find some kind of generalized rule qualifying when it is appropriate to escalate conflict IC.
  7. Because most players don't want sex in their funny space game. Players who do want sex in their funny space game tend to make their own communities for it. They are the exception, not the norm, but they do exist in large enough numbers to justify creating their own servers.
  8. Hi, banning admin here (I retired a few days ago). I’m going to offer my perspective. Aside from breaking the server rules, you made several people uncomfortable, and your actions caused a public riot in security. To say that you were an active detriment during that round is an understatement. To my memory, I did not even bother contacting you because the level of trolling you operated on is usually indicative of an intentional griefer- not a well meaning troll parodying incel groups. The rules very clearly define that assholes are not welcome. That really is a catch all. Pretending to be an asshole is still being an asshole, and the administration team should not be expected to have the time or patience to determine who is an asshole and who is just “roleplaying” like one (although I have a hard time calling what you were doing roleplaying)
  9. Please sign in with and appeal using the account you were banned on.
  10. Two and a half minutes is more than enough time for people who do not want to change their name or character.
  11. Go ahead and make another appeal following the format template.
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