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  1. You were banned for: Open a new appeal.
  2. We have decided to give you a second change and unban you. You will be under increased scrutiny, so please re-familiarize yourself with the game servers' rules. And don't use any alts.
  3. You have been unbanned from the Discord server now. As Swept said, you'll be under increased scrutiny so make sure to re-familiarize yourself with the rules in #rules-info.
  4. For the record, the admin who banned you was me. You were banned for a violation of rule 4, for saying the above and proceeding to kill people. We've decided to reduce the ban to a week as you seem to understand that what you did was bad, but we'll keep a close eye on you when you're unbanned.
  5. Spin

    1. Tomeno



    2. Zumorica


      I'm in Spain without the a

  6. Finally someone said it
  7. If vox are superior, why are they not in SS14 yet? Checkmate, vox mains
  8. redzone.mid Mother 3i - Gentle Rain.mid Komm, Suesser Tod.mid mm2wood.mid kitten on the keys.mid Dwarf Fortress - Theme.midi Dark Souls - Lord of Cinder.midi clair de lune.mid Bohemian Rapsody.mid Boa - Duvet.mid beethoven_fur_elise.mid
  9. Zumorica


    when the quoting is sus
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