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  1. +rep

    no more staff gaming ):

  2. Send an email to telecom[email protected] and we'll get to it eventually
  3. Are you sure this is the right account? We have banned an account named "Pixel" with a different number discriminator for similar reasons, but the account you listed in your appeal isn't banned from our discord.
  4. After receiving age verification info on private, I can confirm that @JackieC333 is in fact above 16. I will lift the ban now.
  5. Very mature. Denied, come back when you've grown past your edgy teen phase.
  6. For the record: Do not unban this guy.
  7. I merged the new ban appeal you posted into your old one. DO NOT OPEN NEW BAN APPEALS WHEN YOU ALREADY HAVE AN APPEAL OPEN.
  8. We don't have the manpower for that, and moderating is voluntary so not something we can really do at the moment. Ahelps are relayed to a Discord channel game admins can see, so be sure to always ahelp and explain the situation even if there are no admins online.
  9. You already have an open appeal. Stop spamming the forum.
  10. This is not true, smoking actually makes you ingest chemicals ever since this PR.
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