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  1. oh, you sent this while i was doing my one, ok
  2. Oh boy oh boy. Here is just a small selection of my now rather large collection i handpicked: ACDC.Thunderstruck K.midAthletic theme.midbanjokazzoie main theme.midbig-apple-3-am.midBreakbot-im yours.midBuild-Me-Up-Buttercup.midButler's-Boogie.midCalifornia-Dreaming.midCantina.midCart surfer.midCoconut_mall.midcoldplay-clocks.midcoldplay-clocks.midCreedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son.midDelfino plaza.midDonkey Kong Country - Aquatic Ambience.midEntry of the Gladiators. (March of Triumph).midFamguy.midJoe Hisaishi - Merry Go Round Of Life (Howl's Moving Castle).midMad world.midPIZZA.midTANK!.midtf2 theme.midtf2 Upgrade station.midTf2_Meet-The-Sniper.midTF2-MEDIC.midtintinonthemoon.midTMNT_Aracade_Sewer_Level.mid Tin tin on the moon is an especially important one
  3. Big dick Mcgee here, I just wanted to say I think this game is pretty cool, right?
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