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  1. To update everyone on Nyano as of this morning: I should be able to remove myself within a few days. I'm currently seeking clarifications because the conflation of codebase and server here are a bit messy. Nyanotrasen (the codebase) has a lot of downstreams, and Nyanotrasen (the codebase) has servers that run its unmodified code. Nyanotrasen (the community) can do without me, but the Nyanotrasen (the codebase) would be worse off and affect much more than Nyanotrasen (the community). It would also negatively effect Parkstation, Dryad, whatever the Brazilian nyano is called, etc. Once that is resolved I should be able to divest. Thanks to everyone who showed support through this.
  2. ERP is ultimately just bad for round quality; there's a reason ERP servers are "ERP servers" and not "servers that allow ERP" Although it is a huge buff to changeling to allow it...
  3. Can I point out that the goal of nuclear operatives is to destroy the station, and if you singuloose and it eats them and the station they've accomplished their mission and you, as a crew member, caused a nuclear operative victory?
  4. That guy has never connected to Nyano once (or is an alt account) and several parts of his post make no sense. There is no such thing as a 'partnered server' and you were not discussed in any admin chats I am privy to.
  5. https://github.com/mirrorcult/ss14-fork-database
  6. Alright, with Stealth16's blessing... 1. You said this was 'not a day later' but the screenshot is from around a week after your ban at least. (Sept 30? to Oct 5) 2. The screenshot shows a player that's been disconnected for a long time someone renamed the ID card of. Their ID card was renamed after they disconnected. You were the only other person to examine the ID card that round, and didn't report it, so you can't expect other things that happen at 4:30 am with barely anyone on to be policed if you are the only other person that knows about it and don't report it. 3. You are comparing some joker taking a few seconds to rename a disconnected player's ID (which, to be clear, they shouldn't have done) to an RP situation which involved a bunch of people actually playing the game, as well as (I presume) at least a good few minutes of effort making the construction changes.
  7. In Taiwan I used to eat at 7/11 multiple times a week, usually mapo tofu or curry or gyuudon
  8. I don't usually post here but literally the same day you got banned from Wizard's Den you came to my server and started RDMing within a few minutes of joining into a quiet, low population round and were pretty rude in the ahelp.
  9. Discord account: Rane#7518 Banning admin: Paul Ban reason: Trolling a new user asking for help When was the ban: Last night (2021/12/12 Your side of the story: A user came in asking a very strange question about being hacked without details. In poor judgement, I replied to him with a soyjak. Even though that there's a 99.99% chance that has nothing to do with the game, that was not a helpful thing to do. Why you think you should be unbanned: I think the actions of the team over the past year make it clear you guys are trying to fix the project's internal culture and external image. What I did was not helpful for the latter, and I think the change to contributor name colors afterwards shows that I may have come off as being more representative of the project than I am when I did that. I realize I can be a somewhat abrasive person and that can make my (very minor) affiliation with the project reflect on it negatively, so in the future I will just not engage with new users, and let others help them unless I have something actually insightful to contribute. I will keep any 'based' posts to appropriate times and channels.
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