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  1. SS14 account: eewa Character name: Can't remember, I use random names pretty much every round. Type of Ban: Game ban. Date of Ban and Duration: A while ago, at least a few months maybe even a year, I have a terrible memory so I can only guess. The ban is permanent. Reason for Ban: "RDM, killing mime for being annoying. This is ban #5..." Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard (US West). Why you think you should be unbanned: I would say a ban is in a way deserved, but not a permanent one. The mime was being annoying and we had been building tension over the whole round. As the round was soon to end I finally went around and killed him (which I shouldn't have done, it was just an impulsive action.) More importantly, it's been a while, and I've really grown to miss the game, and would do anything to get to play it again. I've obviously changed as a person, just as anyone else would, and I'm certain I won't get another ban after this, not even a temporary one. Anything else we should know: Not a lot to say in this appeal. It's been a while and I'm certain I can behave myself and am worthy of an unban... please..? If any admins want to discuss this (I know I have a history of being rude, and I'd apologize to any admin who adds me), my Discord tag is Evalya#9853. Thanks. appeal, include it here.
  2. while personally i like the skill of actually getting to know each map, this is a sci fi game so a minimap SHOULD be present. maybe an item you have to hold in your pocket or osmething for it to show up
  3. could he the be space staiton 14 and he think that it space station 14 good bad no?
  4. you are only a drone because you were killed before, so you don't really have any right to "play". drones are just a ghost role to past time, so you aren't entitled to anything and players are free to vandalize as much as they want ! if drones were a role you picked like any other role, then yeah it would be stupid if players just killed you
  5. ah, okay. personally i like them more but maybe it's because I've seen these textures around way more so they've gotten stale..
  6. eewa

    Pet Hats

    We're able to put hats on drones, so PLEASE let us put hats on pets next!
  7. Because I still care about the game, and would like to be involved with the community one way or the other. I probably won't be unbanned anytime soon sadly so this would be my only way to interact with the game/community. And to answer your second question, I am glad I was "caught" because I didn't even know I was ban evading, I was just able to join the server for some reason; I didn't mean to sneak in or anything. I didn't know bringing up the fact I was banned because we were talking about administration would be considered complaining, but I understand why admins wouldn't want people doing that.
  8. I've only made one new Discord account, and I'm almost certain it was before I even played SS14, but I will take your word for it. Thank you for clearing that up.
  9. i am not using a new account though..?
  10. I am confused. I planned on appealing my Discord ban today because I was banned from the game again and I probably won't be unbanned any time soon, so I have no way to interact with the community anymore. Before I made an appeal I rejoined the Discord just to make sure I was even still banned in the first place, and to my surprise I wasn't.. at least for a tiny bit. After just a few hours of being the server I came back to my PC to find I was banned (with no ban reason or any admin message), though at the time I thought it was just a kick because I was talking about my game ban (someone asked me about it), but since I wasn't able to rejoin I assumed I was banned for a different reason (because explaining your ban to someone doesn't seem serious enough to warrant exile from the server). Anyways, after thinking about it I just assumed I was unbanned on accident and an admin realized that and banned me again. So if I WAS banned for another reason, I am totally clueless and please tell me why. But for now this appeal will assume I was never meant to be unbanned and my ban reason is the same as it always was. Discord account: eeshaa#3123 Commonly used names: eewa Ban reason: The admins found me too annoying. When was the ban: A while ago, probably a whole year but I have a poor memory. Your side of the story: I joined the server to ask about what features were planned, already in, being worked on, ect. ect. and that seemed to annoy a lot of people as they were really aggressive (most were just passive aggressive though) to me. Even a mod joined in, and even KICKED me after I blocked him because he wasn't saying anything nice to me. But anyways, I was banned for that, which I understand. Why you think you should be unbanned: Well a permanent ban simply for being annoying is ludicrous to me. I have been banned for more than long enough to have learnt my lesson, and I have and am sorry. If I'm allowed back into the server I won't be annoying nor toxic, even if other people are toxic to me. This appeal is shorter than most, but that's because I don't know what else to say. I was banned for being an annoyance and I'm here to apologize and ask to be allowed back in, so please don't see this as lazy.
  11. crytex9 i dont think you understand what hes talking about lol the bartender in ss13 has beanbags not real shotgun rounds
  12. And some of this applies to my previous ban too that I appealed... just TELL people how they can avoid being banned. "Follow the rules" or "Dont RDM" doesn't mean anything when admins dictate how a rule is broken or what is recognized as RDM.
  13. No, it wasn't "RDM". I dont know why you said that. The mime was being annoying, arrested me as I was trying to FIX the HOP's office, then let people steal my toolbelt and PDA and refused to return it. In what way shape or form is that RDM? There was nothing random about it, I even told him I would if he didn't return the things that he or someone else stole from me in Sec. I am going to be honest, this is getting really frustrating. I wasn't even able to play ONE antag role before I was banned again. And why does it say Ban #5!?!? This isn't my fifth ban, it's not even close to that. What do you want from me? Just tell me, please. All the admins do is ban ban ban and never tell the player they banned how they could not be banned in the future. Do you want me to just not use combat at all? Then I won't; just tell me next time.
  14. Just got an idea for a antag role - they arrive on the station with minimum equipment, but everytime they kill someone they get stronger.. but every few kills they will make a noise that people near them can hear, so they have to keep moving and thinking quick.
  15. In most games I've always proposed this: Players vote a map one round, but the next round the map is randomly picked. So players vote every other round.
  16. Is it that time of year? SS14 account: eewa Character name: I forgot. I use random names anyways. When was the ban: Months ago. I have a bad memory. Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: I have had a bad history of toxicity on SS14 (in OOC chat and on the Discord). The captain was randomly attacking/arresting/killing people, including me, because of what they did in the previous round (I believe he even said it was because people killed him in the previous round), and when he jailed me (he attempted to jail me permanently, but someone let me out) he even took EVERYTHING I had, including my PDA/ID, so I couldn't do anything. So I threw a fit in OOC, and eventually called an admin a shithead (I believe it was MetalGearSloth). I assume that was the last straw for the admins so they banned me. Why you think you should be unbanned: The ban reason stated simply; "Come back when you can be less nice" (or something like that). It has been months, so I believe I should be given a second chance, because i CAN be nice, and I will. I was unbanned for just a few rounds one day, but then my ban was vetoed by admins. In those moments of toxicity I showed before, it was purely impulsive, and I didn't mean a single thing I said. I am very interested in SS14. Even while banned I still paid attention to the game and it's updates. I am even taking a game design course at my school, and if I manage to learn how to code from that I'll even contribute to SS14. Anything else we should know: To *every* admin that reads this, if you vetoed my ban PLEASE talk to me, I'll apologize for my immature toxicity. You can message me here or on Discord (eeshaa#3123). I completely understand why I was banned, and why my unban was vetoed, but I want to make things right.
  17. Roar Of The Jungle Dragon is sooo good. The calamity devs and DM DOKURO all put so much effort into the mod
  18. eewa

    peanut posting

    true, i guess
  19. eewa

    peanut posting

    btw admins you should probably clarify what peanut posting is in the rules board
  20. Discord account: eewa#3123 Ban reason: Being annoying I'd presume. I don't recall being toxic (though maybe I was a little rude occasionally). I can't be 100% sure though, this was a while ago. There is also one more reason I think I was banned, but I'll get into that later. When was the ban: A few months ago. Your side of the story: Well I was banned for being annoying/toxic, can't remember. I joined the discord because I had some questions about the game and what would be added. Lots of "when you code it" answers. I suppose this annoyed the admins, because one of them (who's name I can't remember) started being quite rude to me - so I blocked them. I read a few of their blocked messages and they were mad I wasn't replying to them, and eventually straight up kicked me for that! When I rejoined another admin said the kick was wrongful. But a bit after I was permanently banned. Why you think you should be unbanned: To start things off, I PROMISE I won't be annoying if I'm allowed back in. I just was curious about the game, but I will contain all my questions/concerns if it annoys someone, if someone tells me to shut up I will. Secondly, though probably more important, a lot of people were being rude to me, and I would sometimes be somewhat-rude back, and this was used against me in my ban, which I think is a bit unfair (since I tried to be as kind as possible even while being insulted). And thirdly, I really really really need to be unbanned, because my game unban was "vetoed" by admins who still don't like me from my discord behavior. If I'm able to rejoin the Discord, I can show them I have changed and can be friendly. Anything else we should know: If I got any of the details wrong, please don't see this as lying. I've had a bad memory all my life, and I don't mean to lie if anything I said was wrong. If this is denied, please PM me so I can work something else out, I really want to rejoin the server.
  21. eewa


    are there any servers that can only be direct connected to?
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