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  1. I cannot even go into SS14 settings cause I cannot even go past the log in screen, and I brought this to the discords "help" chat already and admins said the problem was with my fucking internet, even though I can play literally every other multiplayer game just fine noooooo SS14 doesn't work though, fucking spaghetti code. Can't even play a fucking game, can't have shit in space Detroit.
  2. All felinids are valid, so are assistants, clowns, secoffs, command, cargo techs who aren't based, anyone who isn't based, and you as well if you take this obviously joke fact seriously. Looking at you, yeah you, you know who you are.
  3. Ok I have tried that, even tried making new account to log in (named "newaccountcauseoldonebroke") and it still says the fucking error shit, help
  4. been a while since hopping on to play ss14, I am met with a log in request upon opening up the game, ok, understandable, its been a while since I played, I enter all my log in details (username and password), but then I am met with a message saying "error connecting to authentication server, an error occurred while sending the request" and i just press ok and there I am, still on the log in menu. help, I'm dumb with stuff like this.
  5. yeah, that makes sense. six times is a lot of bans though, so if I don't learn my lesson at that point, I'm really, really stupid.
  6. I did learn my lesson (in case you mention that) but I thought that would be a bit obvious since if that was not the case I wouldn't be making a appeal so I didn't add that as a reason. sorry.
  7. I'm gonna be brutally honest, there is no reason to unban me. 1. yes, that is not a reason. I am aware of this and even stated so in my appeal (I probably should've added quotation marks to the reason part of "best reason I can give", although I did say its not really a reason.). 2. as you have said, I have been banned 6 times before in the past, so yes, I am aware the ice I am on is very, very thin. and about me having the chance of getting removed from the community; the only thing I can give you is my word that I will be better. I cannot give anything other than my word, and yes, I am aware my word is very, very unreliable looking at my ban history. and IF you accept this appeal and I am stupid enough to break and/or test the rules again and get another ban, yes, I agree, I should be removed from the community. sorry if I sound passive aggressive or sarcastic writing this btw, this is just how I type sorry.
  8. just putting this here so it gets to the top of the most recent topics in case you guys forgot about it or didn't see it. I know you discuss stuff internally among the staff but its been 22 hours so I'm just getting a bit paranoid. sorry about this
  9. YOU SIR!... make a pretty good point honestly. yeah I really should've thought about lifestyle differences people have and applied that to this kinda stuff. so yeah, sorry. (sorry if I sound sarcastic, this is just the way I talk)
  10. "I did not know the N word was a serious slur against the black community" dude, seriously? were you excluded from history class or something? did you have no access to the internet or go outside in 2020-2021 when BLM got big again? did you not hear when pewdiepie said the very same N word back in like 2017 or 2018? have you not seen any politicians on TV? ????????
  11. SS14 account: cheeseromancer Character name: was a long time ago, I think Greg Gregory Type of Ban: game ban Date of Ban and Duration: I think it was in February of this year(emphasis on the think part, was a while ago), the 27th comes to mind but I'm not sure Reason for Ban: "bad escalation, killing an assistant, appeal due to multiple bans" Server you were playing on when banned: I said it before and I'll say it again, it was a while ago, so I forgot Your side of the story: (take my side with a grain of salt since this was 3 months and a bit ago) I was an engineer, assistant got in (don't remember how, think he might've followed me in), and I attacked him. I know I should've just called sec, but I was kinda high irl and thought it was ok to kill the assistant. Why you think you should be unbanned: best reason I can give is its been 3 months and I've cooled down a good bit, although that's not really a reason. I really don't give anything to the community I'm just kind of of there, existing. ban was totally fair btw. Anything else we should know: I'm pretty sure I attempted to kill an afk assistant that was outside engineering with an emitter I got from cargo. I don't know, I think I found it funny at the time (as I mentioned in the my side of the story part, I was kinda high)
  12. first one was only a day, so I didn't think it was that serious. that's my excuse. sorry.
  13. sorry, I thought it was. that's what the entire thing about rambling about gay people was about. I know now that I look like I am making excuses, and... well yeah, I wont lie, I kind of am. I saw comedy in it because I thought that (as I said before) it was about being bigoted, and I thought it was funny because I said gay in chat multiple times, which I personally think isn't extremely bigoted, as occasionally will call things gay but have no prejudice against the LGBT community, so (just being honest here I know I sound like a asshole saying this) I just thought you were a bit oversensitive, but now that I've been told its primarily about disrespecting admins, I don't see the comedy in it anymore. I didn't feel much remorse or guilt because I thought it was about being bigoted, but now I do. sorry to ramble again. and to annoy you again when you said you were gonna leave this to the badmins.
  14. also, (gonna seem like im nitpicking now and being a bit of a dick, but thats not my goal) im pretty sure anyone would be kinda scared of getting perma banned from a game they like and may panic and say something like that. sorry if im sounding passive aggressive right now, but im just saying what i think. sorry to annoy you guys.
  15. also, nothing to do with this, but what did the clown put into the bucket, daemon?
  16. ok, i see very much why you guys think it was venting when i said a admin was aids, honestly yeah anyone would see it as that, but the admin i called aids was not any of you (not daemon, peptide or dogzero), i called that admin aids because he seems to reject alot of ban appeals on the forums and it was a joke, and im very sorry if i offended anyone because of that. and about the venting, i also was kinda joking because getting banned for saying gay, i mean, come on, you have to kinda at least a little bit see the comedy in that i got banned for saying gay. i have nothing against gay people, and even if someone was a dick to me, and they happened to be gay, i would dislike that individual, not all gay people, because im not dumb enough to assume all people who are gay are like that. im sorry if i seemed bigoted in any way.
  17. SS14 account: cheeseromancer Character name: Clyde Ashton When was the ban: literally just now (as of writing, 20:11 2nd January, 2022 British time) Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard Lizard Your side of the story: t said gay in OOC, the context was the round was extended and a bunch of people were gonna build a shuttle and I said "gay shuttle" in OOC chat. yesterday (1st January, 2022, somewhere around 3:40) I was banned for 24 hours for saying gay in OOC chat as well. Why you think you should be unbanned: I think the ban (perma, btw) was justified as, I said gay again when admins told me not to say it again, but I really like this game, and I know ill be insanely bored without it. I will never do something like this again. to return, what value do you bring back to the community? Was your ban unfair? Justify it. It was objectively justified since I did something again that I was warned about before. I wanna come back because I really love this game, and I know I said the same thing before in the previous question ("why you think you should be unbanned" question) but ill say it again, ill be REAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLY bored without this game. Anything else we should know: Only that I will never, ever do anything like this ever again. Thanks for reading.
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