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  1. been a while since hopping on to play ss14, I am met with a log in request upon opening up the game, ok, understandable, its been a while since I played, I enter all my log in details (username and password), but then I am met with a message saying "error connecting to authentication server, an error occurred while sending the request" and i just press ok and there I am, still on the log in menu. help, I'm dumb with stuff like this.
  2. yeah, that makes sense. six times is a lot of bans though, so if I don't learn my lesson at that point, I'm really, really stupid.
  3. I did learn my lesson (in case you mention that) but I thought that would be a bit obvious since if that was not the case I wouldn't be making a appeal so I didn't add that as a reason. sorry.
  4. I'm gonna be brutally honest, there is no reason to unban me. 1. yes, that is not a reason. I am aware of this and even stated so in my appeal (I probably should've added quotation marks to the reason part of "best reason I can give", although I did say its not really a reason.). 2. as you have said, I have been banned 6 times before in the past, so yes, I am aware the ice I am on is very, very thin. and about me having the chance of getting removed from the community; the only thing I can give you is my word that I will be better. I cannot give anything other than my word, and yes, I am aware my word is very, very unreliable looking at my ban history. and IF you accept this appeal and I am stupid enough to break and/or test the rules again and get another ban, yes, I agree, I should be removed from the community. sorry if I sound passive aggressive or sarcastic writing this btw, this is just how I type sorry.
  5. just putting this here so it gets to the top of the most recent topics in case you guys forgot about it or didn't see it. I know you discuss stuff internally among the staff but its been 22 hours so I'm just getting a bit paranoid. sorry about this
  6. YOU SIR!... make a pretty good point honestly. yeah I really should've thought about lifestyle differences people have and applied that to this kinda stuff. so yeah, sorry. (sorry if I sound sarcastic, this is just the way I talk)
  7. "I did not know the N word was a serious slur against the black community" dude, seriously? were you excluded from history class or something? did you have no access to the internet or go outside in 2020-2021 when BLM got big again? did you not hear when pewdiepie said the very same N word back in like 2017 or 2018? have you not seen any politicians on TV? ????????
  8. SS14 account: cheeseromancer Character name: was a long time ago, I think Greg Gregory Type of Ban: game ban Date of Ban and Duration: I think it was in February of this year(emphasis on the think part, was a while ago), the 27th comes to mind but I'm not sure Reason for Ban: "bad escalation, killing an assistant, appeal due to multiple bans" Server you were playing on when banned: I said it before and I'll say it again, it was a while ago, so I forgot Your side of the story: (take my side with a grain of salt since this was 3 months and a bit ago) I was an engineer, assistant got in (don't remember how, think he might've followed me in), and I attacked him. I know I should've just called sec, but I was kinda high irl and thought it was ok to kill the assistant. Why you think you should be unbanned: best reason I can give is its been 3 months and I've cooled down a good bit, although that's not really a reason. I really don't give anything to the community I'm just kind of of there, existing. ban was totally fair btw. Anything else we should know: I'm pretty sure I attempted to kill an afk assistant that was outside engineering with an emitter I got from cargo. I don't know, I think I found it funny at the time (as I mentioned in the my side of the story part, I was kinda high)
  9. first one was only a day, so I didn't think it was that serious. that's my excuse. sorry.
  10. sorry, I thought it was. that's what the entire thing about rambling about gay people was about. I know now that I look like I am making excuses, and... well yeah, I wont lie, I kind of am. I saw comedy in it because I thought that (as I said before) it was about being bigoted, and I thought it was funny because I said gay in chat multiple times, which I personally think isn't extremely bigoted, as occasionally will call things gay but have no prejudice against the LGBT community, so (just being honest here I know I sound like a asshole saying this) I just thought you were a bit oversensitive, but now that I've been told its primarily about disrespecting admins, I don't see the comedy in it anymore. I didn't feel much remorse or guilt because I thought it was about being bigoted, but now I do. sorry to ramble again. and to annoy you again when you said you were gonna leave this to the badmins.
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