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  1. It's an interesting question. In a world where dead people can just get cloned, it makes perfect sense that some will see the bodies as just meat, while others see it as taboo. Both positions make sense, RP wise. And some alien cultures might even see cannibalism as something natural, who knows? Me, personally, I think the medical team are the ones responsible for making that decision. Also, as I understand it, LRP means the RP requirements are minimal, but it doesn't say you can't do gud RP. (but if chef is dragging corpses around, at least put them in a body bag, or get morgue access to do it through maint) One question tho: can you still save the DNA of a body that has the "Any recovery is unlikely" text? Can that player still be revived later, perhaps coming back from a ghost role?
  2. Ha. I didn't even acktchyually need to look that far. Wizard's Den, first rule:
  3. Wow, look at the Nyanotrasen RP server rules. All in all I think their ruleset is real cute. https://github.com/Nyanotrasen/Nyanotrasen/blob/master/Resources/Server Info/Rules.txt
  4. Nerfed as they curently are, if you revoke their rights further, then there ins't anything left. Maybe if you only allow them to build, and not deconstruct... but what if there's a cracked window? You have to deconstruct it to reconstruct it, I think. Seems finicky. I think drones are really fine as they are now, and all issues have been ironed out. And griefing as a drone can be handled like any other form of griefing.
  5. I forgot to reply to this. Monkeys are raised for meat. There's roleplay reason for killing monkeys, and I can accept that... if you're working in the kitchen. There was this one time, that some folks that didn't have any kitchen related jobs killed me because hehehehe fuck you monkey. A pAI serves its master. If the master wants a different AI, that's cool.
  6. Oh, definitely. How does one obtain information about the amount o ahelps? What? No. What I'm saying is the exact opposite. The role is mostly inconsequential to the round, but it's not inconsequential to me. Otherwise I wouldn't be playing it. I don't mind being killed by an antag. I don't mind being nuked five times in a row in sandbox. This is a violent game, and we agree to certain forms of violence when we play. But I don't feel comfortable playing with people who take pleasure in bullying others. One bad apple and all that jazz. And I imagine the admins would have a similar stance. This... maybe. I can understand admins being overworked. But I don't really know how overworked they are, so I brought up the issue.
  7. Rules against self-antag and RDM are largely concerned with game balance. From that point of view, yeah, drones are mostly irrelevant. Killing them or any other ghost role is of little importance. From the point of view of role playing, it's bad roleplay, but these servers are LRP, so whatever, doesn't matter. But the fact that this violence serves no gameplay or roleplay purpose is what makes it problematic. It's a meta violence, a form of violence directed not at the character, but at the player. "My fun is stopping you from having fun." It's like you're playing in a chess tournament, and you opponent tells you to go choke on a dick, and you call the referree, and the referree says "eh, that's not against the rules of chess". It's unsportslike at best. It's toxic. If the admins have any interest in fighting toxicity and promoting a respectful atmosphere, then this should be a bwoinkable offense.
  8. You can get ethanol from a chem dispenser.
  9. Found them at ~/.local/share/Space Station 14/data/Screenshots/
  10. Yesterday, I was playing as a drone, and another player killed me for no reason. Just hey, drone, wanna see something? SMACK! Turns out, he wasn't an antag. So I ahelped, and the admins said "drones aren't people, they have no rights". I took the bait and tried to argued that they're property, then, so it's vandalism, and they said "so it's an ingame issue, somebody has to report it to sec". Even if I am to believe that breaking stuff as non antag is only bad when caught by other players, that's not really the point, is it? A drone is not a person, but the player playing the drone is. So a dude kills me just because he can? If someone does that, do you believe they have any consideration for others? I was hesitant to post this, cause I feel like a fucking ungrateful guest. Admins and devs already do so much. And I was there when there were no admins and no ahelp pinging discord, and it was a nightmare. And it's not like I've never poked at the rules either. But things like these make feel helpless. It makes me feel like there's no point in calling security or admins or whatever.
  11. Crytex9's reasoning makes a lot of sense. If you still think this is a bug, Alainikus, submitting it on GitHub is more likely to get the devs' attention.
  12. I've been taking screenshots with F2, but I don't know where they are.
  13. So, I was an engineer. Just happened to stroll in front of sec when some dudes were breaking in. One of them had a holo and a machine gun, and I didn't even have the time to turn around. When I was dead, I saw the name of the guy who killed me, something Khan. But wait, if I only saw his name when I was dead, it means my character didn't see it, so I should act like it. Eventually, someone found my body in maint, and I was revived. I went to sec and told them that there was a dwarf jani traitor, with a machine gun and holoparasite, but I didn't say his name. The detective asked me to fix the windows. I didn't have any material on me, or even my PDA, so it took a while, but eventually I came back, ready to fix things. So I was standing in front of sec, yelling "hey, let me in", but it seemed no one was there. Then this guy comes around, wearing an engineering hardsuit. His name? Khan. He just opened the doors to sec and walked in, and I followed. "HoP must have given him access", my character thought. Now when we're inside the cops show up. "What are you doing here?" "I'm here to fix the windows", I say. "Yes, we're here to fix the windows" says Khan. Cop says OK. While I'm fixing windows, Khan is like "hm oh yeah I'm fixing things", taking sheets of glass and steel and putting them on the floor like that's part of the process. He might even have taken those from me, I'm not sure. "Done", I say, and the cops let me out. Khan stayed behind and probably did bad things.
  14. Maybe vampires are kinda sorta what you're thinking of. https://wiki.ss13.co/Vampire Their own activity denounces them, I guess.
  15. Ugh... there ARE multiple maps, they just rotate automatically now, from among the maps that are suited to the population size. https://wiki.spacestation14.io/wiki/Maps
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