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  1. Can you switch keyboard layout after you start the game? I used to have some issues with browser games. My primary layout is similar to Dvorak, and I have QWERTY as secondary. Back then, I could change them on the fly, but browser games didn't recognize it. But if I went into the settings, and put the QWERTY layout as primary, that would work. I was using either Cinnamon or Mate at the time. So, if you need the English layout and switching on the fly doesn't work, try setting English as primary.
  2. I have not done this myself. There is some configuration and port forwarding that needs to be done for it to work. I don't want to offend, but how good are your English reading skills? If you are relying too much on Yandex translation, it'll probably be best to follow Stealth's advice and look for help in the Russian SS14 Discord. Have you have ever hosted a server before, for a different game? Port forwarding is something common to game hosting in general, and this tutorial doesn't go into detail. You should be able to find tutorials for that in Russian.
  3. There's an English guide here: https://docs.spacestation14.io/en/getting-started/hosting
  4. Oof, that sucks. The best advice I can give you then is to file a bug report on their GitHub: https://github.com/space-wizards/SS14.Launcher/issues
  5. Hm, I have no such issue, although I do have some limitations that I suspect others don't (can't copy or paste text). I wonder if the desktop environment could be interfering somehow. I'm on XFCE, what is yours? And your distro?
  6. Del


    If I understand correctly, you need some admin from a different SS13/SS14 server to say "yeah, larker has been playing on our server and they've been behaving just fine". But I just read your previous ban appeal, and it's still gonna take some three weeks before you can appeal again.
  7. Welding fuel tanks are easily found throughout the station, on maints, tool storage and engineering. They can be ordered by cargo too. You just need a recipient to get some out of the tank.
  8. From the changelog: When you're in combat mode, that is.
  9. Although on Nyanotrasen and derivatives (SimpleStation14), you can put felinids in duffelbags.
  10. Hello, fellow pirata! I had a similar issue just recently, and clearing installed server content and engines fixed it for me. Can you try that? You can do it in the options tab in the launcher.
  11. The captain is not supposed to nuke the station. Maybe if the captain is the only survivor in a xeno infested station, then it'd be cool, I guess... but even then the admins might prefer sending in an emergency rescue team. I don't think you can, anyway. You'd need the activation code, and only nukies have that, as far as I know. The reason why the captain has the activation disk is to make it a target for nukies. They have the code, but they need the disk. Don't think too hard about it. It doesn't make much sense thematically, but it makes gameplay interesting.
  12. No. As of now, it's a syndicate item only available to nukies.
  13. That hasn't been implemented yet.
  14. If I remember correctly, you just slice the dough with a knife or cleaver. But, huh, weird. It seems some recipes have disappeared from the wiki, including the one for dough. Here's an older version: https://wiki.spacestation14.io/w/index.php?title=Cooking&direction=prev&oldid=2611 Is that what you were having trouble with?
  15. Trying to put it as simply as possible. You stand near the corpse and the meathook. The corpse is also near the meathook. Your active hand is empty. You place the mouse cursor over the corpse. You press and hold the left mouse button. You move the cursor to the meathook. You release the left mouse button. A bar should appear, showing you that your character is doing the action. It takes a bit, just wait. The one thing I'm not sure about is whether you need to strip the corpse first. I think not.
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