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  1. This is why I'm never initial infected. I'm not a huge roleplayer, but even for me, this breaks roleplay, it's too weird.
  2. If you're still reading this. I always set lightning and parrallax quality to low, but recently I've been using the "low resolution viewport" option, and I'm almost positive it has made a difference. It seems to heat my CPU less, and lockups have become much rarer. (It's hard to be scientific about it, but it's pretty fucking hot again, and I only got one CPU lockup, when I left the door closed, no airflow)
  3. Yeah, I enjoy playing blind a lot, even though it can get very tiresome. To be fair, I liked it better when I was playing on Park Station. They separate the ultra-limited reach from the black and white, and I used to play with the first one only, much more enjoyable. If you think being blind is too much, you can be short-sighted on Park. You see almost perfectly, as long as you're wearing your glasses. But then if you slip and fall, your glasses might fall off, and your sight is reduced (though not as bad as being blind). Gotta pay them a visit one of these days...
  4. At some point the limit was 1000, then got increased to 3000, then again to 12000. Looks like it's a lot less restrictive than I thought it would be. The books we have were written under 3000 characters, and that seems... cramped.
  5. Wow, you got 12000 characters to work with now!
  6. Really? I think the way things are now makes good tactics. Should I risk hitting my friend? Should I put myself between enemies so they can hit each other trying to hit me?
  7. I remember seeing it mentioned somewhere, but now I can't find it. But like, have you read them? Some are truly terrible. Pranks on Zorgs doesn't feature any Zorgs. Rewriting them actually sounds like a great idea. The instructional books are written by people, though (and most of them just link to the guidebook).
  8. The library will be teeming with quiet life.
  9. Are you thinking of ingame books? Cause anything is better than that AI crap we have now. Except the Cafe Opossum. I like the Cafe Opossum. Except that it can't get too self-referential. You can't read books about spessman game while inside spessman game. Characters have to pretend that getting boarded by nukies isn't normal, you know. Now if you mean publishing outside the game, yeah, why not? I'd read it.
  10. Ah, I see. Makes sense. How much do you want that to happen? I can't be bothered to do it, but if you can try running and modifying a local server, there's these two files in the source code: Resources/Prototypes/Entities/Mobs/Species/moth.yml Resources/Prototypes/Entities/Mobs/Player/familiars.yml There's this part in the first file: " - type: MovementSpeedModifier weightlessAcceleration: 1.5 # Move around more easily in space. weightlessFriction: 1 weightlessModifier: 1" I think that, if you copy that part into the second file, and it'll give Remilia moth-like-no-grav flying powers. If it works, all you have to do is a pull request.
  11. Are you curious about the number of Russian players, or servers? There's certainly a bunch of Russians playing on non-Russian servers. And there's certainly some non-Russians playing on Russian servers (Kazaks, for example). If it's about the server language, what's the contrast you're looking for? Russian and non-Russian? English and non-English? Latin script vs cyrillic script?
  12. Many moons ago I went to ss14.qtqt.cf, and took an average of the player count of every server. I think I made an average of the weekday player count averages for each server, and I get the impression that those averages are not made strictly from the most recent numbers. They might be from the servers' entire lifetime. But I don't know, just speculating... just meaning that, the data might not be a precise representation of our current slice of time. Anyway, I reached the conclusion that, back then, about 80% of the players were playing on Russian and Ukrainian servers. I guess I could do that math again but zzzzzzzzz
  13. I've seen rounds where people successfully restarted a round on Barratry just as it started. But I've also seen people do a map vote and choose Barratry by like, 90% of the votes. It's quite baffling.
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