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  1. It looks like you may have been trying to evade the ban, so be glad it is not getting extending. Your appeal has been denied, you will need to wait until your ban expires.
  2. The reason behind our rules is simple. We want people around who don't make other people miserable. We are working on a game, and we want people to be happy, and enjoy it. You made people miserable, and got banned from the discord server. It is easy to see you are still going to make people miserable based on your posts in this thread. Arguing with an admin in an appeal is normally fine. This process partially exists to deal with mistakes, and to figure out what happened, but the way you are doing it is very toxic. The only thing you have managed to do in this appeal is convince the rest of us that the ban should be permanent. You can post a new appeal again in two months (2022-08-02). If you post sooner then two months, somehow get a message to us, or otherwise attempt to bypass the wait period in any way you will be banned from our services permanently. The original ban is irrelevant, the new appeal you should make is for a ban I am giving you for being toxic in appeals. When you make your next appeal, it should be addressed to me. Any hint of being toxic will result in your new appeal being denied. This appeal is denied.
  3. Your job bans have been removed, please play these roles correctly if you enable them on your character, or you will lose them again.
  4. Your job bans have been removed, please be prepared to play these roles correctly if you enable them on your character, or you will lose them again.
  5. Okay you are un-banned. Be good, and keep your communication inside the game while playing.
  6. Don't leave during ahelps. You said "I gotta go" before disconnecting, so I don't believe someone disconnected your internet cable. You don't need to make up reasons, admitting you messed up, and not doing it again is good enough. People mess up sometimes. Your ban wouldn't of been that long if you didn't leave, and lie. I'm going to un-ban you.
  7. Ban has expired. Follow the rules, and have fun.
  8. Get your brother to appeal on the forums, and say they won't use your account.
  9. Unbanned. Follow the rules, and have fun.
  10. In-game Username: Wrexbe Discord username: Wrexbe Characters you play: Don't usually keep the same name. How long have you been playing SS13 or SS14? Longer then 40 hours on SS14, but a lot of it was on local host. I have played SS13 before, but it was many years ago (more then 15?). I liked it, but I never became an expert at it. I used to play Exadv1's other game, console. Where SS13 was an atmosphere simulator, console was a computer network simulator. How many hours are you available per day: Days you are available on: I am online most of the time, but I am not consistent. I work Mon - Fri, 9 to 5 PST. I have discord with me when I am awake, and I will probably notice pings if I am not busy. I think my time zone is the opposite of most the current staff, so that should help cover the gap. Prior administration experience (SS13 experience recommended). Please also post a way for us to verify this: I've hosted,and been admin on different games over the years. Nothing long term, or with a ton of players. Mainly just with family, and friends. Have you been banned from our game servers or SS13 servers before? No What role do you think game admins serve on our servers? To resolve situations that cause players to have a bad experience. For server issues, this might be restarting it, or helping a person get unstuck. For player issues this might involve letting them know they are breaking a rule, or preventing them from playing if they seem to be intentionally disruptive. How do you feel about the current roleplay status on the server? I feel it is unpredictable, with new players coming in, although I think people generally try to role-play. I think the game is more fun when everyone is in character. Why do you want to become an administrator for SS14? I want to be able to act, if I see a situation occurring. If it's a game issue, I want to have the tools to figure out what the problem is in the game. If it's a player issue, I want to be able to help. Why do I want to be able to do these things? To feel like I am part of something, and that I am making things better.
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