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  1. Seeing, how Vox aren't a thing, I'm starting to think what if I made a fork with Vox, blackjack and backstabbing. Basically, make a station with several districts, each district is run by a diplomat and usually has its own biome. So going from Vox to human district isn't easy. You need a gas mask and tank of your favorite gas. Maybe give each district a different role or rotate it randomly. Thoughts?
  2. I think inVision is cool, but I'd want some enhanchments. Numero uno. How do I delete my own posts? I accidentally posted twice without realizing it. More Discord emojis. IRemie can't whip or celebrate Mr. Lizzard. I want to use the yes-cat.
  3. _Y_


    You can disable it. Big thonk.
  4. Why though? Just make your own Station.
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    Ping is annoying tho.
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    Bit big ain't it.
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