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  1. Your account is not banned. Turn your VPN off and you should be able to access the game as normal.
  2. After some discussion we decided that our logs for that situation are not complete enough. We will be making some improvements to our logging. I apologize for the inconvenience. Your ban has been removed.
  3. I'm gunna get a second opinion on this from senior admins. Unfortunately our logging on some interaction types are hard to read.
  4. We do permabans when we aren't able to AHelp. I apologize that it seems more serious than it's meant to be. Thank you for your appeal, you are unbanned.
  5. Sorry it took so long for us to get to you. I was waiting for Moony to get you since they ultimately put in the ban. Accepted and unbanned. Obviously re-read the rules and do not engage in such inappropriate speech again.
  6. Thank you. I heard you also talked with Daemon. Accepted and unbanned. Please remember to press F1 in game and review and understand the rules.
  7. It's been long enough for a RDM ban. Not sure why this one was permanent. Accepted and unbanned. Please press F1 when you get into the game and fully read and understand the rules.
  8. Write a little more about why you should be unbanned. Do you understand why you were banned and why it's still considered a slur in shortened form?
  9. Accepted. Please remember to review the rules again by pressing F1. And obviously refrain from using slurs. Thank you.
  10. Unbanned. I thought it was 2 day, as that's fairly standard for that, but I must've hit it an extra time. Anyway. Unbanned due to good response... But don't force feed people pills labeled "Agonizing Death Pill (FDA Disapproved)"... Thanks.
  11. Someone else will likely be dealing with your appeal soon. But I would like to point out that all of the admins and developers are volunteers, even on SS13. We do not need to deal with the verbal harassment you have sent through AHelps.
  12. Since Moony doesn't seem to care I'm going to go ahead and unban you. Obviously make sure you read the rules again and don't heckin' pbomb just to kill yourself. /suicide exists if you intend on leaving the round.
  13. I did give the initial ban for the pbombing, yes. Moony, however, upgraded it to perma because of the "speedrun" comment.
  14. I lowered it to 6 hours since you insist you don't know how it happened.
  15. It's a whole 1 day ban. I think you'll live. The host said you attacked them. The logs said you attacked them. You almost certainly attacked them. Do I know how? No. That's why it's only 1 day.
  16. Are you over 18: Yup. In-game Username: Pancake Discord username: Pancake#3820 Characters you play: Fredrick Tinkell How long have you been playing SS13 or SS14? I played SS13 between 2010 to 2015-ish on Goonstation exclusively. I have been following the SS14 project since it started and recently started properly playing it now that it feels playable. How many hours are you available per day: At least 6. I often work on projects while AFKing in MMOs. Days you are available on: Almost everyday during evening/night PST. Prior administration experience (SS13 experience recommended). Please also post a way for us to verify this: No admin experience on SS13. However I am familiar with being a game admin from many years of hosting small (< 20 player) Minecraft servers for my friends and the public. Have you been banned from our game servers or SS13 servers before? Nope. Only ever been science job banned on one of the non-Goonstation SS13 servers because I specifically went on there to be a turd one night. What role do you think game admins serve on our servers? Making sure rounds go smoothly without anyone majorly disrupting the game for other players, helping newbies, answering /ahelps, and occasionally spicing up boring rounds with minor shenanigans. How do you feel about the current roleplay status on the server? I understand there are many newbies (many of which seem younger) with zero experience on SS13/SS14 that have yet developed a sense for the roleplaying. It is nice to see the veterans helping them by maintaining character when they ask for game help. Hopefully as the newbies get experience the rounds/roleplaying with smooth out and become more interesting and enjoyable for everyone. Why do you want to become an administrator for SS14? I played SS13 for a long time and have many very fun memories of various shenanigans the admins did to spice up rounds. One of my best memories is the event that was done for Macho Man's death, as well as the Gabe Newell Singularity and B-Ball proton influxes. I have been following the SS14 for a long time and have yet found a good way to contribute as my programming skills are not amazing. But I feel that being an admin and helping to improve the server experience could also be good way for me to contribute to the project. I like to think of myself as being a fairly neutral person and that I judge people fairly. Though my interpretation of the rules may be slightly more lenient as we all know how much shenanigans happened on Goonstation in the earlier years and that is where almost all my SS13 experience is from. Please feel free to message me on Discord if you have any further questions. I did message Vera before I realized that you guys were going to setup a proper application on the forum, but felt it would be better to go ahead and fill out the proper application now that it is up.
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