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  1. SS14 account: Noyou260 Character name: The Ambassador Type of ban: Game ban Date of Ban and Duration: Some time early December, perma ban Reason for Ban: Self Antagging, poisoning and murder as HOC Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: So I was playing as CMO and well I got bored so I decided I would test out some medications and well I found it fun to use poison so yeah and then I found out one of my chemists was a antag so I killed him and took his PDA so yeah and then I kept poisoning people a bit and got some of my chemists to pass on the medications and then well security attacked me so I kind of used a gun and killed them Why you think you should be unbanned: I just really love the game and well I really am sorry for what I have done, if I get unbanned I will just help out the station and work as a bartender and well I just really want to be part of the community again. Anything else we should know: I just really love this game and it's community, and well I would love to be able to re-join the community fully so yeah.
  2. SS14 account: Noyou260 Character name: The Ambassador When was the ban: Early December maybe Late November? Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: I got bored as Head Of Command and I was playing as the Chief Of Medical Department so I went to chemistry and yeah made some poison and made some random stuff and gave it to people to test it and you see one of the chemists was a traitor and I killed him took his pda and got a gun so yeah... I also kind of lied to try and get unbanned but I dearly regret that honestly I don't know why I did this. Why you think you should be unbanned: Personally I think I should be unbanned because I just love this game and I really miss it it has been so long since I last played but I keep watching updates to check how the game is doing and well really I regret my actions dearly and if this appeal gets denied then well I hope you do well. If I do get unbanned I promise to help out and not break any rules and well I have studied the rules book over and over to make sure if I get unbanned then I will know what not to do, I am greatly sorry for all the stuff I have done and I sincerely regret it. Anything else we should know: I do not know what to put here apart from I greatly regret what I did
  3. Oops I just realised I never put the admins name It was Moony
  4. SS14 account: Noyou260 Character name: The ambassador When was the ban: 7th of December Server: Wizard's den Lizard Your side of the story: Well here I go again listen I was banned for self antaging, murder and poisoning the crew (There may be more reasons) so I was playing as CMO and listen you may not believe me like last time but the chemists did make like 2 pills for me to give out, but you won't believe me and yes I did try to trick you and I'm sorry for that. and really I did just kill the crew for fun and to screw around. I admit to all of that. Why you think you should be unbanned: Listen once again I would like if my ban could be shortened to a year minimum so you know I have a good punishment and listen I've had a feeling that's haunted me from getting banned so like it would help if I knew I could be unbanned but you know it most likely won't happen. I am sincerely sorry about all of this and if it happens again please perma ban me thank you for even reading this. Anything else we should know: I think you should know that I'm dealing with alot irl at the moment so I'm a bit murderous so that's why I think a year minimum would be good. (This may now matter so if it doesn't ignore it) thank you. - Your sincerely Noyou260
  5. Also how the hell does surgery work? I accidentally killed multiple people doing it? (They agreed to having surgery done)
  6. Ah well would you look at this, I'm back whilst yes I have now partially been able to deal with my ban I do have some feelings of regret so I decided to come back and ask some questions. So how do I actually smoke? I kinda never figured it out so like I want to know that. How do I detonate the nuke? I never figured this out. And finally how do I play without security beating people? This one happened alot.
  7. Listen I do admit to making an alt and I admit to trying to trick you also the Chemists did play a very weak role in it. I did have the idea to poison the crew that is true but the Chemists did help me by making poison for me
  8. I think I was banned by Moony but i'm not sure
  9. SS14 account: Noyou260 Character name: The ambassador When was the ban: 7th of december Server: Wizard's den Lizard Your side of the story: So I was playing SS14 as CMO so these chemists managed to get me to help them pass of poisons and stuff like that so I made some Poison first ( I always do this for suicide if I need to get out of jail when I'm falsely arrested) and these people let me pass on the poison pills to the crew and even made Heartbreak for me to give to people saying it was poison so I did it cause one of them was a traitor so I might have been killed if I didn't and that's all I can remember Why you think you should be unbanned: I do not want to be unbanned just have my ban to be shortened to a max of 2 months or less I don't know whatever you think is necessary for self-antagging I do say I have been banned before and I admit to those and did serve my time and if I do get back to the community I will not kill anyone unless I'm antag and I will be making a new account if possible if that isn't allowed please tell me I think it was partially unfair for a perma ban but that's all I have to say Anything else we should know: I don't think there is much to know but I do have to say the chemists did persuade me and one person said to me '' Last round you were self-antaging '' in Local chat appeal, include it here. - Your sincerely Noyou260
  10. Hello I would like to be unbanned from SS14 since this ban is affecting my older brother (16) I am very sorry for my actions and I didn't think it would lead to this please unban me and delete my account or lower the ban to a minimun of 1 month thank you
  11. So I was banned for being 'Execution happy' for saying I would execute someone for stealing 2 guns and throwing them in the trash which is fair but I was using it to scare them but this is fair (I was banend for this once before) And was banned for having the name Joseph Stalin which yes I was banend for before aswell but I asked if there was any admins online so I could get them to change it cause by that time I was already in game and couldn't figure out how to change it and no admins replied so I kept of playing and got banned for that aswell so really all of this is fair but I'm kinda making an appeal cause I thing the name one is a tiny but unfair in my eyes - Noyou260
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