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  1. SS14 account: Skoobster Character name: Zongo Bongo When was the ban: About 1:00am Central Standard Time on November 14th Lizard Your side of the story: I was introducing two new people into the game, a friend and my brother. I was teaching them the controls and how the game is played and the goals, etc. My friend really enjoyed it but my brother really didn't care for the game and got bored with it. So while we all did our own thing during the round my brother got bored with the game and came in with a racist caricature by the name of "Black Evil Man" and would then use racial slurs when talking with other characters. I told him how it would get him banned but he didn't care. I just shrugged it off because he would just get banned and that would be that. But while I was playing a ghost role as a PA I was kicked as well due to it being an IP ban. Why you think you should be unbanned: I fully understand and agree with the ban. It is a fully reasonable ban as you are trying to foster a healthy community, especially during this beta period of development of which toxic behavior could greatly damage its growth. I feel that I should still be able to play as me personally have broken no rules. I can promise that my brother will no be on the game any longer if the IP ban is lifted, he did not have an interest in the game, but if he were to come back on I can also promise that he would behave appropriately to the rules as he would not want his ban to affect me. It is also acceptable if you wish to ban his account but only unban mine. I throughly enjoy this game and have been very close with its development, I try and advocate it to my friends and others who I think might be interested. I also feel like I am a very active roleplayer that furthers the fun of the game and creates unique and interesting stories for a round on the station. I would really appreciate it if I were to be allowed back to playing and I am very sorry for the racial comments and I feel bad if that ruined someone else's playing experience of the game. Anything else we should know: The friend that was playing with me and my brother goes by "Jimmy Nascar" as his in game character name -Nathan
  2. My friend I played with was "Jimmy Nascar" by the way and we were playing at about 1:00am Central time on 11/13/21.
  3. SS14 account: Skoobster Banned server: Wizard's Den Lizard [US West] My character was Zongo Bongo at the time. I did not do anything wrong but rather was introducing the game to a friend and my brother. My friend and I really enjoyed the game and were having a blast playing it but my brother did not care for it. He created a racist character by the name of "Black Evil Man" and would use racial slurs in his speech for entertainment. I told he would get banned but he did not care which is whatever. But when he got banned I was also banned due to me and my brother being on the same internet network as I am. He has no more interest in the game but I would really like to be allowed back in as I love the community, roleplay, and helping with the development of the game through interaction and feed back. As well as I would really like to go back to playing with my friend who has also really enjoyed this game. Thank you and I appreciate it, -Nathan
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