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  1. SS14 account: Toychicraft
    Character name: Leila (I do not remember the last name)
    When was the ban: 2021 november 12, around 9 pm
    Server you were playing on when banned:Spider
    Your side of the story: A few seconds after I joined the round, someone on the radio held an auction on the radio for a dude who got welded in a locker. Me and two other people started bettinng for it, I because I wanted to free them, the others I am not sure. The bet was won by a clown who payed two cigs and immediately started referring to the person as a slave. I then went and got a welding torch to try to unweld the locker, however the clown insisted I should not do so, because they wanted to keep the locker shut. I tried explaining my motives to the clown, but they insisted, and I was referring to the locked up person as a slave during the explanation. It was clear that the person inside was afk, so I didnt press on. I then went away from the scene, since I was having dinner soon irl, but someone questioned me about what slave I was talking about earlier. My family was getting impatient so I simply replied that someone bought a person and it is nothing big, then went away from the computer. When I came back, I was permabanned.
    Why you think you should be unbanned: While most of my value in the community comes as a vehicle to others' madness, I do believe my ban was unjustified, as I had only called an afk player a slave a singular time, witch I think was not a harsh enough offense to warrant a permanent ban on all servers.
    Anything else we should know: Hope you all have a good day, and sorry for the inconvenience

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