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  1. Good idea think this would work well. I feel as an older player alot of people were slapped with perma no appeal bans and I've never seen them ever again that kinda sucks like don't get me wrong yeah they might have fucked up a year ago but I think reform is a good thing too talk about as I myself am a reformed played I was abit of a problematic player back in the day and I learned via bans that it's unacceptable however I feel bad for the people who just got permad for like and didn't get the chance gok reform like I did because I know it's possible some people are different doesn't mean they shouldn't ever get a chance too play here again. I won't mention any names :)
  2. Hey i am not an admin but i read your appeal and i would hazard a guess urine or the act of self urinating could be lightly considered ERP. I can some what understand your frustration as it could be argued that there's not many scenarios where it could be relatable too any form of eroticism however sadly there is and its quite understandable that your situation lead too this being a an issue. I may be wrong however like i said i am not staff.
  3. I mean i would be very surprised if it was intended as i used the syndi soap and now it is infective it seems just like any other soap something that is wortg a telecrystal rendered almost useless seems odd too me. I really hope it gets changed back like the saying if it aint broke dont fix it comes too mind it worked perfectly was super satisfying tbh any slip mechanic is if anything i thought it would get better like longer slips chained up not them getting toned down too nothing is very sad :(
  4. My favourite item in the whole game is broken, i dont know what caused it but now for some reason you dont slide like 5 tiles away its same length as normal soap but with the same original extended slip time as before Please fix it admin gods I also deleted discord so i cant bug report it if someone else wants too please do i hope this wopl surfice
  5. I do most times they let on who did it but they usually don't announce their cap name just ping the shuttle straight away first 5/10 mins but i will now be on it with my a helps about it. I actually got timed out before because i was mad salty about the cap calling it because fuck Detroit and i was a syndi then they all arrested me flushed me just as i heard the alpha delta and i was monumentally pissed off ended up getting a 2 hour ban fair enough i was salty and raging but honestly i think i was in my rights to some what just probably was a nuisance to whomever was staffing at the time i wont say but tbh looking back on it if i was in the same position i would have done the same thing but still stands the original reason why it happened and how it directly reflects on my feelings regarding this OP
  6. Nothing and i mean nothing fucks me off more than the crew going ' shuttle call because detriot ' It happened for far too long and most times we get the map some chucky cheese must be this tall too ride child thinks its fine too shittle because they dont like detriot. News flash i dont like them for voting one of if not the best map in rotation, is it against the rules? It should be
  7. In-game Username: jung Discord username: junglistunit3 Characters you play: frankie three fingers/shorty McDonald/ anything frank related How long have you been playing SS13 or SS14?1 hour ss13 and 2.7k hours 14 o.0 How many hours are you available per day: as much as i wish too play average around 4 hours a day most days Days you are available on: same as above when i feel like it sometimes alot sometimes not as much mood dependent Prior administration experience (SS13 experience recommended). Please also post a way for us to verify this: none, no ss13 for me i only really have interest in 14 Have you been banned from our game servers or SS13 servers before? Yes i was once a 'bad egg' whom spent many a days awaiting being unbanned from ss14 to play again, i have been banned give or take for every rule break on the server some multiple times. This contrary to most people's beliefs is something i see as a now positive thing. It forced me too adhere too the rules, too learn them to the best of my ability as too keep myself out of the naughty corner. The last time i was actually banned was over 6 month's ago and i was told i am on my final warning. Since then i have taken my obligation too the rules too the next level personally ensuring i do not make any mistakes in my own gameplay ans conduct too lead me too get into trouble again. I succeeded, i firmly solidified my position as a positive player and rule follower for my own reasons but in turn it made me what i feel safe too say a role model player, i know the rules very well and find the rules and policies around them sometimes more interesting than the round itself. This is the more essay-y part of the application, you should answer the following questions in detail, so we can get a better idea of how you'd approach adminning. What role do you think game admins serve on our servers? Admin of the game serve a god like role, they make it work and uphold the rules of the server something if left too fester would in turn make the game fester and not grow. Admin play a huge part in the game not only for this reason but too also set examples on how to conduct theirselves when dealing with other players and staff professionally and with respect. Admin hold a certain responsibility and what they say and how they act are very important because ultimately they are the dungeon masters of spess but also the law of the land. That being said an admin should be open to dialog and scrutiny about their individual presence in the community, this is important because admin are the appointed administrators of the game and are held too a different standard as they are public facing staff members who should conduct themselves as so. I feel like i am someone who understands this role and this is why i feel even with my history i would bring some positivity too the role as i understand what it entails and how too conduct proper procedure How do you feel about the current roleplay status on the server? Lizard has no roleplay, one day maybe but right now RP gets you laughed out the door and that makes me sad inside. The most fun i ever had playing this game was roleplaying with the homies doing some silly thing but now honesty it feels like a chucky cheese ballpit most rounds. People dont RP because whats the actual point when rounds dont last more than an hour and the habitable station lasts half that time. These are the grey area rules that detriment the overall whole day of play not just the current rounds, like yeah sure you CAN be a shitter as an antag and play the game single player mode but what fun is that? None for anyone but that person and thats why i am putting this application in because i wanna enjoy the game again and actually help keep a lid on this hell hole that is lizard 60% of the time Why do you want to become an administrator for SS14? I literally just want too help the team. I like this game alot, ive been around for a while and the fact that i am even still here speaks volumes that i am not just a player who skirts the rules all the time and luckily has not got perma banned lets be honest i know the game i know the rules i know the players, i think i know enough now too be on the team and stop being a detriment and actually start doing the opposite and put in the work helping instead of malding salt in a help because im sick of nothing ever getting better. alot of admin are gone, many left or retired and alot are on hiatus right now because of the incident. im putting this application in because i care about the game and ive got the time and effort too give to help the team uphold the game and too keep it on the right track and too never ever forget the main thing, spacemen is a game lets keep it funny. thanks for reading i typed this on my phone and i dont care about the spelling or grammar jung out
  8. Before I questioned myself doing this but here I ask it officially Lets say your a seccie for 1 and a passenger for 2 Scenario A Player 1 and 2 both find a pda in maints with some TC on it unlocked, both players spend the TC and pocket the things, is this allowed? Scenario B player 1 arrests someome with an open PDA and TC player 2 is in sec and picks up confiscated PDA and buys things and runs away, is this wrong for either 1 or 2 if so who is the most in the wrong Scenario C player 1 takes dead person too med, searches them checks pda and is open but the player whos pda it was is ssd. player 1 spends tc keeps the stuff. Player 2 sees player 1 with a syndi soap ( any t item ) and Radio's 'timmy dipshit the seccie is a syndi in disguise' allbeit stupid scenario is player 1 the seccie wrong to do this?
  9. Throwing the captains hamster into space is somewhat compulsory but is it cringe and furthermore is it illegal
  10. Hey hey people Jung here Are you like me, when your running around that claustrophobic space station nothing makes you feel safe? Any person from captain too greytider with a spade can be a threat too your very life? Well boy do I have the solution for you! ( tbc meta gaming strategy/shitter anarchist trait ) stun batons. They come in a one size fits all length and usually come attached too security officers hips But what if I told you, taken away from the security officer this piece of technology can mean the difference between life and death, it can mean the difference between violence even being an option as flashing a baton on a angry person bent on bending a crowbar over your head is 90% of the time enough too get them too shuffle off. Acquisitions of this item in paticular is a very grey Area. Like an overcast day it can look different from each perspective and gloomier for others compared to some as just a mild inconvenience in their day. Now I won't lie, I've been around for a while now yesir Nd I know the rules and uphold them as too preserve my own buttocks from being sent too bantown But That baton, you best belive I keep one on me no matter the role no matter the time and no matter how I got it. Its shameless I know and I can defend myself only by saying it defends my liberty and freedom while existing on whatever station I find myself too be working on. am I wrong to do this? When a sec runs pasts jovial full of glee with his baton out or when the power goes out everyone knows what time it is, its baton time and I admit I will do it every chance or opportunity I get in almost any role. I'm still here so I assume it's ok?
  11. SS14 account username: JUNGLISTUNITE Ban reason: asked for it myself because I wanted some time off Date of ban: like two days ago lool Length of ban: my dumb ass asked for a month Events leading to the ban: someone killed me 2 mins into a round and I just cried in ghost chat the whole round and realised I needed too touch some grass Reason the ban should be removed: i touched grass also sorry for wasting the banning admins time on asking them to do this for me i did honestly at the time want too take some time off but i chilled out played some pokemon and I'm good too go again.
  12. I dont like too peanut post but after seeing the in game names of those players I also have reasons to suspect they may have been meta communicating/teaming but due too being just an average joe player I didn't ever a help it I just avoided this group of people like the plague even logging off when seeing this seeming large gang of similar minded people roaming the station.
  13. SS14 account: junglistunite Character name: tommy the tail Type of Ban: perma game ban Date of Ban and Duration: approx 1 1/2 to 2 months ago ( approx 1 month after my set one month appeal timer by admin stealth ) Reason for Ban: reason being I myself broke ick ock during an extended round as a sec officer who got murdered in silent cold blood by the captain. Server you were playing on when banned: lizard Your side of the story: I admit fault completely as looking back on the situation I did this to myself out of the heat of the moment poor judgement as the reasoning in my head was because it was extended it would not majorly affect the round. I now see clearly that I was of course wrong as regardless of the situation i broke the rules and rules I should have known well enough not to break. This isn't my first appeal about this incident I did so a while back and was told to wait before I can appeal again and in that time I have grown increasingly concerned that it's a very real possibility I may not be able to play this game again as I have had more than enough fair warnings for almost every rule in place, that is known synonymously in the team obviously as I was made aware as I feel I am on extremely thin ice because of the negative reputation I have for breaking my share of rules over the time. In my defense I have not broken the same ones twice I've learned from every time I have been banned and made changes to better my behaviour in the game ensuring I do not break any rules and had been doing well having fun being a good sport untill I made an error in judgement and this situation happened. Why you think you should be unbanned: the game and community is a special one, I changed before and become a better player now I will change and become a model player. if someone wrongs me in the game? Dont say anything on the disc or OOC under any circumstances and if it's bad enough ahelp it. will be my fundamental philosophy upon return as nothing that can happen to me in game is worse then not being able to play this game again so I'm just going to keep quiet if that ever happens again and just play the game it is not worth it because at the end of the day it is just a game I should have just cooled off had a tea break and chilled instead of being salty so I'm sorry I see my mistakes and I wont ever do them again. Anything else we should know: I feel I'm not even inherently a bad player I just have made some really dumb mistakes like I'm just that loveable idiot right? Pls dont ban me forever I really love the spess dear lord I cant play another game it just calls to me :( I hear spaceasshole in my dreams..
  14. I am in no way trying to provoke a response but I just wanted to add finally from my end that I can guarantee IF I am let back in I will not ever do anything that in any way breaks the server/discord rules and space law I will be a model player. In an attempt to highlight my character as a good sport and decent enough member of the community I want to say that the things I have done wrong in the past I have learned from and each past mistake I was banned for I made it so I did not do that behaviour again, i have never used homophobic or racial slurs neither have i attempted to use any alternative accounts or other means to bypass the ban. I'm sorry again for being a silly sausage I would very much like to remain in this community that I have grown very fond of and as I said before if I break another rule or do anything to get banned again I will just hold my hands up and uninstall never write another appeal again as I see this as my last chance regardless if it is or not or if I am even to far gone and past all chances I still just ask for that one last chance as I know I did wrong I messed up and I am sorry it's not something I will do again. Thank you for your time I will leave this post now and not add anymore I have said my peice.
  15. I understand and will patiently wait for the decision. Yes this is something I pledge to do upon my return as I have mentioned in my previous comments on this appeal I am fully prepared to take further measures to make sure I never land myself in hot water again by making changes to my gameplay. To combat this recent ban that I am quite embarrassed about as it was totally on me and my bad decision to do in the first place I will just keep myself always from the OOC and disc about anything round related ever again as its just such a avoidable thing to get banned for its annoyed me enough to make sure I never do it again. Thank you for recognizing one of those bans was a mistake too.
  16. That being said I do also fully acknowledge the amount of times I have been on this page for different things and although it would somewhat crush me I would understand if the decision was to be made that I was to be not allowed back for good. I honestly really hope that this is not the case as I have enjoyed my time playing this game alot and being part of a one of a kind community around a game everyone clearly enjoys playing and contributing towards too see it grow. I understand that my actions could be described as severely negative towards the community however I like anyone in this world we live in am capable of mistakes and I in relation to the ones I have made playing this have have learned from them and will not make them again or like I said in my last entry I will hold my hands up and walk accepting my fate that already may be the case but I hope that from my explanation and apologies you can see that I show genuine remorse and change forthwith.
  17. I'm going to be honest I quite miss playing this game alot and I regret my actions that I really should have known better than to do given my history. If I am allowed back I pledge to not use the OOC or discord for anything round related in any way at all to combat my mistake as bar this slip up I honestly have been being a good sport and playing by the rules, I'm honestly really sorry for messing up and making a mistake in the heat of the moment. Pls am literally playing fortnite I want to come back to space, if I ever set another toe out of line again I will accept my fate and leave this game behind and uninstall that is how legitimately committed I am to NOT breaking the rules again :(
  18. It is in no way related to the actions I took myself that lead me to be banned it was merely a question that I wanted to ask as the answer to said question would publicly explain why I broke the rules as I felt, very strongly the rules were being broken against me that round. But of course that being said and in answer to your question stealth it has nothing to do I inherently with the reason I was banned.
  19. Can I politely ask you to stop peanut posting on my appeal please, this is not up for discussion with anyone but myself and the game admin..
  20. May I also enquire about the captain who killed me in the first place and caused me to be so triggered in the first place? I feel even though I made the mistakes than got me banned understandably that this person who went against all protocol and murdered one of his staff in cold blood does not have a ban appeal of their own up yet leading me to wonder if they caught any action whatsoever as it was a bad enough of a motion to make me a pretty long standing member of the community to break protocol and ask this person why in earth they did that.
  21. I usualy pride myself on being a good sport and not taking anything to heart but in this particular situation my reaction obviously was not just but to some extent it was understandable, I obviously broke a rule however that being said I did not break it for zero reasons like I stated I was a spawned in sec of and silently executed as the cap when I did nothing but do my job on Extended for a long round. To not be triggered at that is impossible but now i see things in a different light its obvious what I should have done, waited untill the round was over to talk about it.
  22. I fully admit that I went too far and I acted without thinking the consequences through, something I should know better than to do and like I said I am embarrassed at myself for breaking such a simple rule that lead me to being firmly told to stop and a reminder about how thin ice I am on. I am not taking thos lightly at all I am fully aware of my previous mistakes and that in comparison this one is quite a rookie rule to break but I make no mistake about how serious this is for me as an individual. I would like to take this opportunity to apologise again to the dev team and admins for being salty and breaking the ick ock it's something ( if I am let back of course ) i will definitely never do again speak in OOC about anything or speak in discord about the current round REGARDLESS of the situation or justification in my head.
  23. SS14 account: junglistunite Byond account: OP Character name: Tommy the Tail When was the ban: 3/4/2022 Server you were playing on when banned: lizzard Your side of the story: while playing extended as a sec officer I was chilling doing my job and all of a sudden the cap comes out of nowhere says nothing and proceeds to shoot me then further attack him with his sabre. In my outrage at what was happening to me for no just cause and against protoctol like he was the definition of judge jury and executioner, I pinged a message to ahelp with their name and the situation. This is the point at where I should have left it however, I did not. The justification in my mind to why it would not be so round breaking was it was extended mode and there were no traitors that could have been ousted due to what I said. I said in oc cap have you lost your mind, worded carefully not to give away what happened but at the same time I wanted some attention to be brought to the situation at hand as time was going on after my death and with this time passing It continued to wind me up so I then took it too the discord. In hindsight what i did wrong is blatantly obvious and i cannot justify it and i would be foolish to try justify it but the only reason why I brought it up was because I felt this person, the cap was just doing what they wanting killing sec officers without a word of warning something that goes well above the ranking of the game offence that I committed and I just want to say for myself that I was pretty dang mad.. Why you think you should be unbanned: it's no secret that I am on pretty thin ice due to my amount of previous offences but I honestly feel 9/10 that I really do follow the rules and do my bit to uphold the community values and this is a one out of ten time where I messed up and I acted out of emotion and broke rules that I really should know better about breaking. I apologise for my actions and outburst about the ingame round that was still going on, in the future I will do what I knew I should have done in the first place and that is to just shut my mouth and wait for the game to end go make a drink or something but i was triggered by this person's actions and it led me to getting banned something I really really do not want and I'm actually quite ashamed of myself because I would have deemed myself a reformed member of the community who strived to play within the rules always but I f£cked up. Anything else we should know: I am sorry again for really breaking a rookie rule its something I should really know better than to do.
  24. My two kakariki parrots, feathers and audrey
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