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  1. Discord account: Junglistunite#2727 Commonly used names: as above Banning admin: not sure but admin Paul seems to be the one who deals with me Ban reason: well when i got perma banned late last year i took my emotions too the discord and of course was swiftly banned for obvious reasons ie being more salty than a portion of fish'n'chips since then i have appealed and has been granted and is soon to be up and i would like to also ask for my ban to be lifted from the disc please. When was the ban: a couple of months or so ago now not quite sure when specifically Your side of the story: i have explained my sorrows before in detail and feel its unnecessary to provide such a reasons as i have already had the ban reduced. instead i would like to say something positive! This is a game like no other that is for sure but its quite alot more than that too clearly as since not being in the populated moderated servers, instead playing with the Russians ( blayt ) occasionally a few other banned members in other servers like the new derpstation ( i wondered if this is a station of the banned if so thats actually poetic as its literal anarchy there ) ive come too realise its not just the game that is fun its the whole community that have a shared love for this content filled genius premise of a game so i just wanted to say i am very much looking forward to coming back and it goes without saying on my best behaviour :D Why you think you should be unbanned: the discord is pretty vital as for reasons obvious so being allowed back i also assume this grants me refuge again to the space stations servos disco.
  2. SS14 account: junglistunite Character name: random name When was the ban: 3/4 months ago Server you were playing on when banned: us server mirros Your side of the story: i was banned for doing immature and dumb things to people in the game that were rude and not appropriate. i have been banned for a long time now and have had time to reflect on my behaviour and can say for certain that i have changed my frame of mind towards playing in a community of people as i am new to PC mass online type of games and playing with alot of players and i have seen the real error of my ways and would really like to be considered for a second chance. Why you think you should be unbanned: i was stupid and giddy with mischievous immature things to do when playing and i can now understand that my idea of a joke may be the oposit for someone else and i have said many times i am sorry. Anything else we should know: im just sorry for being a silly sausage i am a nice person really and i really want to play this game again it is miles better than any other game literally out there :( please let me have a second chance :(
  3. SS14 account: junglistunite Character name: generated name/non static name When was the ban: around 1 week ago Server you were playing on when banned: eu 1/2 Your side of the story: As per my last entry to the forum i explained in detail my account of the story and as told i will not go longingly in details and will summarise what i did wrong. - I rude emoted a fellow player on the server, something i am now fully aware was a very serious violation of the rules of the game. - I on my second day of play before this prior incident killed the clown player. when questioned why i was unaware this text box was even from a game admin and i brazenly and mistakenly disregarded what they had to say to me and was time banned for 1 week. - I upon being permabanned I publicly apologised on the discord as to show my genuine remorse to the person involved. Why you think you should be unbanned: In as simplest terms I can put it I am genuinely sorry for breaking the rules, i do not contest that I did not break them or it was a misunderstanding I just admit that I made a mistake in playing around and going to far and this is something I now fully realise and promise to never do if i am allowed back. I am not a seasoned player I am almost a complete noob but what i have played of the game I've loved every second, i have really wanted to play and the hopeless thought of never being able to play again is daunting so i am doing my upmost to convey my deepest sorrows and plead for the chance to show my reform as i am still learning the RP style games and only ever watching YT videos i think i have been negatively influenced by them on to what is acceptable gameplay. Anything else we should know: yes, please Admin Gods i get down on my hands and knees in front of my screen and beg you that you unban me or changed it to a timed ban as i cant play any other game anymore they are all rubbish i had so much fun playing i wont put a toe out of line ever again.
  4. SS14 account: Junglistunite Character name: Generated username or possibly - Rachel Khoo, Scotty Haroldson ( i did not use a set character name ) When was the ban: A while ago approx 3 days Server you were playing on when banned: Eu 1/2 Your side of the story: when playing a few days ago i @emoted something i admittedly should not have too a stranger in the game. looking back upon what i did/said i regret it very much as at the time i considered it nothing but with thought i have came to realise it could have been taken in an offensive manor and upset the person whom was involved in game. after i got perma banned i took too the discord to say the situation and talk to the admins about it and i did and they explained to me the severity of what i had done and at this point it was when i noticed this in the rules had been changed ( ERP is now red outlined ) so after learning about this i publicly apologised on the discord hoping the player in question would see it and be able too tell that i show genuine remorse as in the moment this was something of a joke but i know fully realise this is a major rule i broke and i would never do something like this again because this is a game i have played alot since i have been able too and i waited for a long long time since i could never work the original beyond client. Why you think you should be unbanned: in summary to this question plainly and simply i have learned my lesson and the error of my ways, not just too be able to play this game again and be welcome to play on the servers with people i have come to enjoy the company of and playing with but also because what i did was not nice and simply not at place in this game. i am in full agreement why i got banned permanently i do not contest it but i am making this appeal because i wish to be part of this community again as a more reformed player Anything else we should know: yes i will also like to say this is not my first ban as it will be noted i was also banned on the 2nd day of playtesting many weeks ago now for being self antag and this again was a clear violation of the rules i learned after and is something i had learned from as after my ban was up i did not do that again as i was now aware of that being a serious rule and i learned from my ban. i will also admit i was at my computer waiting to play on the minute the ban was up because i was so keen to play so that is why i am doing my best to convey my genuine remorse for this event and swear too read the rules everytime i load the game to play if i am unbanned so i will be sure never to commit a bannable offence again. thank you to the admins for explaining to me on the discord at the time and showing professionality with the situation and i really do hope i get to board the ship again as theres no other game like this or that i would like to play right now. even at the very least please could i request the ban be set to timed not perma so i can atleast have some hope :(
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