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  1. I never found the mod's name funny, why isn't he banned Ofcourse I insulted the staff, what else do you expect when I get banned for having "Bald" in my name? I'm sorry you can't take a fucking joke and are actually bald and offended
  2. SS14 account: venice Character name: Baldar Stormhitler When was the ban: About 5 minutes ago Server you were playing on when banned: Miros Your side of the story: I logged in after being banned for a week for self defense, as an assist named "Baldar Stormhitler". I walked around for about 3 minutes then got perma banned after doing nothing, saying nothing, and picking up nothing. The reason was "Not funny, didn't laugh, Innapropiate name, appeal." Why you think you should be unbanned: So you can ban me for a real reason instead of being an overly sensitive snowflake Anything else we should know: I am a gamer
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