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  1. With formatting I mean the way to expressed the dislike, it has a shitter vibe to it, specially when you mention killing them, and if you read the rules, you should know that we are not a fan of RDM. We better not see this repeat in the future, nor RDM, or we will take more time to consider unbanning you. You will now be unbanned.
  2. Specism is not allowed, since people use it as an excuse to be racist in a space game, and by the way you formatted your insults, it was pretty yikes. Please refrain from using hate speech, be it lizard, be it a human, we don't accept this behavior, not even "Roleplay" as excuse. I wish to know the reason of why you decided to say such things in the first place.
  3. What we don't want is people that are untrustworthy, and you have proven us than you are one of them, with not one, but two alt account attempts, if you genuinely think that your suggestion will help us out, perhaps you should suggest yourself not to try and bypass a ban and this could have ended earlier, have some common sense, the rules clearly state that slurs, hate speech, and bigotry are not allowed, the fact that you were able to say it is not our fault, it is yours for not reading or simply ignoring them.
  4. Your ban will be lifted, but I hope you are well-aware of the rules by now. You will be on thin ice so better think twice before doing something potentially bannable or toeing with the rules. You will be job-banned from heads and warden though, because of your three bans including griefing and RDM as those jobs.
  5. The first thing that comes to your mind is break another perma-bannable rule? I will unban but I expect you to actually read the rules this time, press F1. And also, traitors are chosen randomly, you have to enable it in the preference tab. When you get traitor, you'll see a message of your codewords in chat, and pressing C brings up your objectives.
  6. Always tried to make the game "interesting" huh? Well, it looks like your version of interesting is having a dirty mouth against players. And not to talk about possible heavy IC in OOC: and rather, strange comments: And of course: I don't care of what culture, country you are, but you shouldn't say such things. We decided to keep you ban indefinitely, try re-appealing after two months.
  7. This is your second ban that falls under rule 7, racism and hatespeech. You will be unbanned, another similar infraction will result in a perma with a bigger time before you can appeal. Mind your words and read the rules before you play again.
  8. In this long time that you remained banned, I trust you know better in the future. Your history is pretty much one of a griefer with multiple reports. You will be unbanned, but you're on thin ice, do something bannable and I will put up a perma again, with a longer time period before you can appeal, with a chance it could be unnapealable if we see you are lost cause.
  9. If you were to pay attention to the rules that show up the first time you connect, this could have been avoided. Have some common sense, despite this is a playtest, we forbid this kind of names. Rule 8: Offensive/bad/out-of-character character names put you at the mercy of administrators, from receiving brain damage to becoming valid to straight up getting banned on the spot depending on how bad they are. Character names should be something a real person might have for a name. And also: Rule 7: Hate speech, slurs and bigotry are not allowed. - Intentionally seeking to demean others due to their actual or perceived race, sex, gender, orientation or the like is not tolerated. You will be unbanned, but make sure you have a proper name, you are on a tight spot from now on, so don't ruin your chance and take a good look at the rules.
  10. Hello. One of the reasons have been banned is for breaking the rule four, which is "follow common sense, you cannot murder someone because they slipped you on a banana or gundown the captain because the shuttle was recalled" In this case, you killed the HoS because he recalled the shuttle, and to correct your quote, after someone said to the captain, "Get out of here boss, he will kill you." You said, "I wish, I'm out of juice, just used it on the HoS." Due to your mentioned conflict with the HoS, it wouldn't be unresonable to think you would do it to the captain to, if you had the resources, you digged your own hole deeper by saying that. Another reason is because of your constant bad behavior in OOC: Swearing, IC-in-OOC, or complaining of things happening during the round. Third reason is you toeing the line with the rules, like when you tried to toss the pAI out of the airlock for "being unfunny" This three things lead to an extensive ban, it is clear that you didn't read the rules, or you ignore them. If you didn't know, pressing F1 brings up the Rules tab, it also appears in the lobby below server info.
  11. And when you are actually funny.
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