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  1. after deliberation I strongly recommend you try Among Us on your phone, it might be more up your alley.
  2. Okay, I'll give a less vague answer: SS14 will never exist on phones. Why the hell would you want a game oriented around 2hr straight of play on a mobile device??
  3. there is, unfortunately, no proof. This is also your account and yours alone, had both your account and your brother's (which does not exist) had independent bits of playtime i would at least consider this but nope. You are responsible for activities on your account, and that means you alone. Denied.
  4. ss14's soundfont file only contains a few instruments not provided by your OS. Use your OS's soundfont.
  5. I think telling you not to self-antag and harass security is pretty justified. Admin was not playing (game logs state they joined as observer and they were observer at time of handling + admins are not allowed to admin and play, this isn't dark rp). You also threatened to go to the head dev and then DMed a random maintainer (and even politely skipped me due to not being able to DM, appreciate it) Posting ahelp log here for people to read as we don't really have anything to hide. Admin is justified in banning you for attempting to threaten them into doing nothing, which frankly I find incredibly funny. Thanks for the laugh I suppose. Denied.
  6. i'm going to stop you right here before you further sabotage your ability to ever play again. You will need a voucher, and you will need to wait six months. Denied.
  7. idk bud this sounds like an elaborate "your rules are dumb and I did nothing" Denied.
  8. I never thought I'd have to tell someone that repeatedly shitting your pants is not good RP, even on LRP, especially not on MRP. Denied. Grow up.
  9. are you serious or is this appeal a shitpost
  10. Yea no, you're not capable of following basic instructions. Appeal in a week and also be ready to provide proof of age to Vera.
  11. You tried to ban evade, thus you can appeal on March 23rd, 2023, and no sooner. Denied.
  12. You just copy pasted your previous appeal again. You can appeal in a month. Denied.
  13. I would much rather players develop proper navigational skills, a minimap isn't going to help you in a pinch, unlike truly knowing the station. There's very much a skill aspect involved here with how good one is at navigation and minimaps are kinda known for stunting people's ability to learn to navigate a space. I find them distracting and an overall detriment to the experience SS14's trying to create.
  14. Admin in question made a mistake and i've lifted this.
  15. This isn't a ban appeal, this is you screaming "entrapment!!!!" when you got caught for being a shitter. Denied.
  16. this man reported their denial post with the text "ACAB includes admins/moderators". point and laugh.
  17. You tried to ban evade. You may appeal no sooner than March 5th, 2023.
  18. moony


    This is so low effort i'm not entertaining it. Denied.
  19. The wiki page was outdated and has been fixed However, you seem more interested in rules lawyering through this instead of actually accepting your mistake, so I'm going to deny this and ask you to appeal again in a week's time.
  20. what's cloudflare got to do with it, i thought i was making the frogs gay.
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