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  1. Roleplaying a mentally disabled character is in bad taste. Being sexual about it is in even worse taste. I'm going to ask you to wait a couple weeks; denied.
  2. That's not appreciated; I'm going to ask you to wait out a couple days now. Ban lowered to two days. Wait a minute, this ain't my ban. My bad. @AWHayes
  3. Can you kindly explain why you attempted to fool me into ipexempting an alt.
  4. Appeal this ban by logging into your SS14 account. This is not the account intothewoods. appeal denied.
  5. You attempted to use an alt account to bypass your ban. This is not allowed, appeal again in a week.
  6. Your buddy just got you in a spot where you won't be unbanned for a week. Appeal again in a week.
  7. Hi. Your account is not banned, only the datacenter. Simply turn it off to continue playing.
  8. Ok so to get this out of the way: You cannot use someone else breaking the rules as evidence in your ban appeal. We will ignore it. Someone else's mistakes do not justify yours.
  9. I've done a bit more checking. You're good to go. Just don't do it again, thanks.
  10. I'm not 100% certain you're not simply an alt of someone else.
  11. We are denying this due to the fact we already agreed on the timing, and we are not adjusting it. You have caused us a serious amount of trouble and should be entirely disengaging with our community during your ban.
  12. Denied, you are lying in appeal. Try again in three days.
  13. Hi AverageFurry, Unfortunately, this appeal is denied and cannot be repealed. Due to your recent conduct and behavior on our discord, we have firm reason to believe that you are underage. The age to play on the official servers is over the age of 16. You have shown that you do not exhibit proper safe internet behavior, to the point of which that you are revealing your present location, and more sensitive information you seem not to worried about sharing. User privacy and safety is highly prioritized, personal information is protected on a critical level, but we are incapable of helping you if you are incapable of helping protect yourself.
  14. You've been exempted. You're not in trouble, someone else in the same general area is.
  15. Removed. No idea why it was applied.
  16. No. https://spacestation13.com/ You are free to play on other SS14 servers besides Wizard's Den, and on any Space Station 13 server. But you are not being allowed back into Wizard's Den without us knowing that you will genuinely behave. Someone who has: - Ban evaded repeatedly - Spammed degrading slurs in chat, including at staff members - Feigned honesty and provoked staff, including with threats of ban evasion long before you were initially banned. - Literally has 20+ accounts. Is not being let back in to our servers without really, really good reason. I recommend playing on Goon or another quality SS13 server for a while. If you're well-behaved, they will vouch for you and say so if you ask them to.
  17. If you can come back with a voucher from an SS13 server for good behavior, I will let you back in. However you have caused me, a volunteer, a ridiculous amount of work with your antics, and I cannot just up and let you back in.
  18. I didn't know an incredibly large VPN could turn you into other people. You are a match for these users. Tell the truth.
  19. Explain who these are: - Hintti69 - pattera - vurzelumlu - fokoso2210 - sartojalma - gojey - Pata - fedrajufyo - putrimegne - hikkucurdi - mitrulopsa - EchoP - Echo
  20. moony


    Less often isn't good enough when you have five bans for it.
  21. You are still being dishonest, plus you are ignoring our repeated instructions to appeal in two weeks after the ban. You must now wait an extra week. Appeal in another two weeks.
  22. Your account has successfully joined the game before, and was registered many days ago. Please tell the truth if you want even the slightest shot at being let back in.
  23. I literally cannot find who applied this ban, but it wasn't me.
  24. Due to the age of the ban and the fact our administrative policies have changed greatly, this ban has been dropped outright. No hard feeling, none of us remember why you were even banned, as the game did not have active players at the time.
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