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  1. I have a feeling if you made an argument like EVIL_ED here did you'd not last very long on cit.
  2. Disable your VPN, this ban only applies to the datacenter you're connecting from and not to your account.
  3. If you won't answer back, then you don't get to play. Appeal again in a week. Denied.
  4. So from what I can tell, you decided to engage in something that would be considered harassment in the majority of online spaces. It is considered harassment here too, and additionally your game logs for the round consist mostly of disturbing other people, primarily players with female characters, with content ranging from saying you "Need to find a mate." to claiming you pee on other players. What made you think this kind of behavior is appropriate, and why should I believe you're not 13 years old or younger with this kind of behavior.
  5. Okay but how the fuck do we moderate it. (We're not adding voice support and even if someone not us comes in and codes it, we're not running it on official servers.)
  6. You do not need a voucher to appeal evasion, just a six month wait. It has indeed been well over six months, so we're willing to give you another shot. Accepted.
  7. As per our ban evasion policy, you must wait at least six months from last evasion attempt. You may appeal on August 09, 2023.
  8. Account sharing is not a valid reason for this, you are responsible for all activity on your account regardless of who you say did it. By extension, if we cannot trust that you are the actual user of the account then it is significantly harder for us to justify unbanning "you" when it could just be multiple players in a trenchcoat. Denied.
  9. This server is 16+, not 18+, and regardless that behavior is questionable at best.
  10. Additionally, you have 1x record of attempted ban evasion as of Today. Please wait 6 months, and have a voucher ready, before you appeal again.
  11. For the record providing extra context to staff is not peanut posting and is encouraged if you have any.
  12. This does not follow the ban appeal format.
  13. SS14 is not a small-time party game you can just press a host button for. Running an SS14 server is already a big commitment, especially with the expectation that at least one person running the server knows how to program and is capable of creating custom content for the server (it is worth noting almost nobody runs vanilla SS14 except Wizard's Den itself.) If you can't follow those guides you shouldn't be making a server/etc, you'd be in over your head with the size of a commitment it is to run one.
  14. after deliberation I strongly recommend you try Among Us on your phone, it might be more up your alley.
  15. Okay, I'll give a less vague answer: SS14 will never exist on phones. Why the hell would you want a game oriented around 2hr straight of play on a mobile device??
  16. there is, unfortunately, no proof. This is also your account and yours alone, had both your account and your brother's (which does not exist) had independent bits of playtime i would at least consider this but nope. You are responsible for activities on your account, and that means you alone. Denied.
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