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  1. Ah, sorry. Apology accepted, don't do it again (We'll know).
  2. All you had to do was acknowledge your mistake and say you wouldn't do it again. Try again in a week.
  3. Denied. File a better appeal in two weeks.
  4. We recently went through our chatlogs to catch any abusers, and it looks like Znoring was caught in the banwave. I have lifted the IP ban. You should be able to play again, Znoring will need to appeal.
  5. I know exactly of the convo you had in ahelp, here it is: Your punishment was a lecture. This was some of the best sec rp i've seen, and they were not being abusive at all. You then went after game staff in ahelp for not doing something about perfectly OK behavior. Pancake chose not to do anything to you for this, but I have zero tolerance for people going after our game staff and gave you a one day ban. Appeal denied. Wait it out.
  6. You are not a banned user. Does someone else play the game on your network?
  7. That looks way too much like an actual slang to be a typo. Also, the context *around* said log makes it look a lot like you were not doing anything intense at all. Come back when you're ready to own up to it instead of lie.
  8. lmao ok "you'll be let out when you apologize for littering" was one of the best sec bits i've ever seen.
  9. Aight. Just don't do it again. Unbanned.
  10. Nobody is responsible but themselves. We recently went through our chatlogs and banned anyone caught saying it.
  11. Aight. Don't do it again (we'll know), thanks. Unbanned.
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