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  1. It has been so long we don't really have much info on you, and you predate most of our admin policy. I've opted to simply process an unban and trust you'll behave yourself. Enjoy.
  2. We mirrored a ban from another hub server due to your behavior over there, and not wanting users who behave like that in our community.
  3. Considering your first instinct was to make an alt account, denied.
  4. You also constantly pull shit like this: Where you happily take someone's words and use it as a reason to be a shitty person to other players, and are shitty to our staff in ahelps. Again, why should I let you back in when you act like this? You act shitty in-game and out of game, and then act surprised when people penalize you (whether it be by arrest, murder, or ahelp) for acting shitty.
  5. Quote from an ahelp of yours. Why should I unban you if you personally admit to being shitty toward other players for fun.
  6. You seem pretty dishonest to me considering your first thought was to ignore us and then try and evade your ban.
  7. You only posted this appeal after trying yet another alt account to evade your ban. I do not trust you to be an honest player. Denied.
  8. moony

    Ban Appeal

    You can appeal in one week. I'm not letting you back in right now.
  9. moony

    Ban Appeal

    Neither of these are acceptable on Wizard's Den under any circumstances.
  10. Please log into your actual account, Rysiek, when filing a ban appeal. Denied, please follow the above instructions.
  11. I appreciate the honesty, so: I'm going to ask you wait three days to play, due to trying to get around your ban. Your ban time's been set to 3 days on your original account, so in three days time you'll be able to login again. The alternate account will not be able to join the game. Please keep in mind Wizard's Den is 16+, not 18+, and we want to keep it clean player interaction wise. Thanks, appeal accepted.
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