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  1. Hi there, I'm the Head Game Administrator from Delta-V. This thread was brought to my attention because someone said that the staff of Delta-V handed out a voucher for a ban appeal. The voucher given out by Leander, to my knowledge, was not run by anyone on Delta V prior to being given. While we *have* given out ban appeals before (like two in all), it is only after a good amount of internal discussion between myself, BasedPugilist (Server Owner), and Alyx (Discord Manager). What this means is that the voucher that Leander has given out for this instance should exclusively be recognized as a voucher given off of his credibility alone, as nobody at Delta-V was even aware of a voucher being handed out. That being said, Leander is a fine administrator. He's done great work at Nyano and Delta-V, however this is *his* voucher, not *Delta-V's* voucher.
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