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  1. They produce a bit more, but in my opinion it's not suitable. Use a Plasma Generator instead.
  2. Far too lazy to edit it, and I promised a part 2. I'll merge them once the cat ears PR is merged.
  3. Eris


    Please join the SS14 discord and ask for support. This issue is a bug that affects everyone on linux, and there is a (weak) patch to it for now.
  4. Hey there! Unbanned spessman here, now bringing you updates on making shuttles. First off: You can craft Shuttle Consoles now! Ask Science for the board (Keep in mind, it's expensive.) Second: 2 generators are normally enough for any shuttle, I've found. More are nice for if you need a good amount of power (Bagel has 3), but I find 2 work just FINE. Also: If you're intending to make a shuttle, be a Salvage Worker. You'll have Cargo access (Neccesary for thrusters and gyros, as well as mats and wires) but you can also salvage to sometimes get a generator if you're lucky! Alright, go back to making shuttles now. I'll be busy working on launching a crapton of A1 shuttles from Bagel.
  5. Use admin help ingame. It's relayed to discord, so if there's something like that going on an admin WILL see it and most likely take action. That action may include removing them from spacetime via explosion.
  6. One time, I made a shuttle during a TRAITOR round with an engi's help. Pretty sure some T got full greentext, but the entire round ended abruptly after an admin decided to call the shuttle adventures there and force end the round.
  7. Part 2 of your local chaos-causing shuttle maker's guide on Shuttles. Today we'll talk about things to follow when creating that shuttle you're working on! First off: Try to make your shuttle console face north. That way, movement is a little more easy to control... Believe me, follow this advice. It will save you SO much hassle when driving the thing. Second: If an antag tries to attack, you have 2 options. - Make a deal with them, let them on board and talk with them - Get a gun (did you bring the cargo thing with you??) and shoot at them, hopefully robusting them before you get robusted. Also, please remember: Space law mandates that just being a member or a hostile corporation does not mean you should instantly murder them. If you can strike a deal with one, it would prove EXTREMELY profitable in the long run. Last thing to remember: A recent update made computers take more power. You might want to have 2 SMESes to fuel the ship long enough to get to CentComm or Argo. That's really all you need to know! Happy shuttling, and beware of Mr. Honks.
  8. Part 2's coming out in a minute or two. Mostly gonna be about proper shuttle builds, how NOT to robust your crew, and other new things to take note of since part 1.
  9. Note: Admins will not support you, and neither will I if something breaks. Do some research and fix it yourself! So it turns out SS14 can run on a chromebook. Here's a full-ass fucking guide on how to do it! You'll need Linux on the chromebook for this one. To install it, go to settings and search for "Linux". First off, download the Linux launcher and shove the zip in the linux files. We're going to need that. Next, open the Linux terminal and do "unzip SS14.Launcher_Linux.zip". Alright, we have the game! But there's one more step we have to do. Run "sudo apt install libalut-dev" to install a package needed for SS14 to run (OpenAL). Now, do ./SS14_Launcher, join a server, and watch the chromebook die! Expected frames: 20-40 (depends on chromebook)
  10. SS14 account: Eris Character name: Eris Starmaster When was the ban: Unknown. Server you were playing on when banned: Miros Your side of the story: In ss14, a long while ago, I had consistently broke OOC rules (metagaming) despite admin requests. This has lead to 2 bans: Once for a week, once permanently. These bans were a long time ago, and I have stopped breaking these rules on the other servers I still had access to. Why you think you should be unbanned: It has been almost a year (maybe less? idk) since my ban, and I feel like I should have one last chance. Also, the game is seriously active on Wizard's Den all of a sudden, and I want to get in on that action. I did break rules, but I have gotten past that and learned to play properly. Anything else we should know: Nope.
  11. Hey there, it's me! That guy who is still stuck in the depths of procrastinating a ban appeal. Anyway, today I'm starting a small series on how to make shuttles. Let's talk about what you need- wait doesn't the wiki cover this?? Ah, I'm still gonna say what I use. First off, to make a stable shuttle you'll need Generators. These can be found from space wreckage, or on the ship. I'd preferably use 4. (Saltern has 2...) The other thing you'll need is thrusters. I use 4 of them due to OCD issues, but 2 works fine. (One in front to propel you backwards if needed, one behind to... propel you fowards into SPAAAAAACE) Once you get the generators set up, get a substation down (connected to the generators) to make the energy MV, and use MV wires to connect the substation to an APC. Then, use LV wires for connecting everything up! The next thing you'll need is Gyroscopes! 1 works fine for any shuttle needs. Finally, you'll need a shuttle console. Sadly, these are uncraftable (to my knowledge, correct me in the comments if I'm wrong). If you can get your hands on one, though, you're set! Also, something to note: You cannot make an atmos grid in a shuttle! This means having extra air canisters is a MUST for space expeditions. Well, that's all! Happy shuttling and don't get yourself killed! Part 2 whenever I feel like it.
  12. SS14 account: Eris Character name: Eris Starmaster When was the ban: Last saturday Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard? Your side of the story: When I was banned, I was on thin ice due to being banned for breaking rules on metagaming/ick ock. I said "ouch I got murderboned" in the OOC chat, forgetting about the no ick ock rule and Moony warned me about no ick ock. I kept playing, and within a few minutes was permabanned for "Persistent failure to follow rules, ignoring admin requests deliberately." Why you think you should be unbanned: I accidentally slipped up while trying to play a casual game of SS14, and I believe I should have 1 last chance. I will not make the same mistakes again, and will most likely disable OOC chat for myself until a few months post-ban to ensure I won't slip up again. Anything else we should know: Nothing.
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