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  1. Another good take??? This is would honestly be nice to have, as you'd get a better chance to react and get your stuff back. Ofcourse would be even better for any command member.
  2. I hate the fact that even if there's no sec or other command there will still be syndicates. Almost died when there were about three of them but lived since I hid in a locker on evac.

    Gamer move though I guess.

  3. Well, there's no rule for this nor is it said that you cannot remember your past life. You're just borged and set with laws but I guess you still don't lose your memory.
  4. I died but still the singuloose was fucking with the passengers... It kept getting close then backing away and holy shit it's just funny.


  5. These appeals are getting sillier everyday…


    Next thing you know I appear on there despite being a shitter everyday. Maybe it’ll take a little while…


    Maybe it’ll be tomorrow. Not sure…

  6. About to get my own animated pixel art.

    Feeling a little happy. Going to sleep again, though.

  7. Literally playing as Captain and wanting to go mine ore for Sci is not enjoyed when there’s a small crew and only one other command member.

    Sucks, man.

  8. Sounds like a fun server to play on if it ever happens, plus there's not many English servers with newer and different content. Atleast that's what I think and know. If it ever happens, I hope to play on it!
  9. goofy streamer as my pfp

    i really enjoy these pfp changes

  10. Pretty much an ahelp reason I think. If it's not a good reason but they keep trying to go on, maybe do something on it. Probably going to HoS woulda screwed you over more or Warden.
  11. If I'm correct or recall a certain message. If a Officer has a good reasonable suspicion to search you despite being on green, they can. Just cause you were in maints, I don't believe that was a very good reason. ahelping it or just taking it up with HoS maybe would've helped you in the situation. If you were in maints maybe a lot, it probably would've been a nice reason. I'm not fully sure though.
  12. Do tenor gifs even full on work, like lemme see



    1. Quartermaster


      They do not, but this makes for a good gif.

  13. I’m not really sure if that’s even really that bad of a problem. Sure, it’s MRP… But why should he have to really say anything on it instead of just killing you right then and there? I don’t really play on MRP so I’m not sure my self I guess. If anyone could explain though, would appreciate it.
  14. Cool reminder that the first GTA 6 trailer comes out early December.


    We literally have SS14 before GTA 6


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