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  1. I permabanned you because I was pinged over you repeatedly breaking rules 1 and 4. After reading through your other chatlogs in-game I don't see much value in lifting your permaban. However since you are a new player and I assume you didn't even read the rules on joining the game i'd be willing to reduce your ban to 5 days, granted you actually read our rules and understand that i'll instantly permaban you if I see anything like the above happen again.
  2. I hate to break it to you but this forum is about development of a wacky space game not for semiconductor design.
  3. Do you have anything to say about the alt-accounts you were using on SS14 servers?
  4. It's been three months so i'd be alright with lifting this ban. I'm pretty sure I was the banning admin but the audit log doesn't go that far back. Realize you'd be under increased scrutiny from our admins and they definitely still remember "urban legends".
  5. Entirely up to PJB as he was the one who banned you.
  6. Hi. The original game ban was an error with our banning system and I do recognize that none of this would have happened without our system fucking up. However, you were incredibly badly behaved as we tried to diagnose the ban, and couldn't wait the couple of hours it took for the banning admin to get online. I gave you many warnings and you still wouldn't settle down so I banned you. Immediately after this, you evaded the Discord ban on multiple Discord accounts and spammed most of our admins and developers in dms. You don't just annoy me, you annoy most developers with your childish
  7. Update this post with the correct template or i'm just gonna close it again.
  8. If you have any good midis for SS14 throw them in here. I'll attach a few of my favorites. serbiastronk.mid homm3-maintheme.mid sweethomealabama.mid greenonions.mid battleoflittleslugger.mid banana.mid
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