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  1. I don't really think its super ambiguous. Most people don't have an issue with this (even SS13 veterans) and are aware to not spam WGW. That said, obviously it's understood that it won't happen again so this will be an unban.

  2. On your first day playing, you were banned for breaking one of the more obvious rules (RDM/griefing) and then immediately attempted to evade the ban with your friend. I don't think either of you will contribute to making our servers better in any capacity.

    The "chickenmctittes" account does not appear to have ever connected to our servers, so I'm assuming that is one of your alts and it has been banned.

  3. You have multiple bans for griefing during the time you've been playing. This current ban came only a week after your last permanent ban for griefing was appealed.

    I don't trust that your behavior will change meaningfully, and I don't appreciate your attempts to lie to Stealth about the nature of the griefing, saying you 'accidentally' disassembled things and were 'screwdriving random stuff as like a joke'. This appeal will be denied and you may reappeal in 2 months.

  4. This appeal appears to be primarily copy pasted from the previous appeal. I don't trust that your behavior will change at all, and its my opinion that you will not be a player that contributes to a good atmosphere ingame. You may re-appeal in a month.

  5. unknown-47.png

    As Stealth has said, no one has ever taken issue with the wording of our ERP rule or been unable to understand what qualifies as ERP. I don't think there's an issue here. If you don't see these actions as obviously constituting erotic roleplay, I would be worried for your conduct in the future.


    The OOC messages here (taken after the round where the ERP took place, I believe? selululu was the other person involved, and the date and time both check out) seem to indicate that you understood that what you did could have constituted as ERP. Do you have any explanation for that?

  6. ERP is one of our most harshly punished rules, considering that we allow minors on the server. As such, we are not particularly lenient with it, as Stealth has explained.

    I trust that this will not happen again, and it's been quite a while since this appeal was filed, so the ban will be removed. As this is your second appeal ban, and sixth ban in 6 months, you only have one appeal ban left before further bans will be permanent.

  7. There doesn't seem to be much evidence in favor of this being warranted for an ERP ban, and you have very few other offenses, so this will be lifted. Apologies for the wait.

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  8. "I wouldn't have done it if I knew I wouldn't just get off with a warning" is not a valid reason to be unbanned. ERP is one of the worst offenses you can do in our ruleset, and 99.999% of players do not have an issue with it.

    Furthermore, your multiple attempts to evade this ban have not gone unnoticed. Do not appeal again for one year.

  9. To be clear here, "just a joke with my friends" is a pretty common excuse (which also doesn't work) but your usage of the word quickly loses you any plausible deniability and veers straight into "overwhelmingly racist".

    If this is one of your first acts while playing the game I don't think that's behavior we want at all. Regardless, you can re-appeal in a month.


  10. This appeal doesn't seem to mention your previous appeal here:


    Which was denied for your behavior, as shown:


    Do you have anything to state in this regard?

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