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  1. The way the original appeal is half-phrased as if you did something and half-phrased as if your friend did something, and then only explaining what might have happened after Stealth questions you leads me to believe that this is not a truthful account of what happened. Appeal in a month with a fully accurate explanation of what occurred.
  2. Whose account is 'fathead'?
  3. Quantity of bans makes this unappealable. You had 7 chances to be 'ready to improve your behavior', you don't get any more.
  4. You've left out the ahelps with Kayek here, which are really the important part and why I asked him to elevate the ban to appeal: This was ONE ROUND BEFORE this incident where as chaplain you immediately powergamed to get AA and skirt your jobban. You were told, explicitly, to cut down on the powergaming by constantly getting AA access as non-sec and, not even joking, the very next round, you did that. After looking at the logs for this round it was really clear that you were manipulating new heads into giving you AA, and he didnt just decide to give you AA for no reason and you kept it.
  5. It's clear from the ahelps and this appeal you don't really care about actually resolving things, just stirring shit. You may re-appeal in a month.
  6. Given the behavior in the last 2 appeals and severity of the offense I will be denying this. You may re-appeal in 6 months only with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server.
  7. With the attempt to evade this appeal will be denied.
  8. ERP is one of our more harshly enforced rules and comments like those mentioned are not acceptable. That said, severity is not terribly high and I trust it will not happen again so this appeal will be lifted.
  9. Refusal to answer ahelp and attempted evasion leads me to believe this behavior will not change. This appeal is denied, and you may re-appeal in one month.
  10. Appeal will be closed due to lack of response. Re-open with a new appeal addressing the comments here.
  11. Already been almost 2 weeks and I see no reason to reduce it so this will be closed.
  12. Ban will be undone as this is your first offense, albeit a major one. Refrain from behavior like this in the future.
  13. Application accepted, welcome back aboard
  14. This is a hell of a lot to not remember:
  15. Refusal to stop, attempting to toe the line afterwards, calling Sloth "Hitler" (because he asked you nicely to stop saying a word in a social context), and then spending 2 hours crying about it in OOC to the detriment of at least half a dozen players who asked you to stop talking about it. This discord ban is now unappealable, and given your behavior has been called out by many members of our community already I would recommend taking precautions to avoid a game ban.
  16. Ban was made after the round while handling other griefers so this was made in error. Apologies.
  17. Ban elevated to no-appeal
  18. Unbanned. This specific injector stacking bug (should) be fixed, but generally please do not use exploits in this manner again on live servers with players. If you want to do stuff for testing, you can use an empty server (EUW1 is usually empty) or a local testing environment.
  19. This ban will stay in place. You may only re-appeal with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server.
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