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  1. Actually, looking at ban history and your previous failed appeal, this should have been a voucher-only ban under our current policy.

    You may only re-appeal this ban 6 months from now (7/17/2023) with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server.

  2. This ban was not exclusively for the one incident as a mime. You have been given three separate notes (outside of this) for being a shitter as a non-antag in the last week, with two of them being today. The pattern of behavior is why the ban was permanent.

  3. For the record; no one is claiming that the banned user here was making a sexual advance or trying to initiate ERP or whatever. You may refer to our rules:

    "Absolutely no Erotic Roleplay (ERP) or sexual content, including direct or indirect mentions of sexual behavior or actions."

    This encompasses more than direct erotic roleplay, and includes explicit mentions of sexual content, like above. This is well understood by players.

  4. 17 hours ago, DictatorPutski said:

    Why you think you should be unbanned: Look, I'm no transphobe or what have you, I wouldn't go out of my way to actually inconvenience or yank anyone's chains because of this that or the other. My real issue with that report was more an expression of my gripes towards the culture of mass inclusivity than anything else.

    I could have perhaps understood a warning, or even a temporary kick or something. But a full, thorough rooting of my presence, for a poop emoji??

    I'll be entirely honest with the motivation behind making the post to begin with. Primarily the idea was to say 'we are trans-inclusive enough to put something like this in the game, and we are not unwilling to say that out loud.'

    The first effect this has is to help people with certain identities feel safer in the community (we got DMs afterwards thanking us for the post and that it was nice to see that the remake is going this direction), and the second is to expose people who aren't dumb enough to be vocally transphobic, but are transphobic enough that seeing the trans flag received positively pisses them off. Once that's done, we can go through and remove them from the community pretty simply, because we do not want them here in any form.

    Your case obviously falls in the latter, and as such this appeal will be unanimously denied.

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  5. Yeah this is getting denied for blatantly lying about the ban reason & not mentioning the evasion. You can re-appeal in 6mo with a voucher from another server, but I assume you have no interest in doing so.

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