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  1. Be honest about what you got banned for, people don't get banned for 'not reading the rules'
  2. Denied, you've been banned 4 times before. Re-appeal in 6 months.
  3. Denied, don't make up stories about your siblings.
  4. So your brother was the one who made the comms console announcement, but you were the one who named your character "Varg Vikernes"?
  5. Your ban is for 3 more days, you can wait.
  6. Follow the appeal format.
  7. We were unable to come to a consensus until the other admins has woken up, so the mute was admittedly hasty. Contributors are very visibly voices of the project in the discord, so please refrain from this kind of behavior with regards to serious situations like this. Unmuted.
  8. Please wait some time before appealing again; like I said, at least 2 weeks.
  9. You were banned from Discord for repeatedly being rude to multiple people as well as constantly bothering maintainers and other contributors, and just being a nuisance in general, even after being kicked and reprimanded several times. You don't seem to care or have stopped this behavior, since this appeal is filled with passive aggressive comments. We will not be repealing your Discord ban. Some excerpts of your behavior that led up to the ban:
  10. at least in his last moments he was a little funny
  11. I'll unban you. You seem genuinely apologetic, just make sure you read the rules and note that any similar infractions will make further appeals much, much harder.
  12. tintin-on-the-moon.mid
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