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  1. It is extremely funny that you still decided to follow the title template but this will be a forum ban now for spam.
  2. This appeal will be accepted. "chickenmctittes" is the account that will be unbanned to preserve history, "Mctittes" will remain banned as an alt account. Apologies for the delay.
  3. Looks genuine. IP part of the ban should be undone, have fun.
  4. Appeal denied. Re-appeal in a week with the proper format.
  5. Slurs aren't allowed regardless of whether you're 'half-aussie, half-aboriginal'. Furthermore, no one made a comment about anything being racist, just that you used slurs. Appeal denied.
  6. Then don't appeal here, that's not our server
  7. Unbanned. Ban was originally just some mass bans for unsavory reactions on one of the progress report posts, so you were caught in that. Seen you around and confident enough that you're fine though.
  8. We don't allow meme spam in the server anywhere. That said, you didn't do much and most likely won't do anything again so this lifted.
  9. The ban was in fact for contributing to spam that was happening in this channel, which was at a pretty unacceptable quantity. I trust that you'll be fine with it in the future however so you have been unbanned.
  10. For the record, your denied appeal at /tg/ and attempt to curry favor with them by claiming we would vouch for you did contribute to the admin decision to escalate the ban.
  11. There is not another chance for communication. The ban reason is extremely clear as to why this was escalated. Due to your refusal to accept the terms of your unban, this ban will be made permanent with no chance for appeal. Further attempts to communicate with admins on this matter including through the forums or Discord will be met with a community ban.
  12. Thank you so much for the absolute funniest sequence of events we've had in a while. For the record this appeal is being denied and both of your accounts banned from the forum for repeatedly lying to admins, attempting to hide your evasion, and admitting to being under the age of 16.
  13. You have three previous bans not including this one for self-antagging. It's hard to believe you're going to 'know not to' after this one, especially with comments like this: Why should we believe that this behavior will stop at all?
  14. Yeah this is pretty obviously a lie. Appeal denied, re-appeal in 3 months on your main account when you choose to be honest.
  15. If you haven't played it, why is a character name listed in your appeal?
  16. This will be denied with the reasoning lonesoldier gave--you seem to just want to join the game, grief, and then not have to deal with the consequences of being banned because it's only for a week. Re-appeal only with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server.
  17. This appeal is denied and you will be banned from the forums if another attempt to appeal is made. The reasons for doing so have already been outlined to you in your previous appeal as well as directly to you in Discord.
  18. Due to our repeat banning policy (no further lenience after an appeal ban is accepted), your previous appeal ban involving evasion, and the fact that it seems you are unable to understand why any of these bans were given, this is being escalated to a permanent ban. Re-appeal in 6 months only with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server.
  19. You have 8 total bans (far above what our current banning policy even allows), two appeal bans, and multiple job bans. I'm already extending good will to you here by not just immediately denying it, because I'm aware of your standing with other players who are net positives and that you're clearly not a bad person, but you are going to have to give a little more than 'can i get unbanned now' or even 'sorry wont do it again'.
  20. Appeal is accepted but you will be on thin ice due to previous bans.
  21. This isn't really much of an appeal and doesn't actually address any of your previous bans or bad behavior.
  22. Appeal will be denied in a week if no explanation is given.
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