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  1. Please stop making your appeal a pain in the ass to read by adding random colors to it
  2. Your recent bans don't inspire much hope. The two situations here are either "you were being intentionally malicious and are now lying by saying you didn't know it was allowed" or "you genuinely didn't know that spamming OOC with 50000 A's would lead to a ban". In either case we don't want you on our servers. This appeal will be denied, and you can only re-appeal after 6 months with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server.
  3. We did warn you, by banning you from that role
  4. This is an incredibly dishonest look at it based on the actual info that Nyano has given us. You have 2 prior bans before your ultimate permaban, multiple rolebans, and 12 admin notes (as well as multiple testimonials of problematic out-of-game conduct), all of which imply that your behavior has not changed in the slightest and was even being dealt with more leniently than most players. Whether the ban was, in the end, handled professionally is not really our purview and we only care if the deliberation leading to the ban was sound. I can only assume you chose to phrase your time there as 'a spotless record' because you thought we wouldn't look into it any deeper than that. For that blatant dishonesty this is being raised to a no-appeal ban. Any further attempt to appeal on the forums will be met with a forum ban and attempting to admin shop through Discord or other communication methods will result in a Discord ban.
  5. We probably would have been amenable to this given Salamander coming up + a lot of time, but you've since been banned from Nyano for basically the exact same behavior, so we have no reason to assume you have changed (or will change) at all. You may re-appeal with a voucher in 6 months from this date.
  6. And attempting to connect with it, for that matter
  7. What was the purpose of making another account?
  8. This application will be denied at this time. You have a pretty clean history ingame and definitely seem like a positive player, but we're mostly unsure if that will translate into a good admin with the lack of experience. However, feel free to re-apply in a month or two with some more time.
  9. This has been resolved after was handled.
  10. The appeal nature of the ban here is primarily for leaving after the ahelp. You obviously understand what you did wrong (and it wasnt a major offense) so this will be lifted.
  11. This application will be denied at this time. Feel free to submit another later with more visibility ingame and in Discord.
  12. This application will be denied at this time.
  13. The ban was for multiple bigoted reactions on various announcement posts in the Discord. As you stated, it took you at least a month to attempt to appeal the ban and you were not an active user, so I see no reason to lift the ban as you have only contributed negatively.
  14. This appeal will be denied. It's clear to me from your posts that you're incredibly impatient and immature, which lines up with the previous ban for being underage. Even if you're technically 16 now (though this is not confirmed to me), I don't feel that you'll be a good player on our servers.
  15. We've since changed our ban policy to be far less lenient. If you're "certain you can behave yourself", you had at least half a dozen chances, including your discord bans and previous appeals, to do so. You may only appeal after a year with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server.
  16. As for the ban reason, it appears the first ban was done without a reason, then the admin realized their mistake and added a ban with the reason. Ban menu appears to be taking it from the first ban. Apologies for that.
  17. Do you think we're dumb? Furthermore, the only reason you're writing this appeal at all is because your attempt to alt failed. "Yeah no" is correct. This ban is unappealable.
  18. This is what LOOC exists for. If this is debilitating enough such that talking in-game is literally not an option, then do not play on an English server. No one is telling you this. We are telling you to not do this out of game. Do it in-game.
  19. If you're aware that what you're doing was "basically" ERP and that action was justified, why would an admin need to contact you or warn you to stop? The blame isn't on us for not telling you not to ERP; the blame is on you for ERPing to begin with, in my eyes. We take these kinds of offenses incredibly seriously considering that our server is not 18+, and given that you fully understood that it was against the rules, an appeal ban for you to explain yourself is the only reasonable option.
  20. You were warned for metacomming previously, and then proceeded to do it again. If you want to explain the game to someone, you can always just.. do that in-game. You don't need to metacomm to do that.
  21. During discussion this was noted as potentially meaning you're under 18 (as it would usually be referred to as university/college otherwise), so just to clarify, since we require this for all admins: Are you over the age of 18?
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